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"Regarding December, I have thought long about this specifically before making my decision. I mentioned above some conflicts with how I should personally be involved with the greater movement. The primary issue here is that I have had some religious convictions with being involved with the group. I support the mission, but some of the techniques related to the activism, specifically the stenciling and defacement of other property, has given me pause. You might think this prudish and, to be frank, I’ve thought the same myself. If you’re familiar with the story of Gideon, as a young man he destroyed the idols on his fathers property even under threat of death. I see similarities there. But I can’t kick the conviction that being involved and supporting this might not be the right way for me to initiate change. It’s something I need to work out. I hesitate to promote an activist organization if I can’t commit to participating in and condoning their regular actions."

Thomas @thomas

Christians used to carve and paint the fish symbol in public spaces while being persecuted in Rome. We are being persecuted. The "property" is either ill-gotten, or already painted.

My response was "Moses destroyed the golden calf, George Floyd is the messiah of a false religion of evil."

Thomas @thomas

His true religion is cowardice. Let me know if he abandons it after one final offer.

Thomas @thomas

Did you end up posting on 4chan recently?

I dont know how to post on 4chan, I only ever get memes from there that are screenshots of green texts

Why whatsup?


Also this matter is resolved, remove him

Thomas @thomas

I saw some posts from someone there and the profile could fit you, or others.

If you send me a screenshot perhaps I can help solve the mystery

Thomas @thomas

This is a scripted message. An important announcement has just been posted in the #announcements channel. Please review it in detail and follow the instructions given. If we have not conversed recently (or since the last scripted message), give me an update on your organizing and any questions or matters I can assist with. Thank you.

Event Gear
21 chevron flags
8 50 star flags
17 13 star flags
1 victory or death conduit
1 reclaim America conduit
1 strong families strong nations conduit
1 America is not for sale conduit
13 Shields marked NW1
1 Shields marked NW
1 Shield marked NW9
6 Shields marked NW10
15 Unmarked shields
84 poles

Thomas @thomas

Where are we picking the trucks up from?

Thomas @thomas

6 a.m., right?

Alexandria VA at 5AM

Pick Up Location: U-Haul Moving & Storage of Alexandria
6910 Richmond Hwy
Alexandria, VA 22306
Date & Time: Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 5:00 AM

Thomas @thomas

I think it may be best to have the drivers stick with the trucks after pickup.

Thomas @thomas

You would come back, obviously.

Thomas @thomas

You drive a standard four-door with yourself and three drivers, they and you drive to the Exchange, park, and then you do a final check on them before returning to camp in time for us to depart again.

I agree

I plan on conducting a literature workshop this Saturday with NW9/NNMNC at the drilling event. I've never done one before, do you have any reccomended readings we could/should do?

also, I distributed to Ben MD the drilling document and both of the drilling videos to study. He will be assisting me in the drilling of the group and I want him to study the movments

I figured it was OK since he's going to be NQ after dec. 4th but it said do not distribute and I just wanted to be transparent

Thomas @thomas

It's not really in line with my rules for the Drilling Practices, which was meant for Directors only. To be shown to others in person, not digitally.

I have various members read the first page or two of a few articles in the booklets, stopping in between for people to make comments, questions, discuss, you know. I try to steer the discussion towards valuable points. People all have experience with the subject matter. Try to keep it more to do with the core points.

It's mainly an issue of logistics - i have one day to drill Saturday, and Ben lives 4 hours from me. We are on a tight schedule to get everything down so I'm having him and him only study up. He is well trusted, though please excuse the breach on protocol this time

And I will follow that guide for literature; will get some good footage as well

Thomas @thomas

Will you not be present for the drilling?

I will be present for the drilling but I am.going to have 15 guys and it will he harder if I'm the only one with any organizing ability

The same way Patrick and Mason co-instructed, with you filming - I will have Grant film , Ben and I instructing

Thomas @thomas

The drills are simple. It doesn't take days to figure out what marching in step is like. Even Patrick and Mason saw the documents day-of.

Thomas @thomas

You could figure out if anyone else has any previous drill experience, and judge things that way.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 18, 2021 6_32 AM.png

This is our itinerary from 10am start to 5pm when it gets dark here

Thomas @thomas

Best of luck.

I didn't have a basis of comparison for how long the drilling would take, which is why I put all of the "extra-drilling" items toward the end. If the schedule gets compressed it won't be Drills we lose

Thomas @thomas

I had all my drilling done in 3 hour sessions, but I have had two drilling meets and a third this weekend. So it's different. You could nix line breaking and carries if you find guys aren't picking up on the main three well enough.

We'll get the job done

I will be in New York next week

Anything do you have interest in me scouting, photographing or picking up?

Thomas @thomas

Nothing comes to mind.



this is what I'm looking for right?

Thomas @thomas


Good stuff

Reminder to remove Arthur VA

can you please create login credentials for Ben MD in the interviewers portal?

he will be helping in conducting irl interviews with applicants in norther nw9

Thomas @thomas

Have him message me about it.


Outstanding Orders from NW9 (Date order sent in parentheses):
Ben WI - Sparks, MD - Promat (10/14), Posters
Christopher VA - Schuyler, VA - Promat (10/14)
Harrison VA - Lynchburg or Hurt, VA- Promat (9/23)
Kenneth VA - Richmond, VA - Promat (9/1)
Robert MD - Chesapeake Beach, MD - Promat (10/12)
Samuel VA - Virginia Beach, VA - Promat (10/3)
Tyler MD - Fayettville, PA - Promat (10/5)

drilling footage - nw9 - 11/20/21 - Richmond, VA

112249 is clear to move forward

He got the photo from me. I should not have sent it, I apologize.

