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Missing attachment: IMG_1160.HEIC
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Yeah I think I’m set up

Sorry man I just saw your message, I was on there a little after 8 and just assumed it was canceled or something

Thank you man

I didn’t see your message, is there anyway to turn notifications on for rocket chat?

Thanks brother

Not right now, will tomorrow night work?

9 CST could work

Hey I just woke up from a nap, are you still available? I’ll have to be somewhat quiet


It’s saying permission denied

Okay what do I need to do then, speak to him in the Lobby?

Yes my cars fixed

Was he able to verify me?

Okay thank you

Missing attachment: IMG_1190.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_1191.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_1155.HEIC
Missing attachment: IMG_1189.HEIC

Thank you, I couldn’t figure out why it was sending that way, I’ll change it

@Alan MI Thanks man

Okay I think I got it changed

Hello sir, I was told to contact you about getting confirmed on Mumble

I sent Thomas a message, I’m waiting for a response

Thank you so much, I can certainly do that

He responded and is going to confirm me tonight

I’m sorry I got home late, but I’m connected now

I’m sorry, think I messed something up, because I was kicked out and it said I followed the mumble instructions wrong

Alright we’ll be there

Yeah I’ll be there

So the guy I’m supposed to be picking up to bring to Indy isn’t answering and I know billy isn’t coming but he won’t answer either and I was supposed to be getting a coat for the guy from Billy

I’m supposed to be coming with someone but he won’t answer his phone and neither will billy and I’m supposed to be getting a coat from billy to give to the other guy

I am able to drive but I was picking up the guy (I don’t know what his PF name is) but as I was texting and driving trying to figure this out I just got into a wreck

Victor is his name and I’m not gonna be able to go right now, my car ain’t running and I gotta go make sure I don’t have a concussion or something , I hit my head really hard

Thank you and I’ll be alright

Sorry I ended up getting into a wreck and went to the hospital, I’m fine now but I’m not sure if Victor ended up finding another ride or not

Yeah but I assume he found a way

Alright on Mumble?

It’s not letting me go into the meeting room

It says permission denied

I thought Thomas verified me on mumble so I’m not sure what the problem is

Okay thank you

It’s okay, should I just stay in the lobby on mumble?

Okay, whatever works is fine lol

Oh no the the problem with my car before wasn’t a wreck, and yeah the recent thing was a wreck because I was texting Victor and Billy trying to figure out what was going on that morning cause they weren’t answering and yeah I was completely distracted and hit another car and wasn’t wearing my seat belt so I flew out of my seat and hit the front window

It hurt like shit and the ambulance came and they wanted to make sure I didn’t have a concussion, I was fine tho. And my car is fine now too just the front bumper is like zip tied on now lol

I don’t know anything about cars so it’s my Grandpa that fixed it up both times and sort of showed me

Oh yeah we all met up today and dropped a banner

I filmed the whole thing for them

The banner just said it’s okay to be white

I probably won’t be able too Monday cause I’ll be at school and the work

Also I sent money too Thomas and ordered some stickers stencils and posters…in the mean time I’ve just been putting up like IOTBW flyers and stuff since I’m out of stickers

Yeah I want to be able to put up a lot of stuff as often as possible locally here

Since I live near a campus it’s a nice spot I feel for posters and banners and stuff

Not really, I’ll download it right now actually

Alright I just set up an account


I just said hello

I’m off on the weekends

I get off at 330 on Fridays

And I certainly want to dedicate as much time and effort as I can to PF so I’ll seriously do whatever I can to help when I can

I definitely worry about the legal issues but I’m more than willing to take risks if it will help the cause in any way

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