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They made the schedule last week. It's very unlikely I can get it off

Im hoping to know my situations direction November 30th

I'm hoping to go. I should know by the 30th. I do live quite a bit of distance from DFW now

I'm hoping for December. I'll know for sure by the night of the 30th. I didn't expect them to have the dates so quickly. From my understanding it's not so bad

Yes, I noticed

@Thomas I mentioned the distance in reference to watching the pups. The time off is achievable, I'm just waiting on what limits the other higher ups have set when the time comes

Addition by subtraction. I don't understand alcoholism or meme worshipping but I hope they can overcome their obstacles

Happy Thanksgiving brothers

Happy Thanksgiving brother. Just now getting home from work

Happy Thanksgiving brother

I'm doing well. A bit isolated from NW1 but I'm staying productive until I can move again

I'm hoping so but it'll be tough. I have a situation Harrison is helping me with and I won't have news until the 30th

I'm doing everything I can to get with the brothers. I'm really hoping to make it happen

I heard he slipped up working on something with you. Tom has me on his ass to make sure he keeps his feet moving

Eh. I'm out now. I didn't want to ask the org for help with a non org issue tbh. That could just be me stuck in an independent mindset. Plus the system kinda jerked me around with my communication efforts while inside. I don't know if big John could represent me in court plus I don't have any contact info for him other than the chat. So far Harrison has been helpful, he's meeting with them tomorrow and he was there at the first one. He's been going through some rough things himself from my understanding

I feel you on that. Especially when there was an agreement to help with everything. I'm holding him to everything he agreed to and so far so good. Idk what happened with him helping you until Tom mentioned it and then it was vague and I wasn't gonna dig. I didn't directly ask Harrison either but I do believe he could've at least done what he agreed to. At this point I can't afford a lawyer and I definitely don't trust some court appointed one to help. Is John able to work and fully represent folks? Last I spoke with him he was going through a battle himself that was keeping him from working

You gonna be on mumble tonight?

I'll be on as well

That's good news. Double good news is my little situation is getting moved to a lesser court

I can't leave the state still but it's going in the right direction

I need to talk with you on mumble or threema after yalls trip

Yes sir. So far so good. My legal situation is looking up but it's a slow process. I still can't leave the state just yet. I was just gonna touch base about the wreck lawyer but wanted to wait till yall back

Sounds good. I can do that. I just want to make sure I'm not holding it up

Yall done good

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