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I attempted my former routine today and failed pitifully. Lack of competition on the road for nearly 2 years has made my body soft, and good lighting at the mirror has had me under an illusion. I will surpass my former physical achievements in the next couple of months with hard consistent work + my occult knowledge, I've already started.


Thank you Billy! I have some money for you given to me by William. Its looking like I have to be in San Antonio for a few months, and there is a strong chance that I won't be available for this upcoming camping trip. Regardless I'm taking you up on that lunch offer before I go to Wyoming this summer

No rush I should be here for a few months

Hey what's going on

I am free every day until I find a worthy job

Oh, I am in San Marcos now

What time were you thinking we meet?

I'm going for a swim in a minute, can we meet another day or is today the only day?

I got punched in the brain yesterday pretty hard, I'm relaxing, feel concussed

I'm definitely down to meet but the first meet I want to feel great

Is the meet happening regardless of my attendance

I would prefer to pick a day in the near future if possible

Ah, I see

I would prefer my first physical reunification meeting with you guys to be one where I feel good

So perhaps the weekend after next

I am grateful you guys wish to see me again 🙏 and I look forward to it.

Yes I look forward to helping CenTex thrive

3ma cost $3

I need to learn tech better. How do I purchase without using my card? This is a burner phone

Everything is a burner even my laptop

Yes nobody in my life even knows my real name.

Im no longer depressed, I would never suicide myself, so if I'm found suicides, it wasn't me

If I'm found suicided*

Yes I can sticker this week

Oh yeah I've made the news here at least once

Probably not going to make it

I think we should have a secret nw2 garden that is used teach us how to be more independent, we could sell the produce at a farmers market or eat it ourselves, saving our grocery money, and in the future it could save our asses. We could raise chickens too, natural eggs and vegetables is the type fuel we should be using anyways if we want to be at our best.

Yes sir

Dude that video is inspirational

I planned on getting super jacked regardless of this, now I have another reason, a better reason

My ankle is very swollen right now probably not going to be ready for stickering the campus tonight but we'll see

I bumped my patellar in the morning, at first I thought I ripped it. But I just bruised it. Then later that day I damaged my ankle which has never been injured before so it'll heal fast

About to get it?

I am down my ankle is swollen though

I am ready now where I at

Where u at

I can if the cops are chasing me

I can do anything if they're chasing me

Where do we meet

Ok let's avoid going down stairs if we can 😉. Bending my ankle up hurts

My ETA is 15 minutes. Dress stealth or student?

Ok I'll dress dark but not obvious

ETA 1820.

I will not have phone service when I arrive

To the Square

Ok one sec

I don't see you

No I'm at the theatre at the square

I am not familiar with a theatre over there

Ok I am coming

I know that building

Nobody was there when I arrived

Miscommunication. Thought we were meeting at the Square theater

When I arrived at the theater on campus nobody was there

I didn't see you

I arrived at the Marc, the theater at the Square on time. I assumed we would go over the plan and then proceed after seeing what I'm capable of. I did not bring a phone with cell phone service, I used wifi when I arrived and it was a weak signal. When you said round building I pictures the capital with the round sidewalk.

I apologize

I got there as soon as I could but couldn't hook up to any wifi when I arrived, and I didn't see you so I assumed you were tired of waiting.

I responded as soon as I got service and saw your messages

At 6:57, according to my display, I was told "in 15 minutes I'm starting without you"

I got there withing 15. He is upset



I misunderstood the meeting spot. Didn't make sense to meet at the mark considering I'm injured I thought we were both meeting at the Square theater. It's my misunderstanding I never knew of another theater


Missing attachment: 20211117_202452.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211117_202654.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211117_201722.jpg


My ankle was beginning to ache, and I grew paranoid. Originally I thought when you said late tonight you meant after midnight. Then I was about to eat a feast and thought to myself, that I shouldn't assume that's what you meant. I got on rocket and saw your message and rushed. I should have slowly read what you wrote

I thought for certain we were meeting at the Square

Inability to communicate without proper prior preparation is not ideal for a university run. I imagined you'd be at the Square and I'd see you, I limped the whole thing and couldn't find you. Then I looked for wifi and found one and it was very slow

Missing attachment: 20211117_201722.jpg

I got there pretty quickly, I had a bicycle

It's all down hill from the square

What took the longest was finding a place to lock it up. I did not see you

I got there fast

I am sorry James. Thank you for your honesty

Please elaborate so I can answer

You are making assumptions

I will meet you now if you wish. But I prefer to meet when things are cool

When have I done this before?

I have never no showed anyone in my memory

I have even risked going to jail

I am not lying James. If you want to beat me up for this, I'm here

When I arrived at the University, in my mind we agreed on the square

I grew paranoid and got out of there, and messaged you when I got back to my phone with service

I rushed when reading the plans. I read the square, and the theater and assumed we were meeting prior to going in.

I didn't bring my phone with service because it doesn't have a case and I will crack the screen if I drop it

I thought meeting up was going to be smooth and easy

At the square. The complications came because I did not properly read what you wrote because I was rushing

I have a good reputation for showing up, at least I have that. I have never flaked out last minute, not once in my memory



I was exhausted, had no idea what I was attending. When I got there I was asked to do something not typical, I had every excuse not to, and I still did it

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