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@Marlow Be sure to give the wife something nice to commemorate #4.

Tell him no birth control methods allowed for genetics that good. Should be illegal.

โ€œLook Ma, I made it!โ€

Oddly enough, I had โ€œleader of political action groupโ€ on my resume because I wanted to show extra-curriculars and leadership skills, but it didnโ€™t say the leanings of the group. I didnโ€™t get any job interviews for months and even had some recommendations freeze contact after sending my resume. Finally one brave soul told me, โ€œI wonโ€™t hire you because you have that political shit on your resume, take it off and you might actually get a job. I understand your objective, but if you donโ€™t plan on being political at work, donโ€™t put politics on your resume, even if it doesnโ€™t indicate the orientation of your beliefsโ€

I just put key performance metrics on the resume under that point and when asked (he was the only one who ever asked), I said โ€œI donโ€™t care to discuss the leanings of the group because I donโ€™t mix politics with work, but I wanted to demonstrate my achievements while on campusโ€

So definitely donโ€™t repeat my mistake, cost me some good internship possibilities.

It was membership growth, so literally whites awoken

The rest was just explaining how I coordinated with national committees on marketing strategies and drove growth and engagement

At the risk of fanning my own balls, hereโ€™s my suit and tie workings:

We're making American Nationalism a part of White Identity. These shirts are popping up everywhere online:


Trump is making the distinction "Real Americans"


First, Trump talked about releasing the JFK files.
Now, Trump talks about ending the federal reserve.

After Russian President Vladimir Putin called Donald Trump "very talented," the GOP frontrunner has defended Putin against suspicions that Putin kills journalists who donโ€™t agree him.

It started on MSNBCโ€™s Morning Joe last month when host Joe Scarborough asked about it.

Trump responded, "Heโ€™s running his country, and at least heโ€™s a leader, unlike what we have going on this country. I think our country does plenty of killing also, Joe, so you know."

"Iโ€™m confused," Scarborough pressed. "You obviously condemn Vladimir Putin killing journalists and political opponents, right?"

"Oh sure, absolutely," Trump conceded.

A few days later, Trump defended Putin again, to ABCโ€™s George Stephanopoulos. "You're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, at least in our country. It has not been proven that he's killed reporters."


@missliterallywho Congratulations!

Show on TV about white family with 6 kids.

Imagine if they list โ€œJewishโ€ as an option on the census.

Here is the source article that Tim Pool is referencing, but didn't link.

Mods, can we have a #crypto channel? I am well versed in crypto, engaged in the space since 2011 and would like to help. People have PM'd me questions and I'd like to answer questions in a public forum to help others.

Look at the IE general chat.

I just spent the last hour explaining Bitcoin Cash.

I believe it is the future of crypto and bitcoin core will be replaced by bitcoin cash.

I don't see the value in holding the privacy coins. I would put my savings in BCH and only convert my week's spending money into privacy coin. You get all the benefits of anon transactions, plus all the benefits of price rises due to user adoption of white market currency.

@Matthias There is no need for further forking. BCH solved the only issue with BTC.

You could fork BTC yourself, but no one would adopt it because it wouldnโ€™t add any value.

@this_that5553 The "efficiency issue" is not an issue. BCH has the potential to replace VISA and PayPal and it uses FAR less manpower and energy than them.

People talk smack because they can estimate the total power consumption of the biticoin network, but they can't easily estimate the total resource consumption of any fiat payment processor.

BCH has a roadmap to scale. They started at 8 MB blocks to prove they won't cause collapse because many in the BTC community were convinced 8 MB would cause collapse. And it's an adjustable value in BCH, so the users at any time can increase the limit. And the developers have proposal for future updates to change the default adjustment from 8 to higher.

These n00bs are just finding out Coinbase is cucky. Coinbase has been banning people for years. It's somewhat understandable because Coinbase doesn't want any negative PR nor do they want any retroactive regulation to bite them in the ass for any lax actions of the past, so they clamp down. It's stupid easy to work around. Just send the coins from Coinbase to a private wallet, then send the coins on to wherever you please.

No one should be storing coins on coinbase anyway, that's just IOUs. Hold your crypto yourself.

@this_that5553 Use the coinbase phone app and then just copy/paste within your phone.

@Deleted User unless itโ€™s winter time and youโ€™re heating your house anyway. May as well generate crypto with the heating energy.

