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If you pack light it shouldn’t be a problem I’ll see what I can do

Ok just keep updated here thanks

Get well soon

Official NWX borders going further into PA would be pretty cool too

Just post one of the 4 photos in the network group

but yes all 4 in activism

A new storage for flagpoles and shields will need to be found after this coming demo. Alan needs to use that part of his house where he is keeping them

Yes navy blue

Ya can I get that to you next week

Ya I can get that to you on Tuesday


Missing attachment: 65DAD758-76E5-402F-AF49-D13A466FC9AD.jpeg
Missing attachment: 8D73099D-41F1-4D0C-B25F-451506E439DF.jpeg
Missing attachment: 2A880EA2-0F6B-4E9A-88F7-86DAD66854DA.jpeg
Missing attachment: 8042806F-E1FA-41B0-901E-B662E425E40C.jpeg
Missing attachment: A1513643-AB92-4803-9D41-3462F5481498.jpeg

I am going to test out this butcher paper method soon, maybe under an overpass or something. From the sources you gave me it looks like surfaces of brick and concrete are not a problem

It will have better dead than red with the url, a fasces and the hammer and sickle with the arrow

Likely won’t be able to get to the billboard until next month, as I am prioritizing demo preparations and orienting newer members

I had a call with Robert last night. I had many things I wanted to bring up, and for a lot of it he agreed with me. I basically gave him a list of things he needs to do to shape up or this isn’t gonna work out, like a reminder for mumble meetings, better quality sticker posts, get cheaper more expendable pants, and stop making excuses in general, among other things

@all Mumble meeting tonight

Dm Thomas see if he can get on later tonight before the meeting

Its at 9 btw

Ok thank you

@Jason NY send me the sticker stats please

What is the projector method

I want to make a fresh set of stencils soon myself

Ahhhh interesting

Drilling event document is finished, I will send shortly

Meeting in 50 minutes @all

Ok, get connected see if he pops in, otherwise you’ll get the recap

Where are Jackson’s posts? I don’t see them in the network channel

That is from last week

Very disappointing

NWX Drilling Event

Saturday 11/20



Ryan PA (Group 1 leader)
Eric PA (Group 2 leader)
Alan PA (group 1)
Adam PA (group 2)
Jackson PA (group 1)
Mark PA (group 2)
Samuel NJ (group 4)
Robert NJ (group 4)
Austin NJ (group 4 leader)
Jason NY (group 3 leader)
Adam NY (group 3)
Nick NY (group 3)
Wayne NY (group 4)

Meet up location (A):

40 International Dr S
Flanders, NJ 07836

Fitness location (B)

2 Windsor Ave
Stanhope, NJ 07843

Backup fitness location (C):

28 Sparta Rd
Stanhope, NJ 07874

Drilling location (D):

75 Emmans Rd
Ledgewood, NJ 07852

Backup drilling location (E):

30 Flanders Rd
Flanders, NJ 07828

Rehearse drilling document
Lunch and organizational reading
Sports fitness
Group activism


0900 - Arrive at Location A, check attendance and confiscate phones. Consolidate into vehicles and leave for Location B.

0915- Arrive at location B. Change into fitness clothes if necessary, begin fitness test.

1015- Conclude fitness test. Discuss results, change into drilling clothes and return to vehicles for departure to location D.

1035- Arrive at location D. Begin drilling

1230- Break for lunch and organizational reading material

1300- Continue drilling until finished, remaining time to be used for sports (capture the flag)

NLT 1600- Depart for location A

1610- arrive at location A. Activists are to depart in their respective groups for group activism. Activists who have uniforms/other relevant org material to be collected will do so at this time.

Ahead of the drilling event, activists will be organized into local groups of 3-4. One activist will be chosen out of this group to be the group leader. The group leader will be messaged early in the week and tasked with finding a location in the group’s area for stencils/posters. The materials necessary for this task will be distributed upon return to location A. Each group must complete at least 1 post. This objective aims to instill self-determination and experience in activists to plan and execute their own activism, without unnecessary prodding from leadership.

