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Anyone tryna squad up to throw some promat up this weekend?

I'll only have an hour or so of availability tomorrow, I'll let you know here in the next hour when that'll be for me.

I'll be watching my qtgf's daughter as she works. I have tomorrow from 6am to 11am and a possibility a sitter in the evening sometime.

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Missing attachment: 20211114_094103.jpg
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Let me know if anyone wants to come through next weekend

@ND - Jon UT Roger Roger

Thanks man, I really appreciate it. And I'm thrilled to be back.

They're great thanks

Well howdy

I appreciate your support.

I spotted a gang tag down my street, New pride flags. Real cringe man

@Max UT I'll DM you

I'll keep that in mind thanks brother

Because I felt an obligation to join rank with my people, to help be part of the solution. You?

@James UT Are you free Friday night?

Are you free Saturday night?

@James UT Sorry Saturday

Hey, vice-versa brother! Thank you

Glad that you're part of the tribe fren. How are you?

Haha thanks man, thank you for reaching out to our brothers in our tribe. I'll be here for you to fren

@James UT I can do Sunday.

Merry Friday my dood

Merry Friday guy!

Dood... now that's an idea.

Also if you guys don't have anything planned for Thanksgiving, I'll be happy to hold a lil NW5giving or something.

Imma hold a lil frensgiving for my network. Surprised I didn't think of that

For sure, I've been to a couple demos with them, they're good people.

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Just got back in from my suspension

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Lacked communication

@Anthony UT Have a blessed Sunday my dood

@ND - Jon UT I'm available

How was it??

@NS - Joshua UT What time?

@NS - Joshua UT I don't think I'd be able to do that man I'm sorry



Anyone tryna do something Sunday I'm game

Right on, you live in Utah County?

Screenshot_20211203-103320_Video Editor.jpg

Screenshot_20211203-103320_Video Editor.jpg

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, okay hol up

Hey something weird went on with my account. I tried numerous times to sign in yesterday and then today I was able to sign in 1st try. Definitely a little suspicious.

Screenshot_20211211-221959_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20211211-221959_Samsung Internet.jpg

I was getting pic related

Missing attachment: Screenshot_20211211-221959_Samsung Internet.jpg

Not sending, but it was sending me an error message

Nevermind but yeah it was sending me this

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