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Yep. Sent it the next day.

Oh, two things. Are you still good for tomorrow, and if you are, can you bring the stencil? I want to take some measurements to make some more.


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Things are going alright. Running out of material, but ill find a work around.
Hows the southern end?

Sounds like a plan

Hey Carter, I have a question

What are the orgs policicies on building a sign?

Like, a really big sign?

I went to buy the linoleum, and I discovered that an 8'x4'x1" piece of plywood is $50. I figure with paint and a pair of 4x4s, I could erect a sign next to a highway for under $100

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Seems reasonable.

But just to be sure, there are no qualms with a sign so long as it sticks to the aproved slogans?

My theory is that with a banner, a cop will drive by, and know that it doest belong. With a sign, they wont imediatly know that it shouldnt be there, and a good deal of phone calls would be made (if they even knew what the org was.) Since there are a good deal of political bilboards on some highways.

Own billboard on the side.

You got it.

Hey Thomas, this is Joseph IL. I had a question about a potential activism option. Normally when dealing with major roadways, a banner drop is done, in order to catch the eye of a good deal of motorists. With this, anyone who sees it will know it doesnt belong, and it will often be gone within hours, but it makes for a good piece of propoganda.

I was wondering if inatead of this, erecting a sign would be a possibility. My theory is that if it looks like it belongs there, then it will be unnoticed by law enforcement for a good deal of time, and will only be discovered by someone who already knows about the org. I figure that this would get many more people to search us up out of curiosity, and would cause a large fuss when finally discovered. I asked Carter MO, and he told me to see if you aproved of the idea before I began. I have the rescources, and the experiance to do this, so would this be feasable?

Not specifically road signs, but yes, ive built multiple signs for park trails, and the construction would be identical.

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This sort of sign. Either running 8'x4', or potentially 24'x12'

Roughly $100 for the 4'x8', and rougly $200 for the 24'x12'

Plywood that is a high enough grade for this comes common in 8x4, and is under $50 a sheet. 4x4x10 posts cost about $20-$30. I already have the paint and the fasteners in abundance.

That I do not.

I was hoping to elicit some help on that end. I think building a semi permanant structure sends a message of boldness on its own.


Id be down for monday. Ill check with my partner.

Yo, Wisconson is calling for us to help up in Kenosha. Sunday or monday work for you? Its less than 2 hours away.

Dispensing promat, and probably stenciling. Ill double check.

He says maybe. We just stickering, or stenciling as well?

Oh, and are we doing day or night?

Not neccessary? What did you have in mind?

Would you be able to make it around 6ish?

And we can be there around 6ish

I can be up there earlier if you want, but I think Robert IL works.

I have no idea. I figure we could go up for two or four hours.

You work till 3ish?

Alright, we can do our regular run at 4, and ill head up there afterward.

Alright, well I have a stencil, but no promat, so ill bring it up.
Also, other illinoise guy cant make it, and I can be up there around 8 if that works for you.

Got a day in mind?

I think we are getting a ride on the party bus down in st louis, but if you bus down, me and robert can pick you up and take you down there.

It will be like, 2am when we leave though.

Were you gonna ride the bus, or no?

Hey, not going to be able to make monday this week. Just to confirm though, you are coming to the march, right?

Roughly, yes. May be closer to 1:30.

I hope the best for all of you.

Lets do rockford. We will have to be there at 1am, and leave no later than 1:30

He will be with us.

That will be 4 and a half hours from where were picking up norman (rockford)

Am I meeting you there, or in st louis?

And 6am, right?

We have to pick up norman wisconson up in rockford, then were heading to indiana, so we will need to leave at roughly 11 PM thursday, pick up norman at 1am, and be at the rally point by about 6.

Now, do you want to drive, or should we take my shitbox?

Alright. Meet me at the Walmart in New Lenox at 11pm tommorrow night. We'll go from there.

Hood to hear. Where at in rockford?

We will be there around 1

I can bring mine need be.

Good thinking.

Oh, fair warning: my car is very loud. If you plan on sleeping, you may want earplugs.

Ill bring one if you need it.

Does anyone not have a tent partner?

Cool. See you in 5 hours.

Im carrying two guys to the party bus. Thanks though.


We have arrived

Oh,the walmart

Well be at the red roof ina minute


Ill bring it when next we meet

Made it safe. No worries.


Mumble is working for you?

Ive restarted the aplication over ten times, my computer twice, and my router once.



Welcome dude.

Theres a new server?

Link, please I beg

Does my new password carry over to thatvwrbsite?

No, I mean the site that has the instructions

I have to log in to see the instructions

But I cant enter the meeting room

Hey Vincent texas, I need to be verified on mumble.

Lmao, ok.

Thank you much.

5:30 sound alright?


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