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Missing attachment: Director Roles (1).pdf


:pushpin: NOTICE :pushpin:
:hiking_boot: Drilling practices. :hiking_boot:


Drilling Practices 11721.pdf


Come to 151

Of course

Woo! Get better.


Give me an update. Who do we need to lean on?

NIce, send to Mason too.

See if you can find it on the manufacturer's website or see if there are other options for the same model.

Sure. As long as December is fine.

Evac Car:
We won't be able to have one follow us, roads will be too crowded and parking too limited. However, we can have one stationed at the mid point of the march to be ready in case. Maybe give three potential parking spots to vary between. Have any candidates in mind? I can find someone.

Medics will be on the side, behind screening shield teams. Standard march. Only breaking formation in event of need.

There will be water. Extra is always good.

Getting those mesh holsters for water bottles is a very important thing.

We need 4 medics who aren't already doing other things.

Give me a rough idea as to your main ideas or concerns. Things not covered in the information guide already.

@Lewis TX We may be able to have the dogs sat at the main house. @Vincent TX Could the lady do that you think? Lewis' dog is extremely well behaved and gets along just fine with Tex.

Open to alternative ideas.

@ND - John WA Portland and Spokane are not in NW8. We have discussed this previously.

Some NW's are geographically larger, but that is due to flatter or unpopulated terrain.

@ND - Eric PA Considering the extant issues with effectively linking people all the way from Albany to Philadelphia, and also the fact that the current boundaries make X more populated than most other NW's combined, I think it's fine. If all that is left between 10 and 13 is a tiny sliver around Altoona, the possibility of an easy functioning NW across the Appalachians from the big metro areas is slim.

@ND - John WA You can't take all of them since I doubt you have that much carry-on space in the plane.

@ND - Eric PA @ND - Samuel VA I can make arrangements to transport the items back. I will see in what quantities and where, if any, items should be given to various areas able to return them via road.

Christians used to carve and paint the fish symbol in public spaces while being persecuted in Rome. We are being persecuted. The "property" is either ill-gotten, or already painted.

You can share it, yes.

Stencils should be kept to existing templates or promat designs. I can see about implementing a similar design at some point. I like to keep the custom font rather exclusive because it is so important that we can control what is and isn't "official" material.

If we weren't, it's too late.

I heard it was a coincidence, although I hope I had some influence on the position.

Safe to make a banner of such size in the driveway?


Good to know. Make sure those connections are really strong. Both billboard banner drops we've done so far have had some part tear after it goes up.

Tell me a little more about the meeting.

Sure thing, just making sure. Better to glue twice and drop once.

Regular ones seemed like they were pretty good enough. Too much weight may cause unneeded stress on the canvas.

For sure. Has he said anything notable to you?

Who do you think is fit to graduate?

For sure. Simple as.

You're on the other end of the supply chain, don't worry.

Have you given the locals the opportunity to visit your living space?

You should not be doing anything else until that can be worked out. Your personal growth takes necessity. Activism cannot be a distraction from real problems, has to be more than that.

Sure, that would be wonderful.

Sure, then don't let it interfere until you do have the prerequisite time and the matter can be resolved then.

Good video?

Sure thing. I'll reach out to him.

I can definitely help format that and make some diagrams.

@NS - Grant MD If we're not using the current choice for vehicle exchange we should have a backup ready to go. What's your thoughts on that?

@Aaron SC You wouldn't necessarily want to "do" the wlm stuff. That would be the wrong way round. Our activism is proven to be more constructive, so it's more a matter of persuasion and recruitment.

@Norman AL I would still be careful, since even if you don't care, it's a public matter if members get doxxed and it sets a poor example.

Wear a rashguard, or supplement with pictures of you in the act of an exercise for additional visual value.

@Don TX The distance doesn't matter. If we need to pick you up, we can. If you gotta take a bus, we can do that too. Just get us the time and the notice and we will handle the rest.

@Jack AZ Am I reading your notes right, saying that not a single person attended the meeting but yourself?

It's importance is worth cancelling an activism day.

That's right up to the limit.

An order was sent to McCarran Blvd, Reno.

Over a week ago, at least.

@Nathan TX Having a garden would require people regularly showing up to work it. If you can start regularly showing up to the local meetings and events then it could prove that such a thing is possible.

@IC - Jesse AR With all the connections to the b√úndies, PP guys, and so on, we should be able to scrape together a handful more unaffiliates. Gotta be some room for growth there.

Then the idea may not be best at this time.

His true religion is cowardice. Let me know if he abandons it after one final offer.

Shield work day means that we could send two or three guys to Adam's workshop to help him make the shields.

Very good on getting Arthur's items.

It's in the stencil guide. Turbo cans.

Did you end up posting on 4chan recently?

26, yes.

That's fine, demo takes precedence.

Very, good to have them ther.e

Anything that won't need to be kept cool over the time you're there. It'll be cold enough so maybe that's not an issue, but better safe than sorry.

