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I’m tryna plan on it. Where’s it gonna be?

Ok, yeah I just need to know roughly for logistical purposes. Camping situation again as well?





It is. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe it’s part of the George Washington National Forest

That appears to be Mill Mountain, which is part of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm not there currently. I took this during a trip there in September (just getting caught up on my photography)

That works for me 👍🏻

Noo way! 😤 that sucks man

Like yourself or stuff in your car?

Hey, any idea what the carpool situation is looking like with Josh or anyone else? I’m working with very minimal info. Lol

lol! For real

Hey! You mentioned possibly carpooling to the drilling event with Nathan and myself if I’m correct. Is that something you’re still trying to do? I haven’t heard back from Nathan yet, but I’d like to get that figured out by tomorrow

Oh, my bad. I thought you were in the LA area. Sounds good 👍🏻

Roughly how long of a drive are we looking at, and is the terrain gonna be similar to the September hike?

Same. I thought Josh was in the SoCal area cause he mentioned carpooling last Saturday but he’s in NorCal.

I’m trying to at least get some drive time and terrain info from Brandon cause if there’s off-roading like last time I’m not gonna feel too good about taking my civic 😰

As far as unpaved roads, etc

Yeah, that and knowledge of the location is only for group leaders. But we’re gonna have to know where we’re going a some point if we’re driving there

Ok, thanks 👍🏻

SAFETY VEST :point_up:

He said we wont have to worry about any of the roads like at White Mt, so that's at least better. He'll have more info after he talks to the organizer though

if it's not too crazy, we can probably just take mine again. We wont have a third person either, so it wont be so packed out. And no, Carl isn't coming


Ok. Can I get it?

Dang, alright 🥶

We should be good if I get to your place by like 9-9:30, yeah?

Fiiine🙄 lol

aah, ok. Not gonna be a very big turn out it seems then

and yeah, I was originally thinking 10 as well. works for me

is it cool if I share your tent again btw? Just one less thing to bring

Actually scratch that. I need to test mine out anyways

It would be tight, even without your air bed

but I mean we'll have plenty of room this time in my car

As far as bringing extra stuff

Can you send me your address again btw?

Leaving shortly. ETA is about 10:15

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With @Nathan CA ⚡️⚡️

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With @Nathan CA ⚡️⚡️

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With @Nathan CA ⚡️⚡️

Yes. We just got here

I messaged you on TG

What’s the campsite?

the curious realist

His phone is loading slowly

nvm, he got it

Yeah, won’t be the same without you 🥲 get better!

Dang, alright. We’re the only ones here (me and Nathan)

? Lol


Ooh, lol! Just passed through 😌




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The wind got crazy and we came back to our campsite with our tents blown over and filled with sand 😑 it’s not letting up either. Not cool! Lol



🙏🏻 @Alexander OR It really is! I’ve never been before

Nah, it was supposed to by now...but it’s still going pretty strong. I moved to my car

Kept getting sand in my face. Life truly is struggle 🤷🏻‍♂️ Haha

glad you guys made it back ok though 👍🏻

NorCal guys seem ok. Their tent doesn’t have mesh windows unlike mine and Nathan’s. Nathan’s holding out for now. We took some melatonin, hopefully it’ll help 🙏🏻

🤞🏻 Right on. Have a good night brother ⚡️⚡️

@Thomas yes. iPhone though, not DSLR.

I did get photos and videos on my camera as well from this weekend too

Me and Nathan got home safe and sound ✅


Will do 👍🏻

Do you want me to send you a MEGA folder of the raw drilling photos / videos or do those go to Mason? I can process the more Sons of Columbia type of shots first though



What are the fitness requirements again?

I’m gonna be pretty tied up honestly. I have a lot of catching up I have to do




Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃 @all

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Those are the pictures / videos from the Utah drilling camp this month.

Hey brother! These are the pictures / videos from the Utah drilling camp this month. (CA & AZ guys were there as well)

I’m pretty happy with the drilling / camp shots. Not very satisfied with the Zion National Park shots (where the nature shots are from) Unfortunately didn’t have much time there and it was getting dark, so wasn’t able to get better shots of that statue or just other areas in general, cause there’s a lot of good opportunities there.
I definitely feel more geared to be looking for candid opportunities or just anything that feels like a good shot at all times. I tried getting everyone in their full gear but there were some concerns it would draw too much attention, so I’m really looking forward to being able to get shots of everyone in full gear. I feel the creative juices starting to flow more.

Any critiques from your end?

👍🏻 I wasn’t completely dissatisfied, but yeah I just know there was more potential. This is true though. Utah has some beautiful country. I’ve never been before

Will do! I’m pretty pumped for this weekend


1.5 mile run: 10:45

Chin ups: 15

Pull ups: 10

Sit ups: 50

🤝 I know. I just typically try to do both, so I figured I’d throw it in there

Good deal👌🏻 Is that two vehicles?

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