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Depends on how hard it is for me to get there

Because I dont have a car

If someone can take me then i might be able to convince my boss to get the days off

If its too far for me to order a uber or something, and nobody can take me, then I'm not gonna bother

Sounds good, thank you

Regarding the yerba buena banner drop idea, its best to put it off for at least a couple of months. There's a lot of construction work going on near the tunnel entrance, and due to this, access is virtually impossible during the daytime. When the construction finishes, we won't have to worry about getting the cops called on us by the workers for trespassing or whatever.

I will probably be unable to attend the November drilling. My issue is transportation, so until I get an update from people nearby who I can carpool with, I cant say for sure whether I'll be making it.

Thanks man

Thank you!

So what's the game plan for Nov 19

Do you think I would be able to secure a ride?

Hell yeah


Everything except for the patches

Is there a packing list for the event?


Pick me up at Nelson Park. Same place where we did my first meetup.

What time are we leaving?

Also are we gonna be backpacking into wherever the meeting is?

Ok sounds good

Alright, it's all good

Whats your ETA rn?

Might be a bit late

Hey Jon, just letting you know, I got back to NorCal ok. Josh CA should be getting home soon as well.

It was awesome man.

Really hyped about the December event

Hey Josh, what's your Telegram?

Hey Josh, for the Friday departure time is it possible for you to pick me up on the way from where you live?

Thank you, but Josh will be picking me up.

Fitness report: Mile-8:07, 4 pull ups, 24 push ups, 72 sit ups.
Sorry if i didn't do the right stuff, I kinda forgot exactly what the fitness standards were.

For tomorrow, the departure time's at 6:35, so what time are you planning to arrive at the airport?

So you're gonna pick me up at around 3am right?

1.5 mile time: 13:56

Also, can we share tents again?

Lmk your ETA when you leave. Pick me up at the entrance to Carousel Cir, Stockton.


What's this emergency situation?

Made it home safe

Alright then

If I have had no contact at all with the mole, do I still need to attend?

Aight sounds good

I didn't send anything, that's weird

Won't let me enter the server

Hope it happens quick, I gtg back to work soon


Nice, what part of Norcal is he from?

Oh shit

Better be careful with this guy

Yeah fr

Ay I'm in

The channel I mean

I gtg, let me know if anything interesting happens after I leave.

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