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Hey I'm over in cabin 152, with Sean AL, feel free to drop by for a greeting, and if you'd like a glass of scotch as well ๐Ÿค๐Ÿป

Rgr, be there shortly

Let me know if you'd like my Threema ID/Telegram/Cell number, in case anything comes up and we need rapid comms

Floyd how is that biting the bullet? Running shoes are part of the arsenal from day one.

And yeah Wilson, addys are garbage, good to ditch them.

Oh, well it's a worthwhile investment, nice running shoes can be great

Our crew has successfully exfilled, we're en route back to bama

Hey am I still prohibited from posting physique in the main chat? I've got some pictures with face cropped out, obviously I have a lot of ink but I'm really not worried about doxxing

I typically use shoes with insoles, as my feet are large at size 13/14 and need the support

Damn right, 4 hours is some proper conditioning

I might be working, but I'll double checj


I will be working

Yes, I'll check on their status in a couple days

Got it, sounds good

Finally got myself on a podcast, about training, forgot if it was mentioned already. Didn't post anywhere else, due to possible OpSec concerns, but here it is for any leadership curious ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป

Good share Patrick, was just checking that out myself

Couple of guys from AmRen also put in applications, we may have 2-3 new members soon

Yes, near Sean

Absolutely, I'm all about it. Did you have any specific questions?

Black metal season fuck yes, crush it lads

Cold walks at night, perfect too

I do dig outlaw darker bluegrass too, especially in live shows

Just finished 2 hours of Jiu-Jitsu after a 10 hour shift, one of the very few nights where my performance was lacking, emotionally distracted by some separate issues. However, had the rare blessing to witness my preferred Sensei handle a situation involving his handicapped daughter in the main lobby, witnessing someone full of Martial Power display such patience and grace reminded me that sometimes, it's all about kindness, looking out for those you love, and working towards future power and glory moving forwards. You best believe I will have a long and tough, yet extremely positive, lifting session first thing tomorrow morning, to celebrate my gratitude for this White American Heritage I so proudly bear.

Ohh in the leadership capacity? Awesome, what do you train? And any primary passions dealing with Martial Arts/Fitness

Well that depends on exact goals, but typically Krav Maga/Systema are best for real self defense. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai are also fantastic arts, in sports and in self defense.

He should have contacted you, I told him to use Rocket Chat

Victor IN

Band work, heavy animal fats, turmeric, heating pads and ice pads in rotation, these all help tendinitis. Stem cell would be above all that, but sometimes expensive

Logsplitting is great, when i worked in lumberyards years ago, I put in 60 hour work weeks and hit bodybuilding at the gym 6 days a week, and spent literally all the rest of my time sleeping and eating haha

Came out after 6 months stronger than an ox

Which means, do not stop working out.

Measure your lifts to work with your daily labor, don't injure yourself, but always keep some iron moving, even if only 3 times a week

Keep it up Floyd, hammer it every single day

Every grown ass man better get busy owning a tent ๐Ÿคจ some of them are cheap, or just carry a tarp for shelter. Brethren are always ready and willing to spot check and provide for each other, as is good and just, but don't slack on gear. For those of us having limited funds, check donations and sales too, even at thrift stores they might have basic tents.

Keep up the work Hugh, a few more months and you'll be stronger and faster than ever

Nathan has the style I dig, Sabatan, Raw Egg, Disregard Irritating Women, Amen


Raw egg goes super good on a hot steak too

Beef tartare with raw egg for breakfast today

Ohh yeah prairie oysters! Love that

Busy teaching class

Jiu-Jitsu is 100% my addiction

10 hour shift, 2 hours hard jiu-jitsu rolls, check ๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป

This weekend will be suitably brutal. This morning, 2 hours Chest and Back weights, then 2 hours nonstop no gi rolls. Tonight, 2 hours teaching Krav Maga.

Tomorrow morning, 2 hours Eskrima Kali, then 2 hours Jiu-jitsu

Sunday, 12 hour shift, then 2 hours arms and shoulders, weights

Somewhere in there will be more Ritual Meditations

Most brands are mediocre at best, usually trash. I don't recognize that one.