@Jacob what's that? CPU mining? Usually by joining a mining pool so that you get little pay-outs rather than waiting ages to solve 1 block and get the huge payout.

Mining creates heat, it runs your processor at near 100% and your processor gives off heat when doing that. If you're already paying to heat your house, then paying the electricity to mine will do some of the task of heating your house and your furnace will do the rest.

I used to mine on dual GPUs back in the day and they'd heat up the whole room. I'd turn on a fan to share the heat with the rest of the apartment.

I have many friends who bought at $1,000 and were mad because "I bought at the top". Now look at them.

PSA: car drivers ... trucks and SUVs fare far better in car crashes. The heavier weight forces the crash energy into other objects and reduces G forces, the large size provides big crumple zones, the higher bumpers match other trucks and make the collision at knee level rather than shoulder level. You should consider an SUV for your next vehicle purchase, it could save your life and prevent permanent injury.

This is an excellent detailed explanation of bitcoin that might be the #1 most influential on my knowledge in the crypto space:

Whereโ€™s your swiss army pocket knife with the cork opener?

@Tyler Baker Squarespace is probably far-leftists, but the site is very easy to use.

MorningStar used to have some reports for free, I havenโ€™t checked lately to see if they still do.

I was given a swiss army knife when I was around 5, used it ever since. I use the plastic toothpick more than anything. Browse here to pick the one with the tool assortment you want, then buy on Amazon.

Scroll down to the bottom to see the oldest designs. Hereโ€™s mine:

I was given a swiss army knife when I was around 5, used it ever since. I use the plastic toothpick more than anything. Browse here to pick the one with the tool assortment you want, then buy on Amazon.

Iโ€™ve also heard good things about the Coursera online courses for this.

I took a Coursera course in Data Analytics learning R and they did a better job than Texas A&Mโ€™s graduate class on the same topic (I took both).

Also, 2008 is not as bad as it could get. It could get much worse.

It takes a while to receive crypto because you sent a USD transfer to them, which takes like 4 business days and can be reversed, which is a risk for them. They plan to send you crypto, which is instant and irreversible. So theyโ€™re not going to give you the โ€œguaranteedโ€ money until the โ€œmaybeโ€ money you sent them settles out.

So just pay for it.

sudo apt-get me a GUI so I donโ€™t have to deal with all this nonsense :p

Iโ€™m not concerned about the number of forks. There are 5,000 alt-coins and thatโ€™s fine, there can be 5,000 forks too.

Iโ€™m confident that BCH is the future. Segwit was originally created so as to slightly increase tx capacity without increasing block size. Now small blockers are learning the hard way that 1 MB doesnโ€™t work.

So thereโ€™s some proposal to combine segwit and a smaller 4 MB blocksize increase. I wouldnโ€™t back it. Segwit is needless complexity and most segwit supporters also support Replace By Fee, which allows reversible transactions which is a disaster. BCH is simple, honest, and scaling.

Bitcoin core is also bankrolled by Blockstream, so they might never change.

Excellent speech about how crypto can end wars:

There are many ETFs available that are set up to track S&P500 at various levels of leverage. No need to spend the fees on options, these ETFs utilize economies of scale of thousands of people wanting S&P leverage and do the options trades from a centralized role.

Iโ€™m concerned that they could manipulate the interest rate to take the wind out of Trumpโ€™s sails.

Weโ€™re 10 years out from the last recession, thereโ€™s been a lot of money printing, Iโ€™m expecting another recession before Trumpโ€™s first term is over.

People are euphoric about the economy, housing index and equities are at all-time highs. The tax breaks are great for business, but weโ€™re also very inflated from money-printing that dug us out of the last recession and that check always comes due. Itโ€™s what causes the boom-bust cycle, โ€œstimulatingโ€ the economy with tomorrowโ€™s dollars today, over and over, until the distortions get out of control.

One attack avenue is simply raising the interest rates quickly. Easy onset of volatility, popping the bubble, and it can still be blamed on Trump.

And even though there are reasons for growth, I have a hard time going long S&P500. It feels like betting on the greater fool. If itโ€™s fundamentally over-valued, it shouldnโ€™t be bought, even if you think you can sell to a greater fool in 6 months. Because the underlying fundamentals are a vacuum that could suck the price down at any moment. Though I suppose you could put in a stop loss, but ... eh.

