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Knocked that out earlier today Patrick 👍🏻

@Patrick NC Wow. You must’ve been doing the “Grow Your Arms One inch in One Day” workout lol.

I think that comes from all the cortisol that is released, when you push that hard. Yeah definitely gotta pack in the protein after a workout like that.

For about the last month I’ve pretty much fallen in love with body weight, and resistance band work.

Thanks man, I really appreciate that. I’m glad to be here 👍🏻.

Thanks buddy. I really appreciate how welcoming y’all have been.

Yessir. That’s 100% correct. We must work together to be the change we want to see in the world. 👍🏻

Thanks buddy. I appreciate that, and I’m glad to be here.


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All in Downtown Wilson, NC with Brian NC

@Clarke WA Thanks. Still getting the hang of posting around here 👍🏻.

@ND - William OK Can’t get ‘em this weekend. But probably before too long 👍🏻.

Let the riots commence lol

@Brian NC White Unity at Every Opportunity ✋🏻

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@Wayne FL Love that one. Definitely a high visibility spot 👍🏻.

You boys did fine work today 👍🏻👍🏻

Adam I do apologize for missing the meeting last night. I had all intentions of attending. But around quarter to 9 last night I had a home catastrophe pop up, and it couldn’t be ignored. Suffice it to say that by the time I got the situation handled, and the ensuing mess cleaned up. It was nearly 11 before I was able to finally get a shower. So I know there’s no good excuse, but I still wanted to let you know why I didn’t make it.

It was a plumbing ordeal. I got it handled, but it was damn messy. I appreciate the understanding.




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@Thomas Agreed

I can’t get in. Keeps saying server full

Same here



Yeah Brian has been working on the stencils. Neither of us are very artistic, so there’s a slight learning curve lol. Also, I’ve been down and out with Covid. So that was definitely a hiccup for us. But we’ll get it all ironed out pretty soon.

Welcome James OR

I should be good for the meeting tomorrow night 👍🏻.

Welcome Frank

Hello. I just got set back up on mumble, and was messaging you to get verified again per Thomas’ instructions.

If I don’t get mumble verified in time, I may not be able to talk either. Vincent TX won’t verify me until after 9pm for whatever reason.

No problem man. Thanks 👍🏻

I’m slack I apologize 😞

Hmmmmm. Busy man I’m sure lol

That’s a hell of a lot to keep up with

I don’t envy him

Brian. Want to answer that one?

Can we put the designs on a flash drive? If so I can probably look at them and just free hand them.

Awesome. I’ll get you a flash drive tomorrow then Brian


Yeah. The further in advance we can plan it the better chance I’ll have of being available for it. I’ve really got a place in mind I want to drop one of our banners we’re making though. It’s further east than has been done I believe.

Yeah I definitely don’t mind funding a couple banners. I don’t want to mooch lol

I’ve still got enough promat for a while longer. Having Covid slowed me down lol

LOL I’m good now. I’ve recovered

Damn. I hate to hear that dude. Hope the little dude feels better 👍🏻

Goodnight fellas. Work in the morning

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