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Sorry man. I texted Jon. Working on the baby’s room so hopefully I can get it done before next weekend

they're great. met most of them already. doing banner drops is a lot of fun

thanks man. i appreciate it

Thanks man

For those who aren’t going this weekend, who wants to meet up

All the dudes make me feel so old haha.

Not sure if I’ve met Tim. Floyd is closest to my age.

Floyd and I are planning to meet up Sunday

When y’all want to meet up? I ended up having to work today but I’m off now

That holiday pay better be good!

Looks like all of Ogden. I need to start posting shit up there

Up in kaysville.

Yea seems everyone else is pretty south of me.

Missing attachment: IMG_9341.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_9342.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_9343.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_9344.HEIC

Meeting on mumble?

Wish it was a little later. I just got off work

Supposed to work, but other than that I don’t think I have anything

I’ll be working every day till Christmas. Why what’s up?

I’m free every day after 2

Except friday

i dont remember how to find the place to order promo

for sure dude

Welcome Ryan and Nicholas!

How’s Tuesday for ya

Any of our guys want free ground lessons? I may start volunteering to teach for free at my school just for the practice.

Yeah I need to but I’m not sure what pic to use. I would use my TG one but don’t know if big H is allowed

I can meet up any time 3 or after. Where you want to meet?

Can you see my PFP?

K. I can’t see it. Maybe I just need to log in and out.

Yeah that worked. Maybe I’ll add the other one at another time. This meme is awesome right now though. Uncle A in Hawaiian print and aviators is literally the best though

Are there places you would recommend not stickering?

Like, is a police station, high school, or war memorial site ok?

Yea, all 3 are literally next to each other. There’s parks around them so maybe I’ll hit those up this week.

hey ive connected to mumble and need verification at your convenience.

hopping on..


39 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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