No one has reserved drinks, maybe some apple cider?

I saw some posts from someone there and the profile could fit you, or others.

The person writing this claims to be a Director or similar, and has likely attended the NJP conference since they have access to the new flyer. The Columbia stencil is from Ohio but that doesn't really match up considering they're not that likely to be proselytizing right now.

@Don TX No worries! We have the dog situation covered.

Woo! Vince just made some hardtack, did you talk to him regarding the recipe and all that?

I got that cool stamp for the biscuits.

How did postering go?

Any new chances to get that Friday off work?


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November 14, 2021 5:58 PM

Very good. Had a great time talking to you guys. Hope that those two pals end up in our ranks.

Very happy for you. That's nice to hear.

Take lots of pictures. Keep me posted. It's crunch time.

I will be on at 8CST tonight to register accounts.

@Jesse NC Very good! Will review soon!

Very good. I was with Norman AL this weekend at the Amren event, and we discussed his situation. I think we're on the same page regarding the desire to help, but the need for concrete assurances that he can receive help. He's been like this for years, barely getting by, on one hand he hasn't had good influences, on the other he's not much of one himself.

I think finding some way to hammer down a verifiable improvement metric would be a good prerequisite to him moving anywhere and becoming reliant on others.

2 a.m. on Saturday morning?

Clarke and Kyle cannot be sure to go anymore?


Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 15, 2021 2:27 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 15, 2021 2:27 PM

Many such individuals are.

Should set up a time to talk to Vince about helping out with that, since more is always better. He made some and supposedly it was good.

I would ask John, then.

Sure, someone should ask him.

Back home now. Will review.

That new spot looks promising.

We could easily have guys relieve themselves in the first 100 or so feet of the trail there. I know that's a big issue for a lot of guys. Have we been there in person?

That could be a reasonable concern.

It's a solid crew. I think I convinced one or two more to join in the area. Did my best, anyhow.

@ND - Eric PA Low on the list of priorities, but noted. Can you remove the colored tape from them, and repair any which are in lesser structural integrity?

Sure, I'll be on for the rest of the night.

@Logan CA Is that a mountain range in the background there? What's it called?

@Arthur FL Sounds like something you 100% do not want to get involved with. Observe, but nothing more.

It's fine if he knows what to look for, we can review everything once he's done.

Documenting any signs immediately in and around the lot is important.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 15, 2021 6:48 PM

Of course, we can break regulations.

We will likely have someone in the lot to mind the cars.

Sure thing.

@all Welcome @Robert IN

@all Welcome @Robert IN

Sure thing bud.

@Vincent TX Can we up the announcements channel time limit to 90 days instead of 30?


:exclamation: ANNOUNCEMENT :exclammation:
Important action items for next month's event(s).

You have already been contacted, directly or via proxy according to your Network Director or point of contact, in regards to your attendance to an event next month.

You are to answer this contact immediately, if you have not already done so. If you have not been contacted yet, message me directly to figure out who you need to be contacting.

Remember that attendance to our events is a responsibility of membership itself. Attendance is mandatory without good excuse. There are men going who have more demanding jobs, larger families, and stricter schedules than you. Do not fail in their example. This organization was built on the labors of our men who dedicated themselves to answer every call, to travel to far-flung places to connect with their brothers, and to commit themselves fully to our principles. It will survive by the same efforts that created it.

:pfflag: PROJECT TEAM RECRUITMENT :scroll: :paintbrush: :microphone2:

We are in need of additional photo editors, spreadsheet operators, and interviewers. These jobs may seem mundane and tedious, but the work of an activist is not done when he leaves the street. Our various organizational project teams are a wonderful place to hone your skills and learn new ones along the way. Message me if you are interested in one of these vital roles.

:pfflag: NEW MEMBERS :busts_in_silhouette: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

It is very important to make sure that our newest activists are welcomed fully. It is not enough to simply say "welcome". You should make genuine effort to reach out and offer your experience, insight, and encouragement to those at the start of their journey in our brotherhood. Everyone should remember his first days in the organization, and remember what kind of support you wish you had then as you learned those lessons and faced trial and error. This is your opportunity to be that very same support. Accountability underpins our organizational structure.

@Norman MA
@Ulysses FL
@Logan TX
@John MN
@Joseph IL
@Norman CA
@Taylor FL
@John OH
@Aaron SC
@James UT
@Brian NC
@Leo MO
@Arthur FL
@George TX
@Jackson NC
@Charles CO
@Ethan IN
@Logan UT
@Mark PA
@Robert IN

This is a scripted message. An important announcement has just been posted in the #announcements channel. Please review it in detail and follow the instructions given. If we have not conversed recently (or since the last scripted message), give me an update on your organizing and any questions or matters I can assist with. Thank you.

This is a scripted message. An important announcement has just been posted in the #announcements channel. Please review it in detail and follow the instructions given. If we have not conversed recently (or since the last scripted message), give me an update on your organizing and any questions or matters I can assist with. Thank you.

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