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2018-02-28 02:34:24 UTC

Yes, “document” the fliers LOL

2018-02-28 04:36:42 UTC

Here is a video of the protest against me

2018-02-28 05:02:04 UTC

>starts with a literal blue hair 😒

2018-02-28 05:02:56 UTC

Good work though. @Jacob

2018-02-28 05:09:17 UTC


2018-02-28 05:16:05 UTC

>TFW you understand aesthetic and optics and your enemy has blue hair and appeals to emotion

2018-02-28 05:21:58 UTC

😳 A sanctuary college?

2018-02-28 05:22:07 UTC


2018-02-28 12:05:12 UTC

I'll have a video up about the EWU flyering response around noon EST today.

2018-02-28 16:39:44 UTC
2018-02-28 16:41:16 UTC

"These individuals are trying to make their ideology become more mainstream, and it’s working." <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-02-28 17:43:57 UTC

>identify europa


2018-02-28 19:24:46 UTC

https://youtu.be/m6mf1D7_MSg Thankyou James!😊❤

2018-02-28 19:27:39 UTC

Nice. James has a huge audience.

2018-02-28 20:03:37 UTC


2018-02-28 20:04:08 UTC

Our wiki page has been updated to include “anti-capitalism”. I can’t believe they’re just pulling stuff out of their asses like this.

2018-02-28 20:19:36 UTC

> Membership 300

2018-02-28 20:19:53 UTC

lmao "claimed" over a year ago

2018-02-28 20:21:49 UTC

Direct people here instead of Wikipedia http://en.metapedia.org/wiki/Identity_Evropa

2018-02-28 21:30:34 UTC

Another one about the Laramie WY siege: http://archive.is/miW9j

2018-02-28 21:32:48 UTC

"This particular Identity Evropa has been all over campuses all over the country, putting these things up" <:coolpepe:366743374105018368>

2018-02-28 22:04:39 UTC
2018-02-28 22:07:07 UTC
2018-02-28 22:29:19 UTC
2018-02-28 22:29:52 UTC

White Supremacist Posters Found At Colorado State—Weeks After Clash With Antifa^^^

2018-03-01 03:35:12 UTC
2018-03-01 03:41:10 UTC

This article was also put out on a different Wyoming news site but the link won't archive. We're hot in WY press right now

2018-03-01 03:48:49 UTC
2018-03-01 21:30:23 UTC
2018-03-01 21:32:22 UTC

I think archive screwed that page up.

2018-03-02 01:44:01 UTC

@Conway - OK Awesome!!!

2018-03-02 07:47:38 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff you made HhuffPost!

2018-03-04 22:56:50 UTC
2018-03-04 22:59:22 UTC

That might be the sanest article about our posters that I’ve ever read.

2018-03-05 02:08:45 UTC

plz comment ^

2018-03-06 00:04:38 UTC
2018-03-06 00:05:05 UTC

antifa > twp

2018-03-06 03:26:28 UTC
2018-03-06 06:33:19 UTC
2018-03-06 06:34:22 UTC

we are starting to make a few waves out here in the PNW boys.

2018-03-06 16:09:55 UTC

Excellent, keep it up!

2018-03-09 03:44:34 UTC
2018-03-09 04:34:20 UTC
2018-03-09 04:34:46 UTC

They're still talking about it

2018-03-09 06:36:16 UTC

"These folks are really smart,” the source wrote.

2018-03-09 20:44:55 UTC
2018-03-09 20:45:02 UTC

credit @Niko - WA

2018-03-09 20:55:02 UTC

“Hurricane allah” ahahaha

2018-03-11 18:50:14 UTC


2018-03-11 18:50:57 UTC

Who said the holocaust stuff

2018-03-11 18:51:05 UTC

Anyone see that?

2018-03-11 18:51:16 UTC

Lie, he made up the holocaust part

2018-03-11 18:51:19 UTC

He could be lying

2018-03-11 18:51:20 UTC

Great optics

2018-03-11 18:51:20 UTC

I’m sure he’s full of shit.

2018-03-11 18:51:21 UTC


2018-03-11 18:51:25 UTC

That's what i figured

2018-03-11 18:51:26 UTC

Obvious lie

2018-03-11 18:51:34 UTC

Media/ cyberstrike

2018-03-11 18:51:46 UTC

@Deleted User your dance was so confrontational.