Thomas @thomas

It's old.

Grant and Ben interviewed 801778 (Ethan MD).

After conferring with Grant and hearing Ben's statement I am prepared to admit Ethan conditionally. The following statement was sent to him:

Your potential membership is conditional upon the following requirements:

1. Communication - the applicant must always be in touch with his direct superiors as well as fellow members. Be proactive by checking our communication portals for updates as well as contribution, suggestions and brainstorming.


2. Commitment - applicant shall keep his word at all costs, he shall put value in his reputation and guard his reputation by perpetual deeds owed to his brothers in the network which he is assigned to.


3. Professionalism - applicant must conduct himself at a standard above normal when representing the organization. That includes; no excessive blasphemy, drinking, drug use, blind hatred, emotional states which lead to disruption to decision making.


4. Reliability - applicant must show up to the activities planned by the local network as well as on an organizational level.


5. Participation in coming event - applicant must make personal sacrifices to show up to the upcoming event.

Keep him in the vetting portal until after the demo. If he shows up he can be admitted to RC

Thomas @thomas

Sure thing.

I'm reviewing the Op-doc now, will provide all my comments here

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 30, 2021 9:26 PM
Thomas @thomas

Technicality undermined by the proximity to an on-ramp.

moving right along

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 30, 2021 10:47 PM


Thomas @thomas

It's from NW12. New.

so if we don't get picked up at the on--ramp, we will do pickup at the drop site - and if that fails then we have the short bus come to pick up our drivers to go back to exchange and get people in personal vehicles

then failing that we just toss the shields and flags in the bus, and we all take the subway?

Thomas @thomas

Yes, the subway is the backup, backup, backup.

the new yorker in me is giddy

it gets dark here at 5pm

how is the ohio situation, has Ryan had a come to jesus moment yet?

This speech has a lot of fire

there is a lot of information here that we expect to be understood and known by the general membership, but the opdoc is for a privileged few. We should have some way of getting the information out to everyone attending

for example, the sections which are "general use" (conduct section, gear section, no details about the actual demo) could be put on a smaller document and printed out in bulk to be handed to members at the security checkpoint; or given to directors/travel party leaders to be disseminated prior to arrival.

I would say the following sections could be included in a "general distribution card":

Event Roles
Security Checkpoint Protocol
Camp Protocol
Personal Packing List

Thomas @thomas

Event roles are denoted with some name cards I have already made.

Security Checkpoint protocol is known because the Camp Watch will ask for a series of things to be done once vehicles arrive. Checkpoint address is released tomorrow night.

Camp protocol is gone over during Roll Call with a mass briefing. So is conduct.

You and your aides are responsible for quartermasterial duties the day of, including people's gear. Travel parties all already have the gear list and know what to bring individually.

Thomas @thomas

I have separate documents to be handed out to radio holders, section leaders, and you, Vincent, Grant.


Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 30, 2021 11:25 PM
Thomas @thomas


I have the patriot running in the background and that scene came on

From an exchange with Victor DE:

Victor DE:
My wife went to some meeting with some former coworkers about the vaccine bullshit. Some local politician showed up and started being a normal prostitute but during his whoring he mentioned something interesting. You want to guess which group came up during his ranting about taking America back?

Samuel VA:
Fuck the fuck off

Youre telling me some suit is talking positively about us?

Victor DE:
I wouldn't say positively only because he's a politician. I view it as a way to garnish votes or a way to appear youthful and active to help his own lacking vitality. Personal opinion aside there is a local politician going to meetings of local people talking about us and our actions and I quote "groups like PF are out there trying to reclaim the America we used to know".

Samuel VA:
He said "patriot front" - explicitly?

Victor DE:
100% said our name to a group of 20ish middle class whites I quoted him verbatim.

I shouldn't say middle class everyone in the room is far higher up on the social and educational ladder than I. It was a room of doctors and nurses.

Updated uhaul pickup location: 2421 chillum rd
Hyattsville, MD 20782. They confirmed to have all 3 trucks at the one location so we won't need to hopscotch around. Relative to the original uhaul, it is 19 miles away (33 min) and even though it technically drives through the district the route goes south of the anacostia River so we should be okay

Thomas @thomas

Just got to Extended Stay America - Washington, D.C. - Alexandria - Eisenhower Ave. staying here tonight to review the changes.

Aye, sir.

Thomas @thomas

Note that I would like to divide the shields up into sets of 5 to deliver home with certain NW's for use in future drills. Something to remember after the march. They will all end up East of the Rockies, though.

Understood. I have a belated birthday gift for you. If it makes it back to Texas intact it will be nothing short of a miracle

Are you familiar with ThunderdomeTV?

Thomas @thomas

Negative. Why?

MurderTheMedia is a media project put together by former proudboys. It can be goofy and lowbrow but they thoroughly support us and it could be a good form of outreach /exposure. If you went on it would be kept serious obviously

Thomas @thomas

On my list.

I am friends with the guys who run it and they reached out asking if you'd be interested; they are big big fans and all they want is to help boost us

can I call you ?

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