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Walter NC and I just placed 5 posters and about 30-50 stickers in downtown Smithfield and Carolina Premium Outlets

Missing attachment: 20211113_002722.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211112_235535.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211112_234250.jpg
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Smithfield, NC.

Walter NC and I had a successful sticker/poster run. Placed 5 posters and 30-50 (maybe more) stickers around Downtown Smithfield and Carolina Premium Outlets in Smithfield.

Yes sir 💪🏻

I've strictly been doing cardio.

I would fail all of them unfortunately

But I'm working this weekend. I'm off next weekend

And of course I've already started my weightloss journey

Thanks brother

I've been seeing that, glad to be around good people


I've already started activism. Unfortunately I won't be able to make December's event but I plan on attending every one that I can make for sure

I have a messed up work schedule

And we schedule our vacation in January. So a spontaneous event is very hard to make unless I'm already off.

I'm also very excited to meet everyone.

Agreed 👍🏻

Will do

Man that looks like the place I stickered 😂 I think that's my sticker lol

Missing attachment: 20211112_234621.jpg

Steam: juicypindos

Man hopefully my work schedule doesn't get me in trouble with PF.

I work every other weekend and it's very hard, if not impossible, to change my schedule on a short notice.

I'm committed to PF and activism, if I'm not working then I'm 100% going to be active in events doing things with you and the guys.

And if yall do the university the weekend after Thanksgiving that'll be great, im off Thanksgiving day and the weekend (Fri, Sat, Sun).

Yeah we schedule our vacation in January... for the whole year. Lol

Yeah its crazy

That's what makes it so hard for me to get off

On a short notice.

Are you going to drop the banner materials off with Flint this weekend so I can pick them up?


Sounds good brother

Does Flint have the supplies?

Okay man

I'll meet you guys next weekend 👍🏻

Hey man which uni are we going to?

And are we all riding together?

If you're waiting to tell that's cool too

I feel the same way brother. The more they show their hatred for our people the more it motivates me to get in shape and be active

When our people unite, nothing in the world can stop us :betsy:

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving

Well said sir!

You have an address for tomorrow?

Sounds good brother. I'll be there at 2

Heard anything from Logan?

Alright, that's cool. You and I can get some stuff done for sure.

Sounds fun


By the 18 wheelers

Red truck

Marcus and I did 2 banner drops and stickered up ECU today 💪🏻

Send me the 9/11 documentary please

Oh hell I left that patch you have me in your car 🤣

@Marcus NC No problem. Many more to come too :PF-Flag:

I think the ECU stickers will definitely make the telegram

The United we stand sticker with the brick buildings in the background is an amazing pic

Man the new activism video is 🔥🔥

Hopefully we make the next one

Man I'm watching The Believer. This shit is nothing but propaganda 😂😂😂😂😂

Im cringing so fucking hard

Thanks. I'm gonna try and suffer through the rest of this shit 😂

What is the name of that guy that does the rap covers?

That went to jail

On youtube?

@Marcus NC I'll be at work doing some cotton picking smh

I'm off Sunday. I can go with you as long as we don't get back too late Sunday night

What's up man. You have anything planned this weekend? I'll be glad to meet up

@Marcus NC Yes it is a long drive. But im going to Clayton, NC tomorrow and I will do some stickering

Gotcha man. Well I'm free Sat night and Sunday if you want to do some stickers/posters

Let's go! Carolina gang growing!!

Welcome Frank NC

I have set up the new mumble server

I'm connected

Thank you sir

I have it. I've been living at work recently and haven't had time to make them

I have the files

I sent them to you on telegram Jackson

I'm down. Like when and if I'm not working I'll join you


I won't be available until after the holidays

January is when I'll start being available again

Walter, Jackson and I have enough materials for 2 banners

So we can work that out possibly

Ol Wuhan aids

Ching Chong chanky Wong sweet and sour sickness


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