2018-03-11 18:51:58 UTC

He also said he was assaulted

2018-03-11 18:52:04 UTC

Quit dancing so assaultively.

2018-03-11 18:52:09 UTC

Give it up for @Deleted User dancing skills.

2018-03-11 18:52:16 UTC

What a joke

2018-03-11 18:52:24 UTC

Somebody on a desktop download it.

2018-03-11 18:52:35 UTC

Nobody here would say the holocaust is a "government conspiracy" to "kill communists" in which both "deserving and undeserving Jews" were killed

2018-03-11 18:52:41 UTC

Fake news

2018-03-11 18:54:33 UTC

@Deleted User you're such a chad.

2018-03-11 18:55:09 UTC

Sounded like Paul Town for a second

2018-03-11 18:55:18 UTC

"there were trying to lik..., provoke me, like, this shit is scary."

2018-03-11 18:55:25 UTC


2018-03-11 18:55:29 UTC

They are either lying, which is the most likely, or a racist boomer appeared to them.

2018-03-11 18:55:47 UTC

Great vid!

2018-03-11 18:56:18 UTC

He probably made it up. Or it was real in his mind.

2018-03-11 18:57:57 UTC

Someone download it pls

2018-03-11 18:58:26 UTC

Why cant they just be honest? Why do they have to lie about muh victimhood?

2018-03-11 18:58:42 UTC

That is premium content

2018-03-11 18:58:56 UTC

Check out his Facebook, it's hilarious

2018-03-11 19:01:21 UTC

Trust antifa, theyre honorable nonviolent tellers of the truth

2018-03-11 19:01:57 UTC

I assume my school will be informed about my capacities of moving to the beat

2018-03-11 19:02:10 UTC

Someone on FB desktop has to download it before he deletes

2018-03-11 19:09:10 UTC

He's lying

2018-03-11 19:09:16 UTC

Download it someone

2018-03-11 19:09:23 UTC

No one said anything to him

2018-03-11 19:09:30 UTC

Lying sack of commie shit

2018-03-11 19:09:57 UTC

I told him "thanks for coming out. We'll see you next time"

2018-03-11 19:10:09 UTC

We have our own video.

2018-03-11 19:10:54 UTC

He's an idiot.

2018-03-11 19:17:19 UTC

Put some music behind him dancing great optics heh

2018-03-11 19:21:34 UTC

I've got the video downloaded.

2018-03-11 19:22:18 UTC

Post it here please @Argument of Perigee

2018-03-11 19:22:47 UTC

That's actually pretty good video. Seize the means of video production from that commie.

2018-03-11 19:26:19 UTC


2018-03-11 19:27:16 UTC

Ian Anderson is a disgrace to the Anderson name, and is hereby disowned...

2018-03-11 19:30:11 UTC

Would download but I’m at work. INCREDIBLE activism btw everyone. Made my day.

2018-03-11 19:42:42 UTC


2018-03-11 19:42:54 UTC

Go show some love to VDARE on Facebook

2018-03-11 19:49:33 UTC

What's VDARE

2018-03-11 19:51:54 UTC

Older online pro-white publication. Named after Virginia Dare, first white baby born in the present day US. They precede and inspired most of the pro-white stuff you see today. Pat Buchanan and Steve Sailer both wrote for them. They have a good twitter guy.

2018-03-11 21:31:16 UTC

@NeoRealist It's kinda like AmRen

2018-03-11 22:20:44 UTC

Peter Brimelow is the editor, great guy.

2018-03-11 22:21:07 UTC

been in "patriotic immigration reform" fight for a long time.

2018-03-11 23:15:35 UTC
2018-03-11 23:16:02 UTC

Quite the delayed reaction. This was published about 3 weeks after my posters were put up.

2018-03-11 23:16:21 UTC

Also "around 200"...

2018-03-11 23:16:39 UTC

Maybe I'm just bad at this, but the rally looked it had maybe 50 people

2018-03-12 00:16:36 UTC

Everything we discussed this weekend, fellas. I think we've got a good thing going here.

2018-03-12 03:36:10 UTC

"Goofy white women thing" what did he mean by this? 🤔

2018-03-12 03:44:24 UTC

Who has the full video of Phoenix dancing and Wayne and Patrick making some remarks to that lefty?

