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Yes I believe he will be

I will ask though

Just keep me informed. If we need to pass the hat around or something to get you there, we will. You have a spot on the shield team and as far as I can tell everyone else in NW4 is going to be there, it would be very impressive to get 100% attendance to this event.

Very good to hear. We need every able activist we can have, there with us. It won't be one to miss.

Thats older data, I'm saying I have confirmations from everyone at this point, although some wrangling is still going on./

As far as I know now, yes.

@all Once again, YOU NEED to let either me or @ND - William OK know if you do not plan to be in attendance at the December demonstration. We're trying to get the most accurate data possible, and I am considering those who read my previous post about this and DID NOT respond as an answer of "Yes, I am going."

As far as I understand it, we will have 100% attendance at this demonstration, plus one unaffiliate from Network 4. This would be a point of pride for us as long as we can follow through. We need to do whatever it takes to achieve this.

For those of you selected to be on a shield team (most of the Network), also be aware that there are some additional gear items you need to have with you. Get with your shield team leader to recieve the link and let them know if you have any trouble purchasing them. We will take care of that.

@all Also, this is a reminder that there is our final drilling event going on next weekend in the Dallas area. Packing list and uniform should be considered close to the hiking gear we usually bring, uniform optional. This will just be a Saturday event and we will all be home on the following Sunday at a comfortable time, though it is suggested you arrive on Friday night. The event address will be sent out soon. Everyone needs to attend to make sure that we are all ready for the marching and shield work for the upcoming demonstration. I will also be reaching out to everyone to get confirmation that you can attend.

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Are you able to attend the drilling event this weekend in Dallas?

Yes, Jackson GA takes statewide interviewees

@all Who up

Right, I remember. Just copypasta'd to the whole network.

Very cool, I'll see you there!

Very cool, I'll see you there!

Very cool, I'll see you there!

Very cool, I'll see you there!

Very cool, I'll see you there!

Yes, Sid OK

You're probably familiar

Very cool, I'll see you there!

No takers so far

come hang out

Good to hear! Who have you been talking to about the process?

@here Got a lot of guys on tonight methinks

Lots of new interviewee accounts anyway

Good to hear, thanks for reaching out. I will send a message detailing the basics soon.

Ok, cool. Do you have a good time to get on Mumble with me sometime this week? Like tomorrow at 7pm CST or so?

Actually, do you have a good time to get on Mumble with me sometime this week? Like tomorrow at 7pm CST or so?

Would be a lot easier to go over everything through voice

Yep, it would be just you and me. We can do tomorrow at 5:30PM if you want. That would be the earliest I can do it.

Awesome man, talk to you then.

What do you think of Christopher VA? Is he reliable? Asking because he's interested in becoming an interviewer

Hey Tyler, you ready?

Very cool, talk to you then.

Awesome. I'll have a call with him tonight and get him on board

Assuming you are on Mountain, I'll hang out in mumble, hop in when you can

You got it. I'm with you,

@ND - William OK I will be picking up Leo.

That'll make us there at around midnight going that route. 7 hours to go from Fort Smith as early as I can leave to Leo and then back the way I came down to Dallas.

Yeah definitely a weirdo

Either a bad actor or a dummie

When you have an opportunity, I need new vetting accounts for 2 guys joining the interview team, and for them to be added to the #interviewers channel here as well as Records, Interviews, and Discussions on the other channel

Whats the address for the campsite this weekend?

He will need to arrange another ride back home on Sunday though. I have to leave Saturday night.

Both are rather new members, but have been vouched for as good men and I had a call with them today detailing the responsibilities of interviewing, asking their availability, etc. They both sound like good fits.

If he can get a ride to Fort Smith I'd be able to drop him off at the car, but if I had to take him all the way back to his place I really would need to leave the drilling event at like 6pm. I have work at 1am Sunday.

Wanna join the interview call?

Wana join the interview call tonight?

No cam, only mic, make your name your org name

Thanks for coming by!

Conductor: Jason TX
Notetaker: Jesse AR

Result: ACCEPTED, per Lawrence FL's vouch for his second chance

Test Question: How long ago did you apply? A few days.
Political Ideology: Used to be more ideological, nowadays more pragmatic, religious and common sense. What did our ancestors do in situations?
Transportation: Yes
Permanent Resident or Moving: Perm
Drug Abuse: Got into trouble drinking growing up. Smokes weed. Would be willing to quit drugs for membership. Has quit before and relapsed. It doesn't control him, but he wants to get rid of it.
Religion: Protestant Christian. No issues working with other religions.
Why Join: Used to be a member some years ago. Was "jumping around" a lot. Had some legal issues that got resolved and now he has settled into land. Has a past of "hate crime" but it was just words.

