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Stay safe brothers

Wanna meet up sometime this week and do what Lawrence was suggesting? We’d probably have to meet up earlier so we can do some daylight activism. I’m going down to Sebring on the 19th because theyre holding a Florida meeting the 20th (I dont know if you heard anything about that) so if we could meet up sometime early this week we could rinse through our promat

So the plan is for me to drive down on the 19th to Sebring, probably sleep in my car or somewhere, and then the next morning Id meet up with you guys at an as of yet undisclosed location?

Ive done it before i should be fine, keep in mind im a little guy so ill fit alright. Any idea how many guys are gonna be there?

We could even do that a few days prior to it I doubt the dumbasses are smart enough to check the route. We can sticker the route, then take my car up to some smaller towns and run through the rest of it

What day sounds good

Hows 3pm Tuesday? Hit the small towns first and then come back to Tally at nightfall and do the route

Bet, meet me in front of the Pensacola Street Garage

Is it alright with you if we go 3pm Wedsenday instead? I have a physical and exam tomorrow and I dont wanna compress time too much

Ben shapiro’s at the civic center at 7 by the way

Might go see if theres a protest or something

Hmm hopefully i see something then

Shapiro speaks in an hour at my campus, leftists abound everywhere. What do lads?

Blms here with some palestine protest, so the whole debate has just become israel v palestine, rip

@Thomas will do👍

Whats the learning curve for the project team?

I saw the announcement about you guys recruiting for the “project team” which is like photo editors and such. Im interested but obviously Im not very skilled in photo editing or anything in that nature. Still, if theres anything I could help with or learn Id be willing

Welcome @Robert IN!

Thanks Mike, met a lot of guys already and I hope to see you on the 4th!

I have the same issue, iphones naturally store pictures in HEIC format nowadays. If you copy paste the picture into a new folder in the files app, itll convert it into a jpeg and then you can upload it and itll show up here

I believe so, if you go to formats and switch from high efficiency to most compatible it changes the file type, so that works too.

Thanks Patrick, hope to see you on the 4th

You still on for today?


Be there in 2 minutes

Would we ever consider regionalized pro mat? Obviously not cost effective rn but say in the future for different regions we could appeal more to that region’s identity. In the Western regions we could sort of incorporate a Manifest Destiny message, whereas in the south we could promote the message of a “Yankee-Dixie unionism”, and of course colonial imagery for the Northeast, all under one banner of PF. Just spitballing here, and it would only be something to consider in the long term.

I also do not have a tent

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All with @Ulysses FL

Missing attachment: IMG_0148.JPG

@ND - Lawrence FL Will be there

Sean, Carter I believe

Is there a page we should have pulled up for the meeting?

Oh I meant the investing meeting

Ah ok, I'm on mobile so thats probably why I didn't see them

I will check tomorrow morning to see if Oscar is in the system, but if he's not I'll let you know if my ETA will be different

Might leave an hour or two early

We hit Bainbridge, Thomasville, then Valdosta

Ah yeah I forgot to mention him in the regional chat, will do

Gotcha, looking forward to this weekend. I'll be in touch with my family to see if I can stay till Sunday

Stay safe bros

Yeah fleeing the urbanites

On the way, ETA is 8-8:30 pm

I left like 30 minutes ago, I shall see you

Im here

Sounds good

Does he want me to meet him at the place playing the music?

You here yet?

Wheres that at?


Just got here tryna find the guy

I parked in that field or whatever

Theres a guy on a motorcycle wholl come get you

Just warning you some of these guys are pretty fed, theyre not PF tho so besides your name j kinda ignore them


Like theyre just kind of weird youll see what i mean

Lawrence trusts them though so just dont tell them anything too personal id say

These guys are pretty wild lol

I dont mind them i just hope Ulysses doesnt chimp out

Yeah im here right now

Youll be fine just dont join any of the stuff they ask you to

Theyre not atomwaffen tier though just a bunch of memelords it seems

Stay safe @James AL

Yeah theyre just all watching goyimtv and asking us if we know about whatever org theyre in

Try to do somewhere in collegetown or somewhere with a lot of foot traffic. I know we’re not really targeting normies but places like nightclubs could be good because theyre basically abandoned during the day and crowded at night

Oh yeah definitely, I think you could get a whole bunch of places early in the morning. Even like 9-10 o clock itll probably be mosty dead

Im gonna start looking for places in tampa to sticker so we’ll see how it goes

Remember start working out over the break so when your schedule solidifies you can hit the ground running in the gym

For sure i think the next time we’ll see each other is most likely the 4th, but we got a whole month ahead of us and I plan on absolutely destroying the Tampa-St. Pete area. If we get even just one guy out of it itll make me super happy, but we shall see.

Also based lifter clan

What did you think of this weekend? I really like the network 16 guys, the unaffiliates were a little eh but I didnt pay them too much attention. Floyd and Wayne are definitely really cool though and Ill look forward to working with them in the future.

Yeah theres a reason those guys aren’t pf. I agree the guys definitely got a lot better with the drill. Applications will be flooding in after the 4th💪🏻

Yeah itd be great if eventually we swapped out the flags for torches and had one guy act as a “standard bearer” to lead us

I thought about that too, but I was thinking of it being more like this

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