2018-03-12 03:56:36 UTC

“Unhinged” lol

2018-03-12 03:56:50 UTC

"There's nothing you can do to stop this."

-Patrick Casey

2018-03-12 03:57:56 UTC

@CarletonJ total Bane voice when I read that. Definite mic drop moment

2018-03-12 04:07:34 UTC

Patrick looks like a stud walking back with that swing in his step and that suit jacket

2018-03-12 04:07:42 UTC

That was badass

2018-03-12 04:08:08 UTC

And then "were not goin anywhere, bud <:chad:359013583469805568> "

2018-03-12 04:25:52 UTC

Truly a great moment. Seemed like the stars were aligned for that today.

2018-03-12 04:29:35 UTC


2018-03-12 20:14:41 UTC

Oy Vey, they now have a section dedicated to IE.

2018-03-12 20:21:24 UTC

@Niko - WA Can you archive the link, please?

2018-03-12 20:21:35 UTC

oh sorry. here:

2018-03-12 20:22:36 UTC
2018-03-12 21:37:57 UTC

Canary Mission has had some of our people on there for quite a while, maybe they're expanding.

2018-03-13 03:13:42 UTC

Lmao like 98% of the groups and people on there are Muslims calling Israel on their bullshit

2018-03-13 16:08:19 UTC

“The venue appears to have been somewhere in the Nashville area.”

2018-03-13 16:08:25 UTC


2018-03-13 17:05:34 UTC

@Niko - WA Here's a new one on your action which links it to the Tennessee action and also doesn't say as much libelous stuff about us. Will update the link if archive.is decides it wants to work.

2018-03-14 07:49:09 UTC

@Paul - MI good article, it accuses Anglin and Enoch of being Jewish disruptors though lmao

2018-03-14 15:25:14 UTC

Lol right ^^^^^

2018-03-14 15:57:32 UTC

Haha I didn't notice that, just skimmed it.

2018-03-14 23:15:21 UTC

Based Jew

2018-03-14 23:30:06 UTC

Based banner

2018-03-14 23:31:25 UTC

That's a very long banner you've got there...

2018-03-14 23:36:23 UTC

So funny having met many of you, now I can picture your face saying these quips. Especially @Why Tea right now

2018-03-15 15:06:19 UTC

NYT does a story on banner drops

2018-03-15 15:11:16 UTC

IE gets most of the credit here

2018-03-15 15:24:12 UTC

I'm surprised we didn't account for more

2018-03-15 15:30:42 UTC

jfc, what group dropped the banner saying, “Feminists deserve the rope”?

2018-03-15 15:31:11 UTC

based on the recent leaks, probably patriot front

2018-03-15 15:31:36 UTC

but IE had 28 banner drops in 13 states. Impressive.

2018-03-15 15:32:45 UTC

let's see if we can double that!

2018-03-15 15:33:32 UTC

Double the number of states too!

2018-03-15 15:35:38 UTC

It wasn't a banner drop it was a banner they held at a women's March. I believe it was Vanguard/PF.

2018-03-15 15:36:35 UTC
2018-03-15 15:42:01 UTC

A group really dropped a banner saying "feminists get the rope?"

2018-03-15 15:43:52 UTC

held a banner at a women's march

2018-03-15 15:43:57 UTC

just more PF idiocy

2018-03-15 15:59:13 UTC

haha. at the women's march.

2018-03-15 15:59:24 UTC

Jesus christ

2018-03-15 15:59:30 UTC

That's just awful.

2018-03-15 15:59:35 UTC

peak optics

2018-03-15 16:00:44 UTC

Seriously though. These guys are in it for the rush, they're not thinking rationally, calmly and strategically about what they're doing.

2018-03-15 16:06:28 UTC


2018-03-15 16:07:04 UTC

There’s nothing to be gained by confronting a demonstration of that nature

2018-03-15 16:07:25 UTC

All negative outcomes

2018-03-15 17:29:19 UTC

They're just shitposting irl

2018-03-15 17:38:33 UTC

>PF drops a pro feminist banner

2018-03-15 17:38:43 UTC

>feminists disperse since they don't want to be affiliated with nazis

2018-03-15 17:38:49 UTC

>march canceled

2018-03-15 17:38:59 UTC

Could of been 4d chess

2018-03-15 18:02:08 UTC


2018-03-15 18:02:29 UTC

That'd be some culture jamming, potentially.

