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Still all planned for 11:00?

@Don TX I need to know if you can dog sit for the December trip. I can't remember if you were going.

Okay, see you in a bit

Hi Austin, do you mind giving me your threema? Mine is DA24CEE5

I'm decent with excel if you need spreadsheet guys, once I shake off some rust at least.

I will always welcome news about losing dead weight. Our enemies deploy grotesque, poorly coordinated swarms of orcs. We must never disgrace ourselves or our people in such ways.

I don't believe in this for our people. Instead, "Composers don't cry, composers are made of fire." - Ludvig v. Beethoven

I requested off work tomorrow from Adam's blacksmith shop a few months ago to have all day to prep for the trip. I'll still try to finish everything early to chip in toward the end of the day if anything is needed last minute.


EVENT FEES ARE CURRENTLY SET AT $80 (cash only, paid at departure)
Rental Vehicle: $40
Gas: $20
Lodging, Equipment, Misc: $20
If you predict having issues with this payment, please message me and we will help you.

REMEMBER: We will be leaving the metroplex at MIDNIGHT on Thursday the 2nd. The vehicle exchange will be released soon. It is likely we will use the same lot as we did for the Tulsa Drilling meet.

I'm almost ready to head over to HQ

Should be there before 10 pm

Do we need camping gear?

Can you give me the address?

Thanks. We're on our way. I just told Patrick, also.

Not sure how everyone else is, but I'm (mostly) caught up on sleep.

Ready to make encore activist content before our demo's newsworthiness fizzles out.

And it's drying up quickly.

I was thinking of placing posters in locations really difficult to access without climbing.

Of all the preposterous claims and smears from the media and peanut gallery, what I can NOT suffer without response is being compared to the feds by virtue of physical fitness.

I can begin scouting and test running today for locations.

I'll need someone to record and edit it, and most likely have one, but ideally two designated drivers; one for dropping us off and the location(s), the other to pick us up and gtfo.

If someone has a gopro, I can wear that, too.

Ok, sweet.

Does anyone have an idea how feasible this kind of thing might be on the UNT campus?

The undersides of pavillions can work well if the ceilings are high enough.

Awesome. I'd like to know more about the UNT campus surveillance if any is familiar. Sports stadiums have the advantage of being really dead most of the time, but then drawing huge crowds at others. I'll scout the place, soon unless someone knows it's just not a good spot, altogether.

Also, I think @Adam TX has been mistaken for Charlie Kirk on the PF gab https://gab.com/PatriotFront/posts/107403897077904956

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 7, 2021 3:48 PM

I could get up to the tops of those columns no problem.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - December 7, 2021 3:52 PM

Possible banner locations. Size and shapes might have to be different.

Regardless, this campus has no shortage of spots for climbing. I just need to scout it to know exactly what to climb and what promat is suitable.

FWIW, ramzpaul gave us a green light in a video today, albeit reservedly, but no unreasonably so.

The general public has almost unanimously responded to us with abject incredulity, apart from the most precocious.

No, throw it out, please.

I left the note for Alyssa in case of an emergency. That's all.


The most illustrious and successful political thinker ever, Richard Spencer, has us all figured out, "Anonymity is a component of not having the courage of one's convictions, but also results from a certain shame over being labeled an "evil racist" etc. It is shame of being ostracized from society and not simply a fear of losing one's job."

He also tweeted that he wants to give Thomas power of attorney over his inheritance over his parents' estate so we have no financial excuse for remaining anonymous.

If any member attends UNT, I'll pick another spot.

Awesome. Do you know how busy the campus around this time with exams wrapping up?

They shouldn't mind us too much if no one reports us until we're long gone.

Assuming they even see what I'm doing, which would be pretty decent coincidence.

@Thomas He wisely avoids mentioning us by name on YT. Starting with 3:40 he starts by saying something like "...things are different with this group."

He repeated our fake news account's 500 man estimate, despite knowing that was from an AI avatared account.

I may have to scout spots nearby the campus or possibly really nearby the campus perimeter.

Anyhow, whatever I climb, it needs to dispel the accusation our fitness levels are akin to the feds.

I mentioned to Vincent and I think James TX about a certain device that could be used for surveillance to help with possible attacks against our vehicle rendezvous.

It's programmable and livestream capable.

I didn't want to type it in the chat since it could be used easily by possible infiltrators to clandestinely livestream a march or something.

But I wanted to check if it could be helpful for the future.

And yes, @Thomas that was a dig a Dickie Spencer for being a trust-baby who has absolutely nothing material to lose by being doxxed.

Furthermore, anonymity is an obvious contrast to every cliche associated with contemporary political activism, such as clout-chasing, narcissism, grifting, and many other obvious descriptors of Richard Spencer.

Since Dickie is against it, it is 100% confirmed as one of our most useful and important assets.

Not this exact one, but with ESP32 and the programming interface known as arduino IDE

I also wanted to see if Oscar TX would like to collaborate since he mentioned having a computer science background.

Should I link this device in the NW1 chat, or just DM Oscar about it?

I managed to get mine to work just now with my own wifi connection.

They have slots for SD cards, so they can store images and video without internet access, too.

Hi Jason. Thomas requested I discuss with you an idea I DM'd him a couple of days ago. It has to do with the attack on our rendezvous during last week's demonstration.

I have two MDU development boards with a built-in 2 megapixel camera that can connect to wifi or bluetooth for applications such as surveillance.

Depending on resolution settings, they can stream 45+ fps. But most relevantly, they utilize facial recognition machine learning.

They cost $10 or less retail, are just over 1 inch squared in size, and can use micro SD cards for storage as high as 64GB based on some testimonies I've seen.

They do, however, require a pretty hefty power source to supply 5V @ ~200mA, so I don't think a cell phone battery bank would work. However, power supply would be by no means prohibitive.

That is a possibility.

It's not so much they'd be able to recognize the perpetrators.

Failing to recognize a face could be used to program an alert system.

Yes, placing these kinds of things as surveillance sentries is another option.

Multiple devices can connect to the same wifi/BT network and their video streams viewed from the same web browser.

I don't know off the top of my head of especially useful surveillance applications for this device, I just wanted to mention to Thomas something I already know how to work with and is very versatile.

What's convenient is that I can program them on site for whatever purpose.

Cameras never directly prevented anything.

But using them as advanced alert systems can.

I can being the arduino, esp32-cams, the wires/cables, etc. without taking up much space at all.

If anyone has an arduino IDE already installed on their PC, that makes things even easier.

Server keeps rejecting me. "100 max users"

Thanks for the notice. Just got in.

And now I'm out again.

Back in again... for now.

Today or tomorrow is fine with me.

I wanted to do banners first and foremost, though.

I assume that means we'll have to make them first?

If we make the banners today, I can go to UNT to drop them tomorrow.

I can go to HQ right around sunset to work on them.

And I have one box cutter

Or... I can arrive tomorrow shortly after @NQ - Austin TX assuming he's still able to go at 9a.

I've never made a banner before, so I don't if there's much point in driving over the work on it tonight, then go back tomorrow also.

I have 4 large and 3 medium sized ones.

Still need more?

Ok, is there any need for the medium, or should I just take the large ones?

Okay, I'll have things wrapped in like 10 minutes. ETA is about 75 minutes from now.

Okay to bring the dog?

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