Supplements are just that, Supplemental.

They can provide small boosts and give slight edges, but the fundamentals of nutrition, proper exercise and form, and good sleep can't be beaten

Unless we're talking hard steroids and 40 raw eggs a day, then shit gets wild hahaha

Thomas makes a good point, consistency in running, without a broken pace, is crucial. Measure your stride, and apply it accordingly.

Missing attachment: 20211119_170815.jpg

An example of using mentality/spirituality in training, here^

Engraving Runes, symbology, on my Kali sticks

This aids me in focusing, on goals and principles.

It can go far more in depth, but one major point is embracing that training, and fitness, is not just a limited preparation, it is a lifestyle, and a Path, that doesn't end.

Life Sentence, is what it is. Every day incorporates training

So the music, food, reading material, symbols, thoughts, and thus actions, and anything else in life, can apply to a training mindset.

Well you've got the options now, I know gyms internationally too. If you want a spot vetted, let me know

Oh nice! I used to live out there

I'll get you a list of spots

I Engraved them using the spike, then dripped ink in them

That's the way Nathan, Raw Egg Revolution

Good advice Marshall, Anger as Fuel

I do believe Hugh hit a 3:30 plank

Holiday week, friends and family in town, and it's good to see them. They enjoy spending the duration of the day, and night, drinking and making merry, which is blessing.
But I'll also always set aside time for martial arts and workouts, Training Is Ritual. En route now to 2 hours of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, no gi, it will be hard rolls. And I am grateful for this, every day.

I will be working, my usual shifts are closing shifts from midday to midnight

Good stuff Phillip, not a bad nutrition situation at all, good fortune to your grandfather as well. And those planks improve even faster when you do them 3-5 times a day, spread out, constant burn basically. Doesn't take long at all since it's less than 5 minutes each time.

Used the stair machine every single day during EMT school, love it

Mines just about ready

Good passing the Plank threshold james

And good sharing your background Sam, ever onwards ๐Ÿค๐Ÿป

I'm slammed with work until the end of the month, unfortunately

I'm open for either option

Good stuff gentlemen

Good stuff Nathan, I'm sure you'll find success moving forwards ๐Ÿค๐Ÿป

And for those who aren't hitting abs multiple times a week, you should. If it's light stuff like planks, this can be multiple times a day, every single day

I hit my abdominals and obliques pretty extensively six days a week, the conditioning is worthwhile

Wes Watson, now that's a vibe

Today: 1 hour Eskrima Kali, 1 hour Judo, 1 hour Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, 2 hours Weightlifting, 2 hours studying, and a 8 hour shift.

Awesome emblem

That's a badass spread of work! Love all of it!

Love HEMA! I've trained at a few clubs, and used to hangout with an SCA crew who trained hard too. That's awesome about the Latin prayer inscription as well ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Good on the tent, Ulysses

Excellent activism gentlemen

And stoked to see that emblem on the future clubhouse!

And solid copy Christopher, Hail Victory

Solid stuff

He continues to excell in his weightloss. We talk every day, he occasionally struggles mentally with some of the stressors in his life but I believe he's on the path to handling those as well

A little irritated at his work situation getting in the way of attending events, but we do see each other and train/sticker several times a month

Nice mix! I primarily work a variety of hand axes, Norse hawks, tomahawks, Hatchets, and then a spread of long knives like Messers, and short knives like Skean Dhus

Cold Steel, and Atienza make great trainers, but I also have private craftsmen for other wares, and a personal Blacksmith

It's gonna be tent city up in here


Nice work Walter, rest days are important, but I do like the axiom of Rest is for the Dead, as we can balance quality recovery for some truly magnificent results in near continuous performance. Especially once you've been consistent for a few years.

My monthly recap has been an enormous amount of grappling and brawling, with the usual mixture of weightlifting, cables, dumbbells, axes and knives, etc. All 4 weeks in November have averaged a total of 15ish hours of training.

Strike when the Iron's Hot, I dig that Patrick

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