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Cardio and clean eating

Parthenon revised

Called the Athens of The South and built for the 1897 Tennessee Centennial celebrating Tennessees first 100 years of statehood, on land previously used as a staging area for soldiers as a rally point in both The War of 1812 and The Civil War. The Parthenon pays tribute to Athena, daughter of Zeus and hailed as the goddess of wisdom. Inside the temple which is scaled to the size of the original temple in Athens, it houses the largest indoor sculpture in Western Civilization. Athena stands at 42 ft and is holding Nike in her palm who is the goddesses of victory. Victory cant be achieved without the preservation of the givers of life…the matriarch. The Parthenon allows sons and daughters of the west to see ideal, classical architecture. It shows us what our ancestors truly cared about, which was the wealth of wisdom. The original architect was William Crawford Smith who was a CSA(Confederate States Army) veteran as well as a Knight Templar.

@Robert IN it’s a pleasure to have you in our ranks, if you have questions reach out to anyone of us!

Yes, I was planning on it brother!

its all good man, and yes I might be able to Join

I told Jesse GA that id be coming

Im gonna do a demo for you boys with my sticker pole

sounds good!

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Looks great

Sounds good

8pm not 9?

im not gonna be able to make it

i may hop on at 9 its the day before turkey day ive ggot a party at my house no way i can get on

fill me in after

cool beans

Yeah I saw that they were my favorite band I’ll check to see if it’s the original members I’m glad you guys enjoyed them as much as I do

Also hope you had a great thanksgiving! Did you download Threema app by chance?


Call me after the gym

What time tomorrow?

It’s for communication and calling while doing irl

Yes I cant wait to see the whole NC gang!

I did as well It was was awesome!

I’ll be there

Greer is only 45 minutes away from me

Do you not want me to go to the Greer interview?

Also we had a Asheville applicant as well?

Yes sir

What time does he want to do the interview?

The earlier the better !

I’ll be listening!

Saying server is full for me as well

James NC was a last minute backout for the event

Wish I knew…he’s been quite undependable, excessively tardy/absent and after a few IRL interactions I honestly don’t trust him.

He’s been late to the majority of weekly meetings and has missed a handful altogether.
He has very odd filming habits referring specifically to the Harriet Tubman statue scouting mission that Adam Nc and Myself Planned in Sylva, NC which James was also late to and he filmed our faces and us talking while scouting the area, which made us feel uncomfortable and then bailed shortly after when we had a pre planned banner drop. Adam then asked him for the footage and he took a week to send it to Adam. At that point neither Adam nor myself felt comfortable completing and further planning in dealing with the statue which would have undoubtedly led to further membership. James mentioned while we were putting up ProMat downtown as a group Oct 1st that it would be a good idea to complain on social media posing as a “liberal”that we (PF) were in the area as a way to give us inorganic recognition, which to say the least is distasteful. The same group that doxxed him before he was in PF found our banners rather quickly after we all left on our activism night October 1st and said Antifa group burned one of our banners but not before they wrote “fuck Thomas” on it…they posted the video. I’ve tried to reach out to him a few times since he’s in my area and he didn’t respond till days later and then the next time he bailed day of. He also bailed on coming with us for the mount Mitchell hike because he couldn’t sleep with a pocket knife. Adam NC can verify all of this as well let me know if you want to talk on mumble about it.

Also Adam NC has been in the hospital since Sunday…so the best way to get ahold of him is through Threema

I’m not sure initially it was dehydration now they found something else in his bloodwork. I just try to keep his spirits up and not ask him to many personal questions I don’t like hospitals to many bad experiences.

Will do!

DXASJS65 that is Adam NC Threema code he told me to give it to you if you had any further questions

I need mumble verification good sir!

Thank you brother!

Stronger Everyday, welcome @Patrick PA @Bradley IL @pf-781927

@Matt MI glad to have you onboard, feel free to reach out to anyone of us!

@Frank SC welcome to the Carolina Band if you need anything don’t hesitate to reach out!

thank you

I harnessed the power of Dale Jarrett

you guys arent gonna get verified till 10pm est 9pm central

i thought it said 9 my bad

the cattle coof

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