2018-03-15 18:29:10 UTC

The banner would've had to say something like "PF supports white women", driving even more of a wedge between white feminists and others

2018-03-15 18:44:43 UTC

@Brunswick PF should have just dropped a banner that read "This Is What A Feminist Looks Like," and put their logo on it as well.

2018-03-15 18:54:53 UTC

@Paul - MI lol, a quote from that article. "Spencer's intellectual lights and moral compass have failed to point him in the right direction for several years now. Possibly his petulant vanity and envy of what Identity Europa have achieved might just do it. "

2018-03-15 20:21:10 UTC

Likely all the man had to do was send in an app, but no

2018-03-15 21:49:08 UTC

Dropping #120d banners at women's marches would be a good idea

2018-03-15 21:49:16 UTC


2018-03-15 21:49:44 UTC

It's a real women's issue that divides the liberal bloc

2018-03-15 23:28:49 UTC

IE would have to send an app to him in Spencer’s mind @⚡Clark⚡

2018-03-15 23:51:07 UTC
2018-03-16 01:35:16 UTC

Did they put a Snapchat filter on our action shot

2018-03-16 01:36:07 UTC

Yea they actually made it glow and look cooler

2018-03-16 01:37:38 UTC

The Left can't meme.

2018-03-16 01:38:16 UTC

Is this a promotion piece or what lol

2018-03-16 01:52:50 UTC

Wow,high praise looks like

2018-03-16 02:01:15 UTC

They’re sowing discord between Spencer and us

2018-03-16 02:01:33 UTC

Of course, we don’t really mind this...

2018-03-16 02:02:05 UTC

It don’t *ever* get the idea that the SPLC is going to be in the business of admiring, or helping us. They always have a motive

2018-03-16 02:02:36 UTC

Spencer's doing it to himself

2018-03-16 02:03:26 UTC

Oh, I know

2018-03-16 02:03:36 UTC

They’re just taking advantage of it

2018-03-16 02:19:03 UTC

It’s not inaccurate except for saying we only had 70 people at the conference.

2018-03-16 02:23:34 UTC

And that we call for an ethnostate. We haven’t officially done that or endorsed any policy.

2018-03-16 02:26:06 UTC

Aside from the things Evan mentioned, it's overall a mostly fair and accurate article, surprisingly lol. And the picture is really cool.

2018-03-16 02:27:09 UTC

They called us white nationalists and not neo-nazis. Our normie friendly optics are taking effect.

2018-03-16 04:26:59 UTC

What a great article! No fake news lol!

2018-03-16 11:15:37 UTC

well, we aren't WN org, either 😛

2018-03-16 11:16:11 UTC

but ya it's better than the usual neo-nazi claim

2018-03-16 13:32:21 UTC


2018-03-16 13:32:29 UTC

People are starting to see.

2018-03-16 13:32:37 UTC

This is only the beginning.

2018-03-16 13:36:46 UTC

You know you're on the right track when you have the eternal black piller saying he's impressed with you.

2018-03-16 15:13:14 UTC

Maybe Ramzpaul can speak at our next conference

2018-03-16 18:39:09 UTC

Eh, do we really want him standing there and countersignalling stuff?

2018-03-16 19:07:42 UTC

Ramzpaul would be perfect

2018-03-16 19:08:47 UTC

I've gotten to like Ramzpaul. Didn't used to, but he's right about alot of stuff. Having some disagreement isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can make people think and create growth.

2018-03-16 19:09:19 UTC

@Erika I stopped watching him when he ditched "alt right" label a couple years ago. Realized he was right all along haha. He's been consistently in favor of a homeland and self-determination for our people

2018-03-16 19:10:36 UTC


2018-03-16 20:33:21 UTC

Ramz is okay. But I’d like for us to always favor dynamic speakers when we can.

2018-03-16 21:05:03 UTC

@Deleted User Is this ok

2018-03-16 21:06:12 UTC

No @Jacob or @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL are better people to ask about this since they will be escorting you to your cell

2018-03-16 21:06:40 UTC

Negative, @Francisco Nuñez - CA. I deleted.

