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Notes from the medic meeting
Attendence 11/12/2021 - PF Medic Meeting
Mark MO - most of it
Adam PA - yes most of it
Steven TX - y
Samuel NJ - everything but white vest
Jesse CO - need to order kit
Adam IN - Don't have any. Can get some stuff

Ask thomas about evac car.
Food allergies and medical conditions. Ask for every network
Samuel NJ has asthma

Postions in formation?
Make sure fingers are clear in box truck.
Medical condition card, place in a uniform place?
Water in boxtrucks, include in event fee?
Camelback and water bottles
White vest

-Training Priorities
1) Wilderness - cheap and througough, applicable
2) BLS training
3) Wilderness First Responder
4) Red Cross First Aid

Samuel NJ - has boyscout first aid books
Jesse CO - Has Wilderness First Responder Books

At some point make our own curriculum

Thomas @thomas

Evac Car:
We won't be able to have one follow us, roads will be too crowded and parking too limited. However, we can have one stationed at the mid point of the march to be ready in case. Maybe give three potential parking spots to vary between. Have any candidates in mind? I can find someone.

Medics will be on the side, behind screening shield teams. Standard march. Only breaking formation in event of need.

There will be water. Extra is always good.

Getting those mesh holsters for water bottles is a very important thing.

We need 4 medics who aren't already doing other things.

Do you mind if I post this in the PF medic chat?

Thomas @thomas


As far as candidates, someone with a inconspicuous rental car would be best

Thomas @thomas

This is a scripted message. An important announcement has just been posted in the #announcements channel. Please review it in detail and follow the instructions given. If we have not conversed recently (or since the last scripted message), give me an update on your organizing and any questions or matters I can assist with. Thank you.

I'll do a batch of large actions tomorrow. Stayed late at work and then had the Monday photo download

Thomas @thomas

Sure thing. I had someone contact you about getting Photoshop, Norman GA said he wanted to help.

Awesome. So far I have Norman WI and Benjamin MI scheduled to learn to edit photos, and just received a message from Benjamin OH, will schedule with him when I get home.

Thomas @thomas

@Norman GA has Ps and is going to help you with non Promat Posts.

Thomas @thomas

The others can do promat posts with GIMP.

Thomas @thomas

Can you give me a quick list of the qualifications regarding Medic status of:
Adam IN
Steven OH
Mark MO
Samuel NJ

I've messaged them, I'll let you know the status when I get replies

Can I get a list of Network Directors? I'm going to start asking for medical conditions, so that we at least have an idea of what we may have to deal with

Thomas @thomas

Write me up examples of what you are looking for and I will tell them to contact you.

"Hello, I'm contacting you in regard to an upcoming event. In preparation, we would like to compile a list of medical conditions we may need to prepare for. We only need to know about conditions that may effect the marcher immediately and adversely. Examples are diabetes, asthma, and heart conditions that require medication."

There's an idea on of the medics came up with to provide any person with such a condition with a card in a uniform place on their person, so medics can check for it expediantly

Thomas @thomas


Walked Norman WI throught the editing process. Took a while, and he'll need a little practice. I'll let you know when he's ready to join photo editing team

@Norman GA @Benjamin MI @Benjamin OH have all completed the photo editing process and are competent

Thomas @thomas

You want me to add them to the channel?

Thomas @thomas

Do we have anyone who can edit in Photoshop?

Yes add them. One can edit in photoshop, the other two have GIMP. I’ll look into it when I get home

@Norman GA Is the one with photoshop

Norman GA : [email protected]

Benjamin OH: [email protected]

Thomas @thomas

They have the same email address?

Copying issue. Was on mobike

Thomas @thomas


Benjamin MI: [email protected]

Give Norman GA the ability to delete photos

This is a good subreddit to promote PF in. I wouldn't name "Patriot Front" through text, it will mean we get reported and banned faster. - If any of the social media guys have a reddit account

Thomas @thomas

How is Andy doing? How is his weight loss, activity, etc.?

Thomas @thomas

Anything of note.

Last time I saw him he was making really good progress on weight

He's been stickering consistently, he just hasn't had much time to come down here and we haven't gone up to Cheyenne in a bit

Saw him just a little over a month ago

Thomas @thomas

Who would be most equipped to give me a detailed report on his conduct and progress?

Likely someone in the lifestyle recovery chat

Thomas @thomas

For sure. I'll ask Patrick and Ben.


I will say I was really impressed last time I saw him

I'll get a good amount of bigger actions processed after the event

Uploading now

Thomas @thomas


Still uploading. Feel free to grab whatever you want though

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 6, 2021 6:51 PM
Thomas @thomas


Realize your busy, but can you reset or send me my interview server login when you get the chance?

Thomas @thomas

Username should be JesseCO. Try that.

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot this afternoon


Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 8, 2021 6:44 PM

Norman GA
Benjamin OH
Benjamin MI

Don't include John CO in the new group. He dropped off the face of the Earth. If he doesn't show up soon and have a good explanation of why he missed the event he's gone

Thomas @thomas

Wasn't he the one with the tragic story and the blond beard?


Last message I received from him was on the 26th of November


He was angry about that Seth Rogan Christmas series

He also hasn't logged into Telegram since the 28th

Thomas @thomas

What a final legacy to leave us with.

Yeah, I'm honestly worried he got in a car wreck or something. He talked with Kevin CO and Carter MO almost every night

Thomas @thomas

Not sure. You could look into it.

Thomas @thomas

Send me the link to your photo set again.

Thomas @thomas

I didn't download the black boxes because I just assumed you left your lens cap on.

Yeah, they're just the canon raws

Mega doesn't like them

Doing edits. You good if I post us covering this up?

Only asking because it's kind of lewd

Thomas @thomas


Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 9, 2021 9:18 PM

took a second to upload

Thomas @thomas

Yes absolutely. Wish there were more videos of us covering up that trash.

I know it's good. Just didn't know if it was too lewd

Obviously not as bad as other stuff

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 9, 2021 10:36 PM

Banner drop ended with the cops. Post this or no?

Thomas @thomas

Where is this? When is this? Who is involved?

Fort Myers FL, sometime in Oct

Lawrence FL is the only one I recognize

Thomas @thomas

I wouldn't.


Yo, thomas, so when am I getting the PC title?

Thomas @thomas

This is a scripted message. Please make sure to review the recent announcement. Thank you.

I don't have a mic, just going to have to listen

Thomas @thomas

I think Denver would be a good place for a Denton-style protest sometime in '22.

- 3 week lead time.
- Complete operational security.
- Ideally a building, not event in wide open space.
- Ideally happening into twilight or night time conditions.
- Numerical strength at least 40% of opposition total.
- Well researched, and safely chosen opposition site/event.

Tell no one of this right now. Just between us.


Looking through the october midwest hike, and every video has activists with their backs turned tot he camera. Worth posting?

Thomas @thomas


Thomas @thomas

Additional Roles.pdf

Thomas @thomas

Review your new role there.

Going to be in Baltimore for the night unexpectedly. Who is in the area? Want to see if they want to do some light activism

Thomas @thomas

Lots of blacks are in the area. You could ask them, but I don't know if they'd be down.

Still up in the air, but my flight is hella delayed for where I was going

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