Q1: First time rejoining. First joined in early 2018.
Q2: Previous alias was Oscar FL.
Q3: Membership went from early 2018 to 2019 and he left due to inactivity from "the whole Washington thing." (criminal charges). He was always Oscar FL but went back and forth between FL and WA. His time in the org was spent learning how to network and organize. He saw that we were still around and wanted to get back in touch. [At the time of this question, he could not name anyone he had met during his first time as a member or any members currently involved.]
Q4: [Chat server used while he was a member was named sufficiently.]
Q5: [Org slogans at the time of his membership were named sufficiently.]
Q6: Lawrence FL would vouch for his return, met up with him last week.
Q7: Left the organization from inactivity. Talked to Lawrence FL about the legal situation.
Q8: Some people were hard to get a hold of but no personal issues with members.
Q9: Settled down roots, not hopping around anymore. Got some land in FL and is living there full time now.
Q10: Will be more active. He is in a position to be more active and has less distractions than he had in the past.
Q11: He is ready to commit to activism and being a consistent member.
Q12: Note: No violence in his criminal background. Got into an altercation and said "mean things about homosexuals, and they called the cops." Cops said that he was targeting them because they were gay. Got a slap on the wrist. Just words, no violence. He was charged with a felony, no ongoing legal issues.

Here's his notes, reach out to him to get the vetting done.

Got another interviewee for you. This one you know, so I hear.

Conductor: Jesse AR
Notetaker: Sam MN

(On Hold for Further Questioning)

Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?
A few weeks ago.

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: Access to personal vehicle.

Permanent Resident: Permanent resident with no plans to move.

Political Ideology: Sees what’s going on institutionally. Doesn’t want to see policy driven by government to have other ethnic groups pushed into America. He’s just a white male in America, feels like you can’t defend yourself in any way. We’re being replaced. Four year olds are being given hormone blockers.

Drug Abuse: History of alcohol abuse. Tries his hardest to not drink, going on two weeks sober.

Religion: Doesn’t have one right now. No issues with working with activists of other organizations.

Why Join: He is a former member.

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: This is not his first time rejoining. First time was 2019, was in for a while. He was removed for inactivity. He reapplied and got in around January 2021, was in for a while. He was arrested for placing promat on poles (shopping mall area) in March 28th of 2021. Had to do community service. One of the guys (Samuel Virginia) told him to take a break and stay out for a while.

Q2: His username was Ethan Maryland.

Q3: There were some issues going on when he was in the org. Went to one demonstration, outside of DC, when he was first a member.

Q4: Remembers that Rocketchat was the chat server.

Q5: Could remember phrases like “Stolen, Not Conquered” and “Reclaim America” from his membership.

Q6: Victor Maryland might vouch for his return and good conduct. Samuel Virginia might say that he shouldn’t be in. Because he had a problem and wants to prove himself. There was a time when he didn’t show up to something and feels terrible about it.

Q7: The first time he left was due to inactivity, the second time he left was due to legal issues.

Q8: Other than communication issues, he had no other problems with members. The instance with Samuel VA was about a month or two after he got in trouble. Sam set up a meeting for him. There was a lot of personal trauma relating to his girlfriend and he wasn’t able to follow through with the meeting. He didn’t communicate ahead of time that he couldn’t be there. After that instance there were a lot of arguments and talks about it. Samuel offered him another time to meet up, but he couldn’t go.

Q9: His circumstances have changed since his departure: His legal issues are over. Personal issues with girlfriend are over. He has figured out who he is and what he is going to dedicate his time to. Going through these legal issues has matured him a lot.

Q10: There can be no more going back on his word. If he says he’ll be somewhere he’ll be there. He knows what his problems are and he will fix them. He knows if he could talk to someone they would know how seriously dedicated he is - to live his life as a regular person is just not enough.

Q11: Without question he will be able to commit himself more readily if given a second chance at membership.

So this guy sounded pretty nervous during his interview, and wasn't showing a lot of confidence. Seems like he has a lot of shame for what happened. But from what I could tell, he does sound like he is ready to get back in the game and make up for his past failures. He really,
wants a second (third) chance at membership.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you whether or not you want to let him back in. If it were me and my Network, I'd give him another chance. But you know him better than I do, so it's your call.

Do you think that he is deserving of another attempt at membership?

Also, Christopher sat in on the call and had a lot to say in deliberation, he did very well for his first call.

Well, that sounds like a noble goal to me. I guess Ethan is also good at making understatements, he didn't express to us anything about a long term friendship. And "trying", does that mean you've been in touch with him off and on the whole time?

Sam MN knows Tyler and Sam VA knows Christopher.

Both are accomplished typists, so I hear. Tyler types professionally. Christopher had a lot of good things to say during last night's deliberation.

I can probably pick you up at 6 at the earliest.

Jeez. Well, let me know how things go for us to update the record.

I'll ask around, but yes, Sam MS has been involved in vetting for a few months and knows what the job entails. Sam VA said this exactly: "In his time since joining he has worked very hard as an activist, been keenly interested in working toward the orgs benefit and he has experience in talking with people in sales so he's not a sperg / has good interaction abilities. I think he would make a great interviewer, and it will help me in the long run to train him to do irl interviews. I 100% endorse his application."

Sure man, up to you.

Can't. At work.


Come on in bud

Interviewee is on the way though

We were supposed to meet up today too

Will do.

In an interview rn

Will read after

OK. Yeah if you aren't familiar, Loy OK, Brian OK, and Sid are all brothers and their dad was in PF back in the Vanguard days, so I'd probably make Loy the point of contact

A thinktank on recruiting huh? Basically a planning group for different methods of recruitment?

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