2018-03-16 21:07:05 UTC

Even in article thumbnails, such imagery is not permitted, sorry.

2018-03-16 21:07:47 UTC


2018-03-16 22:54:48 UTC

It's crazy, RP was absolutley right when he denounced NS very early on and called out Hail gate for what it was.

2018-03-16 22:55:01 UTC

He took a lot of flak for that.

2018-03-16 22:56:09 UTC

I even remember watching a video of him in Hungary and talking about a statue of George Washington and how American nationalism was the way forward not the "alt-right", I thought he was being over dramatic, but he was right.

2018-03-17 00:01:45 UTC

RamZPaul called Anglin and Weev feds. He's a clown.

2018-03-17 00:02:05 UTC

Yes he was right about 1.0, but for all the wrong reasons.

2018-03-17 00:05:04 UTC

Even his criticism and departure from Richard over hailgate was ill-timed. Yes Dick turned out to be a prick after that, but hailgate alone was not a reason to react as RamZ did.

2018-03-17 00:08:23 UTC

Yes, Ramz has gone a bit overboard with the fed accusations, but are Anglin and Weev people we actually want to hitch our wagon to in any way? Lol

For all of Ramzes issues, he's still a million times more reasonable and appealing than Anglin or Weev and the majority of the sperg aimed content they put out/say.

2018-03-17 00:09:59 UTC

I have to disagree there. Anglin and Weev, behind the brutal satire, are actually some of the smartest guys I have read in the movement. Almost all of their advice regarding IRL activity is in line with us.

2018-03-17 00:11:35 UTC

They were promoting Atomwaffen not too long ago though

2018-03-17 00:12:01 UTC

And how long did Anglin use swastikas on his site for? Weev has a freaking swastika tattoo.

They're jokes.

2018-03-17 00:12:48 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Really? I suspect that is probably satire. Everything of Anglin's I have read has been entirely contrary to that of Atomwaffen.

2018-03-17 00:14:42 UTC

@Erika A website is entirely different from IRL. Weev is one of the greatest critics of IRL demonstrations. One of the earliest Spencer critics on his blog. Apart from advocating uniforms, Anglin has argued against virtually everything TWP and CO. represent.

2018-03-17 00:14:54 UTC

No, they supported AW.

2018-03-17 00:15:46 UTC

Anglin seems to be very supportive of our strategy, didnt know about the AW thing

2018-03-17 00:16:34 UTC

They liked AWD's promo videos iirc

2018-03-17 00:16:44 UTC

Long time ago

2018-03-17 00:16:52 UTC

Before the murders

2018-03-17 00:17:16 UTC

I still cannot help but suspect that is just really dry irony on his part. https://www.youtube.com/user/weevlos
Almost all of his videos as of late pretty much advocate for what we're doing.

He repeatedly tells guys to infiltrate the system and not get doxxed.

2018-03-17 00:18:07 UTC

People can learn and grow too. Anglin is on our side now, whether or not he thought AWD looked "cool" in the past.

2018-03-17 00:22:11 UTC

@Deleted User there's very little difference between people who are Stormers online and who attend public events. Have you met a group of Stormers or guys who idolize Anglin and Weev? If you attended Charlottesville, the Stormers showed up with signs with the n-word on them, following around Azzmador, chanting about "the k**es" while carrying around a banner with iron crosses naming the jew on it.

Is it good Anglin changed his tone? Yeah. But he's one of the main figures who facilitated and fostered all of the negativity many of us hate about the alt-right now.

2018-03-17 00:22:32 UTC

Many of my best IE guys are from the Stormer.

2018-03-17 00:22:50 UTC

Naxalt isn't an argument.

2018-03-17 00:24:21 UTC

It's impossible to actually count how many DS readers are good guys and how many are spergs.

2018-03-17 00:24:42 UTC

It's all guesswork. Cville could've been the exceptions.

2018-03-17 00:25:16 UTC

^^ It is true there are some spergs out there upon whom irony falls on deaf ears, just as there are spergs like RZP who also lack an ear for irony, but fall on the other side of the literalist interpretation.

2018-03-17 00:26:55 UTC

Anglin and Weev together have been all aboard the optics train for awhile now.

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