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Yes, patrick has it frozen, will get from him next week and cool it in oven unless you want to do that

Ill verify price, okay ill cook it and bring it to the park, ill also be making cranberry sauce, do we have the rest of the food sorted?

Ill want to try and get the turkey back Wednesday so i can get it prepped

All good - we’ll figure out a good time

Thanks, yeah looking forward to saturday

Thanks, looking forward to our thanksgiving event

What should i do to check in? Ive been talking to Austin and patrick, getting the saturday food together and been keeping up checking rc twice a day

Yeah thanks, happy to be here

Bro when can we meet to do a quick turkey pickup? Or if anyone else is at your place that can get it for me

Hey you available today to get the turkey back to me ? Patrick says hes tied up

Just on rc, i gave the turkey to him to freeze because i had no space but now i need to start prepping it

Id like to get it asap, to get it defrosted/brined by friday when ill cook it, so whenever you are free i can take a break and meet you

Can you call me real quick? My threema is 2EJF9BMM

Froth coffee; 1090 school house rd suite 600, haslet

Is what it is, okay

Yes, when can we do that


It was 36 for a 25 pound turkey, everything else is taken care of right?

Bro, ill talk to Thomas about it but it looks like i wont be able to go to the December event

Will do, im working on some shit that might free me up more in the future and maybe help provide some general funding for nw1

Hey vincent, austin said to talk to you because thomas was out of touch - im stuck in south texas for the next two weeks and will be unable to go to the December event

Yeah, i knew this was coming but i didnt expect id need to be on site, but if everything goes well could set me up for the future and open up my schedule going forward

Yeah sort of; industrial design/automation type thing

JS is widely used in a number of different industries, vsphere and docker will be more specific

They all can, the issue is with no job experience or education/certifications you cant demonstrate that knowledgr

Youd need to first think about the broad sector you want to look at, then look into related certifications

A short coding school can get you injected into the market because they usualy come with some sort of gaurantee

I have a buddy that did an online 6 month one then got a job as a coder

If you are looking very specifically at IT then maybe - i personally think all the comptia stuff is garbage, teaches you very little, and no one cares about it

Look at job postings and see what they want, again starting from zero job experience you need something to fet aytention

A school of some type/training program that helps job placement is your best bet for any job

Applying randomly online to places is horrible

you need to start somewhere

when say school, i mean an actual coding school, where you are in a class and those some with some placement help

i have a buddy that did that, i can find more information

that position isn't a bad place to start

but given what you've told me you should be able to start entry level somewhere and a school ( i think there are 6 month programs) will help you with placement

Im currently helping out Wilson as he is looking for work. Who do i contact to get activism materials?

I will talk with them as well, he reached out to me about work

Thomas told me that you two were helping out Wilson and to talk to you. Wilson reached out to me about work so i wanted to help out.

not sure but was trying to ask you a question last night at the meeting but it said i didn't have permission to dm on mumble

just clarification on the mobile app

is it just rocketchat mobile we aren't using? threema and mumble are fine?

i won't be in the area for the rest of the year but would like to contribute


will do

Jon, I'm heading up to Utah for Christmas and want to contribute to the toy drive. Thomas said to contact you about it.

you were at my vetting and you know my brother - if i'm thinking the right person

I've met a few out there already and plan on spending some time with them while I'm there.

lol yeah - i didn't remember if you had

20-28 i think

my brother wants to get together with some of you all and my other brother will probably come along

Yeah. And I've met a few others. Looking forward to it.

No the one for Ulysses' little brother

i didn't know him but i want to contribute

Also just happy to be going north for some winter weather.

Yeah I asked for it. Thanks.

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