Gear list:
Drilling/activism clothes
Fitness clothes
Water source
Uniforms/org material for collection


Meeting notes

Drilling event on November 20th. Continue to prepare for the fitness test and check your dms this week for details on gear list and meeting time/location.

@Alan PA @Jackson PA @Paul PA @Robert NJ @Austin NJ you missed the meeting without an excuse. DM me asap

Idk what the issue is at home but it doesn’t sound like there is a lot we can do to help you. Keep me updated, if you need to leave for now while you get your life sorted out, that is fine too, but at this rate if you miss another meeting or do not sticker this week I am gonna have to suspend you.

Stickering this week?

He messaged me about some issues at home with his mom. I know from what he’s said in the past she can legally control a lot of what he does. He brought up wanting to speak with a lawyer soon, and he missed the meeting due to an argument with his mom. I said it doesn’t sound like there’s a lot we can help with, but he should keep us updated. If he needs to leave for a time to get his life situated, that option is there too. I said if he misses another meeting or does not sticker this week he is suspended

He probably doesn’t think so either, which causes problems

Yes, why don’t you get with Jason on placing a large order you can split the bill with all the NYguys

Robert is doing 3 this week, Sam 2

Adam PA 3

It shouldn’t be too much to get away for like 15-20 minutes. If you absolutely can’t attend I need to know prior to

How many posts this week

All good

how many sticker posts this week

How many sticker posts this week?

Jackson 3

Will you be on mumble tonight? Mark PA needs his authentication

Thomas will be on mumble tonight around 8 or 9 pm

Hes usually around that time so if you show up at that time frame you can catch him

Nah just get connected at that time

And stay in the lobby

@Thomas apologies I didn’t mention this earlier but several round shields need new URLs, I noticed this when we were using them at our drilling event. I’m getting final inventory tomorrow so I can tell you the exact number


How about 3 this week?

Good man

Brian 3

austin 3

It would probably be cutting it close. The event is in north Jersey and we will be done around 4 pm

For this upcoming event, I am dividing our attendance into groups. After our drilling has concluded and everyone is returned to their vehicles, the groups, more or less organized according to member locations, will split off and complete at least 1 post of posters or stencils each before heading home, in addition to one sticker post. I have assigned you as a group leader, with your group of Robert NJ, Sam NJ, and Wayne NY. Since you only have experience with posters as of now, I would stick with that. I need you to find a place NLT Friday night where your group can put up these posters. I will provide the posters and wheat paste, bring an empty squeeze bottle and gloves. Can you do this?

Alan 2

Excellent thank you

Are those posters getting up soon?

Are they citing reasons for only being available once a week?

Make him available

we were just talking about this

enough of this shit shouldn’t be asking our guys if they can make time for the revolution

You Sam and Adam is good regardless so keep it at friday night

and Nick if he’s coming down for the drilling

I also need you to find a spot for stencils after the drilling event, your group is you Nick and Adam

I can provide the stencils and paint

just return them when I come up to NYC, which will be Monday btw

Sam and I are doing subway posters.?you and Wayne are the ideal ones to accompany us


Tell Wayne he’s good for this week, but he hast to make his absence up by joining us Monday night

real late

no surprise

Don’t worry we aren’t fucking around

it will be late

15 minute out of the way won’t hurt anyone

We will be in the hopatcong area, somewhere south of that would be good

Yes sir

21 chevron flags
8 50 star flags
17 13 star flags
1 victory or death conduit
1 reclaim America conduit
1 strong families strong nations conduit
1 America is not for sale conduit
13 Shields marked NW1
1 Shields marked NW
1 Shield marked NW9
6 Shields marked NW10
15 Unmarked shields
84 poles

This is good to be sent out now?

Good deal

Ya we talked at NJP

Good news, I want to see guys increase their numbers over time as well

Now we move on to regular poster and stencil output

@Jason NY any trouble keeping the spreadsheets up to date?


Are you available tonight for a small task

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