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Eric, just to confirm, I should post my promat pictures in the activism tab as a group of 4, and I should also post them in our network group?

Got it, thank you. Also, for the jacket, I should get blue correct?

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Yes, they are just uploading very slowly.

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With my mumble not being authorized til after this weekend, is there anything I will need to know from tonight's meeting?

Thomas, Eric asked me to see if you could authorize my mumble account this evening, we have a group meeting tonight at 9. If not, that is perfectly ok as well, Eric will pass along pertinent info to me via DM. Thanks.

I sent him a DM, I'll let you know.

Nothing from Thomas, I'll likely be unable to join this meeting.

I'll keep an eye out for any DM's from him.

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Got it, thanks.

Got it, just message his account on mumble?

Oh ok, will do!

Mike, thanks for the welcome! Happy to be a member of this organization. Absolutely, thanks man.

Eric, I know you said you will send out further info about training event this Saturday. I am thinking about picking up a work shift that evening and just wanted to know if that would interfere with the event that day. My shift would start at 7pm in the Philadelphia region. Let me know when you get a chance, no rush, thanks.

I'll think about it, regardless I'm committed to our event for that day.

Thank you for the welcome Patrick. I will, happy to be here with my brothers.

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Got it. FYI, will only have facemask and hat by that time, will deliver rest of uniform to you as it arrives. Additionally, I am out of stickers. Can I bring cash and place an order thru you?

Understood, thanks!

Got it, will be there then.

Running little late, be there around 910

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Thomas, I will be using a mobile device for my mumble account, if you could verify me. Thanks!

Hey man! Thought I recognized your voice. Can't wait man, I'm looking forward to getting some good sparring in

If that is what the organization thinks is best for me, of course.

I was able to join last night, if you need anything else from me, please let me know. Thanks Thomas

I'm not sure yet, today is my first day at my new job. Hoping to find out my schedule soon. Is it necessary that I commit to all day Fri, Sat, Sun?

Thanks Jason, sorry to be a pain, I very much want to go, the timing with my new job is just unfortunate.

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My signature move is picking signs that are a lot higher up than I realized.

Hey Jason, just wanted to let you know that unfortunately I will not be able to attend on the 4th. I look forward to being involved with our next demonstration and any other activities in the future.

I will be, typically 3 months heads up is provided correct?

Ok thanks!

Hey Eric, I am not going to be able to make the demo on the fourth, I already let Jason know. Would it be possible still for me to place an order for patches and stickers?

Happy Thanksgiving man. Can I place an in person order to get the patches I need?

Happy Thanksgiving brothers

I will be working late into Friday, if that can be worked around then I could likely make it. In addition, my uniform will not have totally arrived, will be missing jacket and patches. Jacket says it is arriving between Dec 1st and 20th..

I am not sure, I'm assuming at least til 5 pm with the potential for later. I'm covering a trauma position at a local hospital, tomorrow is my first day in that role and hopefully I will have a better idea of my hours.

If it's not gonna be a problem then I should be good to go

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No not yet, I went to my parent's home for the weekend and my service is very spotty. I kept trying but couldn't get them to upload. I'll post them this evening when I go home.

Got it, I'll keep that in mind for the future.

Thanks, I appreciate it

Correct, you got the right guy

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Can do. FYI, will only have enough stickers for one sticker post this week.

Welcome Leo

Will anyone have a spare chin strap they could bring? Mine has been delayed and will not arrive in time. I will look and see if I have that drill bit to bring.

Awesome, thanks

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I have 1/16 and 1/8 bit, if you think those will function appropriately, I can bring them.

Hey, just trying to plan my day tmrw, any rough idea when I'll need to be at pickup location?

I'm expecting 5ish, but the potential is there for me to be stuck there until 7 or later. I apologize for the vagueness, it's just the nature of this shift.

I'll have to go home, but my commutes less than ten mins and I can lay out most of my stuff

Ok, I'll let you know when I'm leaving work. Will take me ~30mins to get to Hamburg Walmart.

Thinking it should be before 5

I will be at Walmart between 5-530

Omw, 530 eta

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