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Alright, I’m down for that. Shame that event is on the 20th, some leftist group is holding a march here that day and I was just about to suggest we sticker the route the night before haha. What day are you thinking?

Alright, sounds like a plan.

I can do any day besides Monday. What time are you thinking?

Works for me


That’s alright with me

I heard, Young Dems were quite vocal about it haha

Apologies for missing the meeting, I was asleep and didn’t see the notification.


Yep, 3 pm, Pensacola Street Garage.

I’m at the parking garage


Checked with Arthur, we’re going to be taking separate cars to the event Friday.

@ND - Lawrence FL I do not own a tent.

Will we need a tent for this weekend?

I do have a tarp, just for the record

Got it

@ND - Lawrence FL I’ll be there


Thank god we’re getting out of the city tonight haha

I’m probably going to leave soon. See you down south.

I’m leaving now. Provided I don’t stop for dinner or anything I should be there around 8:30

About an hour away

Ask Lawrence

5 minutes

I’m here, where did you park?

I’m at the location

The field in the middle of that loop in front of the restaurant?

what do you mean… kinda fed?

Can I trust these people enough to go with them?

Are these guys NatSocs or something?

Is someone coming to pick me up or something?

Heading there on foot

By the way, did Oscar happen to specify where we should park?

As an update on my gear, I have the mask, hat, bump cap, and jacket.

I have the jacket, mask, hat, and bump cap for my uniform. I also saw somewhere that I will generally need boxing gloves and a mouth guard, will I need those for December 4th specifically? If I do I think I can pick those up while I’m down for thanksgiving

I have to go back up to tally for a day and I’m planning on doing a quick sticker run so I can play with the new ones we got haha. I wanna try and get somewhere we haven’t stickered before, and I was thinking either going along stadium dr and maybe around the intersection with Tennessee street, or going down to FAMU and stickering the campus. wanted to get your thoughts, you have any ideas?

True, yeah

I think if I go for the early morning I might be able to put some promat up right at the gaines st intersection

Nice, honestly if you see some prime locations and wanna do some weekend activism lmk and I might be able to come up, and yeah, once winter break hits I’m hitting the gym on demon time.


It was alright. I was really sketched out by the non-pf guys, but yeah, the network seems good. I’m glad we all got the drill down, think we’ll look absolutely beast mode on the 4th.

Especially since it seems like this is the first time we’re actually drilling, anyone who’s seen pf march before is gonna be shocked haha

Ah damn, if we had brought flags and had a few more people we could’ve taught about guidons

torch-lit marches might be a bit reminiscent of a certain infamous demonstration though lol

That is badass, I will admit

Of course, yeah. half the reason I joined because pf looked like the only guys who could handle a demonstration with even a little bit of the military discipline that is very much necessary haha. certainly looks much more appealing than 100 15 year olds walking through a mall or 10 fat losers throwing up Romans at random kids

I just hope every group put as much work into the drilling as we did. If we get there and some other guys are on beginner mode I’m gonna be pissed haha

True, yeah. Hopefully we’ll have time for that though.

we’re coming back on the 5th right?

I hope so, I got a big exam morning of the 6th I have to show up in person for lol. I’ll sacrifice my credits for the cause but it certainly won’t be a fun decision to make haha

If I gotta go straight from the event to the exam still in uniform, I’ll deal with the stares lmao

Yeah though, guess I should ask Lawrence if he knows the timetable for that.

Yeah ik ik haha. Considering they said to block out the 3rd to the 5th I kinda doubt they’ll keep us longer than that, with how many guys got jobs they’d definitely tell us to block out the 6th too

Yeah definitely

Man I’m just hyped for TFR so we can play as ourselves haha, since PF is supposed to be a major faction lmao.

The Fire Rises, it’s a mod set in a 2nd us civil war, and PF is one of the factions lmao

It’s funny too because there’s anonymous pf guys in there who spam pf propaganda haha, now that’s some activism



Yeah haha

Alright. By the way, will we be back from the December event before the 6th? I know I was told to be ready for the 3rd to the 5th, but I have a major exam on the morning of the 6th so i just wanna know if there’s a good chance we could run over into the 6th. I’ll take the hit to my grade for the cause but it certainly won’t be a fun choice to make haha

Alright cool, thanks for making sure on that, and yeah I’ll try and get some sleep lol.

Which channel?

Oh god bro you gotta gtfo of that before the 20 feds in that chat put charges on you haha

I mean yeah they might lmao

I might be available tmrw, but I’ll be driving much of tmrw and I’m not 100% confident I’ll be ready by 9 so if we could meet tonight it’d be preferable

Ok, just a minute

meeting room 2?

Missing attachment: IMG_4811.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_4812.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_4816.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_4820.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_4811.HEIC

Oh cool now my phone is doing the weird file format thing


@Vincent TX I believe the issue had to do with settings in my camera app, so it should be rectified now.

Oh, alright.

Good to know

Where is that?


Could you authenticate me on mobile real quick? I’m in the lobby



Im planning on Sunday, but I’m taking other people with me so I’m subject to their plans.

Alright, Did you have a plan for some action up there?

Very cool, I’ll let you know. I’m gonna try and get there around 5 or 6 so Ill be available that evening

Based Kenosha 😳

Hey, you’re in the Fort Myers area with Wayne FL, right?

Oh I wasn’t checking on that haha. Actually, I’m moving down near y’all starting January, and I’m down here until Sunday, so I was wondering if you and Wayne were interested in doing some activism tomorrow.

Your choice, y’all know the area better than I do

I’m only in town until Sunday morning, so I was thinking tomorrow, as for time, whatever time is best for you works

2:00 works for me

See you then.

Alright, thanks for the heads up


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