Iโ€™m always reminded of my favorite quote, โ€œthere are no markets anymore, only manipulations.โ€

Monero does not have to be held to utilize its unique value. Hold BCH, trade into Monero when you need a private tx, then trade out of Monero back into BCH.

โ€œIf you send a tx twice to the same personโ€
Thatโ€™s easy to resolve, just use a new address for every single transaction.

@JohnStrasser BCH is the best coin, IMO, better than BTC.

This is BTC running into a major scaling limitation:


Transaction rate is stuck because it can't scale:


Copying a great YouTube comment from a video discussing the SegWit 2x fork coming up:

SegWit never had consensus, it would never be activated if it wasn't put into a compromise of SegWit2x which was to add SegWit and then also 2MB blocks. The 2x never happened, and this new SegWit2x fork is NOT the same thing.

New SegWit2X on 28t Dec is completely different thing. it is 4MB blocks, different algorithm, 2.5min block times, replay protection and pre-mine of Satoshi's coins (which is equivalent to theft of Satoshi's coins). This fork is one big fat scam written all over it.

Now about Lightning, it is only P2P IF 2 persons create channel directly between one another, but in reality this will not be the case. LN will have users create channels to highly concentrated HUBs which will be acting as middle man in transactions. Miners are not middle men as miners do not send/recieve an funds while LN HUBs do. Also LN is a centralised system. Bitcoin is not. In order to create LN channel you must first open a channel which is written to Bitcoin blockchain, paying a fee as for any other transaction, then again pay fee for closing this channel. It is more expensive to create direct channel in LN then just use Bitcoin layer.

LN is not a solution to Bitcoin scaling, LN is not a Bitcoin system at all. Bitcoin is chain of digital signatures... SegWit broke that rule by taking out the signatures, SegWit is therefore an Alcoin fork of Bitcoin and not a Bitcoin system either.

Bitcoin Cash is the only working as intended, Bitcoin system. if you read the Bitcoin white paper you will see Bitcoin is meant to be used as digital money, not as store of value (also store of value alone does not exist, I have video on this topic also).

@this_that5553 you were asking about SegWit2x

>i think the next recession will probably be more akin to 2009 because the boom will have gone on for ~11 or so years. will it be as bad? i dont think so

I think it'll be worse. The big banks are still insolvent, they still have assets on the books that are recorded at historical value, not marked to market. They do have a lot of cash on hand that hasn't moved in a decade. If they start spending it for some reason, that could really ramp up the velocity of currency and destroy purchasing power.

These historically low interest rates will always result in malinvestments. People are getting loans for things that they don't deserve, low-NPV business ideas are getting funded because investment capital has no stable option for return, they're forced to chase returns in risky areas just to avoid the decay of purchasing power.

Why did the FED, in 2006, stop reporting on the M3 total supply of currency?

And nobody wants bonds at the current artificially low rate, so the fed is printing money and buying bonds with it. Crazy stuff.

They are stealing purchasing power from savers and forcing that money into bonds.

And there's so much money sloshing around in the stock market because all kinds of cattle are herded into it. Every schmo in corporate america gets like 10% of their pay tied up in government regulations forced into the stock market with the "5% contribution, 5% match" 401k nonsense. The corporations do it because the government taxes them less on payroll if a portion of it is forced into the market. And tax breaks on normal IRAs also forces more people into the market that otherwise would not be in the market.

"I'm gonna steal your money unless you put it in the stock market" is what the government is doing over and over.

They say they need tax breaks to drive saving, but only if it's channeled into the stock market, then they say they need lower interest rates to drive spending. It's nonsense.

Check out this chart that shows median transaction fee for the major cryptos. BTC doesn't fare too well:

I'm a firm believer in keeping a portion of your assets outside of the banking/equity system.

>there is a nationwide shortage of EMS

"Shortages" only exist when price is kept artificially low. So either regulation is keeping EMS salaries low enough that it's not worth doing, or the people who *want* more EMS aren't willing to *pay* for it, and so instead call it a โ€œshortageโ€.

>all major cryptos should be roughly equal in market cap value

What defines a "major" crypto?

I think a lot of cryptos are over-valued because they're full of people who just want to "catch the next bitcoin-like wave", not because they fundamentally offer value in usage.

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