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Carter, sorry about that. Just got back from a camping trip a couple of hours ago at Mark Twain national Forest. And had no service-thought I would.

What’s wrong with the car? I definitely understand time management-never enough times. Sorry, about tonight. I went camping over the weekend at Mark Twain national Forest. Just got back a couple of hours ago. I thought I would have service there but I didn’t.

Missing attachment: 2B87E209-5307-4AE8-9608-12B5C967378A.jpeg

Yeah, alive. Just been out of it this week. You doing okay? And will do. Think I figured it out.

Missing attachment: D467CE49-BA00-4AE7-9182-296176F62CE7.jpeg
Missing attachment: 75652B80-D588-4E36-B065-10C13B9E4C3E.jpeg
Missing attachment: AB0DF24B-E1E9-4F16-BE8F-94BA2CB869AC.jpeg
Missing attachment: 670F6AA0-65B3-4616-9F1D-7B1A4513386A.jpeg

Should’ve let you know sooner-I had service last time I was there in that area but, I forgot I switched service providers since. Clarke,MO and I did some strickering together this week (Monday) and I did some as well. Been really focused daily on getting in better shape as well. Hiked 15 miles over the last two days and plan to start jogging tomorrow. That’s good to hear. I definitely love the network we have.

I feel that! My car needs work too. Fingers crossed I get it all done before it gets too cold. Thag be great! I’m free most of Sunday as well.

I just did. I’ll get on it ASAP and make sure I have everything ready.

What do you have planned Saturday?

Sounds good. I just reviewed all the information Thomas posted that’s an announcement as well. I’m trying to get everything together ASAP. Do you know more information,like what area we will meet at/if I can carpool with someone this time?

I appreciate it. Thank you very much. I feel very lucky to be here.

Thank you! Truly. I needed to hear this.

Thank you very much!


Good. Late afternoon. I have some. Never had too many to start with.

Carter, what days should I request off from work?

For sure!

What time ya thinking?

Let me wrap up food with a friend then I’ll message you.

I do. Need your help when I see you with Rocket.Chat as well

Where am I gam meeting you?


I can do about an hour today.

I should also see Mark,MO tomorrow

Should be there in about 10 minutes.

For the 4th-what area would I be meeting you at? Also,what days should I request off work.

Joplin would work. What time?


- 👷🏻‍♂️ Bump cap insert.
- 🕶 Sunglasses (Aviators Preference)
- ⬜ Blank white mask.
- Dress Code Jacket
- 👖 Khaki or tan colored pants.
- 🥾 Appropriate boots. (Expect lots of movement)

- ⛺ Camping supplies. Tent, sleeping bag. `(Confirm with your travel lead if/where you will be camping. Coordinate with tents to ensure efficient use.)

- 💸 [$25] Cash for event payment. Note: This total does not include your travel fees. Confirm with your travel lead to find your precise total.
- 🚰 Reusable canteen(s) of at least one liter.
- Additional bottled water. (Kept on person.)
- Water Bottle Belt Holder.
- Money for purchases during travel, or purchase of workshop materials at the event. (Cash Only)(This amount is subject to personal preference and travel specifics, confirm with travel lead.) ^

- IMPORTANT: Cash contributions for...
- Legal Fund, which will go towards ensuring the safety and freedom of activists currently under threat, and repaying those who have already kept our members from dire harm on numerous occasions. Contributions could make the difference between the continued work and efforts of an activist, or dangerous injuries at the hands of state oppression.

- Purchase of promotional materials (stickers, flyers), patches (official/unofficial), stencils, posters, etc. This will be the last time, potentially, for some time to resupply in person. You may be more specific with the items you receive, and there are no shipping fees or wait times. Communicate with your locals, or NW and ensure you are getting what you need to sustain activity.

Additional Notes:
- Our travel distances will vary widely, but expect to engage in stops or activities in travel dress code regardless.
- Pack as light as you can in terms of gear and clothing to avoid space issues. Keep everything well organized.
- Do not skimp out on water or hydration. Your party may be unable or unlikely to make stops for resupply beyond a certain point.
- If you haven't gotten really comfortable with the outdoors thus far this season, get to it. Walks and runs are suggested.
- Event fees are subject to change. Confirm with your travel lead to ensure you have the correct information.
- If you need additional links or suggestions for any of the items listed above, please ask so.
- Long hair is to be tied into a knot at the base of the neck when activism dress code is worn.

So head to STL on the 2nd? Will there be a secure place for me to park?

That’ll work.

Splines good.


No worries. I’ll be there.

Parked in front of the Denny’s entrance. I also have your stuff

Awesome! Thank you. When should it get here?

Driving fro

Driving from Springfield to STL myself. If I could find someone to carpool with though that would be great.

Perfect. In the future I can hook you up with some cameras.

I got an Amazon prime trial as well.

Awesome. That’ll help so much. Great.

Zach MO just messaged me I’ll be meeting up with him and Clarke MO

Zach MO just messaged me. I’ll be at the Walmart meet up for the 4th here in town as well and heading to STL


It does.

Just let me know a day/time when it gets closer.

That be perfect.

Remind me I have a couple ideas I want your help with tomorrow.

I’m looking forward to being around more like minded people,that’s for sure.

Anytime after 5pm

What time works for you?

That works.

Noted. Where should I meet you?

You did. I’ll likely park on the street forgot the drive-second left?

Got it. Feel free to delete that if you can now.

I have a mask. Be there in 3 min

I must be in one of the adjacent parking lots.

Great job tonight!

Definitely covered good found I feel.

Nice! Where at?

Nice! How much do I owe you?

Got some stuff too-I’ll send you a list later

You free this Sunday?

Zach, I’d actually prefer to sleep in the van but, I did grab a sleeping bag-you said you had padding?

I do. Let me review it when I get home.

Some parts seem worded interesting

Awesome. Some decent things at academy

got A sleeping bag for $20

lantern for $10

We can go there and one other place-camping world

Academy had boots for $40-I can help you with shit if you’d like too.

If no one does-I sent you a message.


Sunday we can go to if you’d like

Good idea. I’ll be getting a bike once it gets warmer too.


Last time was with Clarke a couple days ago.

Ready to tomorrow:)

Wanna hit some stores up tomorrow after I get off work? We can sticker too

Awesome! Fixed the door and got a tune up.

Will do. Makes sense. I’ll make sure I tell him that too.

Not at all!


We can hit Nixa (again) Ozark battlefield or Sparta tomorrow.


Missing attachment: 511A2989-83EA-4746-B62B-B75EDEFA98FE.jpeg

Awesome work @Sean KS saw all the pictures that you posted in Activism as well. You’ve been busy!


That works! Awesome!

We leave Thursday night tho. I work Thursday. :/ I can do after 10pm tonight

That’s a good idea.

I’m eating now. I’ll let you know when I head out

Free to head that way?

Sorry for my delay. It says less than five minutes.

I’m here.

I laughed.

Question: What color is a compliant shirt?

Thank you. That’s the only thing I lack. I shall run to H&M/F21 tomorrow after work and if nothing else Walmart before we leave Thursday.

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