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I'll definitely say something going forward, but I'm glad I got to go with you guys. Did the stickering get posted in #activism or did we not get enough pictures before having to leave?

I got out to do some stickering with Michael and Samuel from NW13, and I'm planning to get together with Ryan to do more. I'd be glad to help with spreadsheet work and hopefully have the know-how to do so. I have the uniform list and am getting that together. I have no questions for you.

Appreciate it Mike, it's good to be a part of something like this.

They're good guys, and I was glad to see Michael again since he did my in-person. I think PF's onboarding is pretty good because of the guides. I've been waiting for Ryan to fly home today before I followed up, so I haven't done anything beyond uniform yet.

Something I remembered to mention is the no weapons policy. I don't think it was in the general conduct guide (though I could be mistaken), and it causes me discomfort to think that each meeting and all activism is unguarded. So the questions I do have are, how is the membership protected? And, what thinking/experience led you to view an armed membership as more dangerous to its own cause than a disarmed membership?

I don't mean to offend, but I take security seriously and assume that you do also. I see many reasons why an organizer would take this approach, but I would rather not make assumptions.

I'm pretty busy with school through Friday.

I did get to sticker with Michael and Samuel though. That was last Friday. I'd like to get together soon, maybe we can fit it in here soon. I'm a little lighter on schoolwork until just before the national.

Hey Vincent, would it be possible for you to authenticate my Mumble client any earlier than 9pm tomorrow? Just realized I could miss my network meeting.

is there a meeting tonight?

If now works for you, I'm in the lobby and using desktop Mumble.

Appreciate it, I'm glad to be here.


No, I won't be attending.

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