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Is there a way to turn on notifications? I’m down for drilling next weekend

I’m down to go drilling. I’ll probably want some pointers from you guys before I go out on my own, but if I have materials I can do activism in my area. Maybe hit Cañon City sometimes.

Gunnison and Salida are within reach for me too

Unfortunately I’ll be going to Europe (or attempting to go) from 11/23-12/11. Big question mark as I am not vaccinated. I’ll check my saturday schedule and let you know. Odds are I’ll have to drive separate if I’m available


when do you think?

this will be a lot easier for me to swing than utah so if guys are going I’ll be there

hope its friday, I have an early night

Thanks brother. Will do

I’m trying to get in contact with the EMT from Utah. I forget his name. We hiked Elbert together.

Utah is unironically my favorite state. Keep me posted on major events and I’ll try to make it out

That was a great hike. Congrats on the Family Wilson. After seeing you guys in action on the hike, as well as your promotional materials and the boys with the climbing gear in missouri, I decided it was time to take it offline and take action myself. This won’t end without real world action

Yes sir, will do.

Thank you

What’s this about a mandatory event? Still learning how to navigate the site

the one thomas messaged us about

thomas is talking about the 12/2-12/5 event?

My man! How are you brother

btw I stopped being a coomer because you said it was pathetic lol

Thanks bro. Much easier with reasoning behind it. hope to see you soon

I’m sorry I can’t make it. I leave for europe in a couple days to see my godmother

How late will you guys be out?

Won’t be able to get out there before 10. Good luck to you guys that go.

what time?

im free until 4, but its a 2.5 hour drive to denver. I’m down to make the drive

No worries. Ill be gone in Europe for a month. Back mid december.

26 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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