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Road sign 11/12

Road sign 11/12 Tulsa

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Jesse named his son after you

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I don’t think it’s a safety concern. I know all of my neighbors pretty well.

And we made it pretty quickly, nobody was out and about in the neighborhood.

I used gorilla glue construction adhesive in a caulking gun and then secured the seams with layers of duct tape. It feels pretty solid.

I think we might have to weigh it with half filled 2 liter bottles. I don’t know if regular 12 oz bottles will be enough.

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Based on my driveway

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What gear are you talking about?

The shin guards only come in two sizes, get the larger size. The chin strap only comes in one size and I have an extra if anyone needs one.


I might be bringing someone that recently applied.

I’m still waiting for photos to see the height/size of the billboard. I made a banner for the dimensions of a large billboard, but it may be a smaller one based on what I’ve been told. I’ll get with you once I know more details.

Looks good, I will make sure we arrive before 10

Yeah I’ll do it

He’s coming this weekend, we can all vet him at the same time.

He’s coming this weekend

He’s already vetted, we’ll get him in this weekend.

@all I would like everyone to meet at my house NO LATER THAN 5:30 on Friday. Is everyone able to do that?

@Gary NY dont post them if they aren’t usable.

We are supposed to arrive at the campsite before 10 pm because the gates to the park are locked at 10. There are other places we can park if necessary but I would like to arrive as early as possible.

If anyone wants me to bring extra hammocks I have two extra

Weather is expected to be temperate, with nighttime temperatures in the low fifties. There is no chance of precipitation

Perfect hammock weather

Ride with Nathan or Jesse

@IC - Jesse AR if you want to drive straight to Dallas to save time/money it is fine by me. @Leo AR you need to attend though, you are a shield bearer and people’s safety depends on your readiness for the event. We will figure out how to get you there brother.

I have to work early Sunday morning as well, I don’t even know who all is driving other than me. We will figure it out tomorrow when the majority of us meet at my house.

Thank you @IC - Jesse AR

@Jackson NC Can you guys sticker Wilmy and Surf City this weekend please?

Campsite 30, Hippy Point

880 Simmons Rd, Flower Mound TX 75022

@John OK That’s fine, contact me before you leave

I have allergies right now

You can get a test at Walmart for like 20 bucks

You should have done that to Daryl

Or Darrel or however that fat slob spells it

Should have got the jab 👀

As of now, 9:30-10 pm. It will probably end up being later because I know at least one person is going to show up late.

@Leo AR isn’t Cecil going to help you fix the truck next weekend? We’re only going to be gone tonight and can come back tomorrow night.

@all I need your ETA’s to my house this evening. We need to make sure everyone is at my house NO LATER THAN 5:30 pm.

Ok, we will try to get there before the gate is locked

That sounds like a better idea than meeting at my house. It will get us there earlier.


Or Sampson

Ok well then it will be me and Sampson in my truck and you three in your car. Sid isn’t able to come.

No he has to work

And if Nathan rides with Jesse we should all be there in time to get into the gate at the campsite



I won’t be there until 4:30

Ok @IC - Jesse AR drive safe

We’re still waiting on Bryan.

Murrell Park 11/20

Murrell Park 11/20

That looks fun

What is transportation for national looking like for NW1? We have Francis’ van and will probably use another personal vehicle unless you guys are going to have extra room

@IC - Jesse AR I have your jacket. We will do something in Little Rock after we’re home from National and plan something really nice to replace those disgusting attempts at “art” with.

@all @all @all There will be a NW4 voice meeting THIS WEDNESDAY at 9PM to discuss our travel itinerary and logistics. THIS MEETING IS MANDATORY FOR EVERYONE ATTENDING NATIONAL WHICH MEANS EVERYONE IN NW4. Please click the flag icon below this post so that I know you read this and don’t have to blow up your phones.

Ok sounds good

Can you get on mumble Wednesday at 9pm? We are discussing our travel plans and it might be beneficial to some if we link up with you guys.

Missing attachment: IMG_5858.PNG

Nice, sounds good

Can we get someone to do a voice interview with Sampson tonight?

@all voice meeting tonight at 9 pm to discuss travel to the national demonstration.

@all go to general


Sorry guys, I will get you all verified to be able to move from room to room, this is yet another reason why we need to have regular voice meetings. I just talked to Francis, we will most likely have the van, we will also probably have to take an additional personal vehicle which I will volunteer to use mine unless anyone else prefers to drive themselves. The meeting has been rescheduled to Friday night at 9 pm and we can discuss further details then. Thanks for showing up and sorry for the technical difficulties.

Thank you, I spoke to Francis and we will have access to the van so we’re good on that front.

Friday 9pm if you want to hop on when everyone has access

What the hell are you guys talking about

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