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Please no more public drama

that was like an army wide SOP

my unit was ankle pocket

some units did shoulder I have heard that before

@Lebens they make quick clot plungers that can fill deep wounds easily.

some medics refer to them as "tampons"

combat gauze is great stuff if anyone cannot find it due to it being a surplus item the regular quick clot or celox products are essentially the same thing

same I "acquired" quite a bit of supplies before my ETS

any surplus poncho is good stuff because you can also use it as a shelter if its made the same way the US ones are

if you don't already have a "woobie" (US poncho liner) get one now

Hey guys and gals being a 1st generation Frenchman ๐Ÿง€ ๐Ÿท I naturally know how to cook. If anyone needs help to not eat zog fuel and cook some basic dishes please don't be afraid to ask. Or even more complex stuff making dinner for a date or for your family, the only way to learn how to cook is at least try.

I sleep with mine often its the best piece of gear the military has ever made

Some bread I made just a peasant loaf

Just made some fajitas for dinner this is why we don't need muh ethnic food we have recipes

thai food is great and healthy

but Euro food is best by far

simple Euro recipes require excellent ingredients that is the only thing that can be hard

as Gordon Ramsey would say SIMPLE RUSTIC QUALITY INGREDIENTS lol

plus mostly everyone in France cuck or non cuck is woke on the Monsanto question

makes a massive difference

I go very often its the only place to get real stuff and raw milk or at least low temp pasteurized most people don't realize once you get about 45 mins north of the city NY turns into farms

we do really have to get together and film some cooking alt right style I think that could catch on

there are a few good youtube channels I follow European Kitchen being one

616 all day baby

that was an old compound used as a homeostatic agent it was replaced long ago

most quick clot stuff will say NO HEAT now because of that

Celox is honestly better stuff then quick clot they just got most of the contracts

berries seem to grow best in the North East or at least to my knowledge black/blue/raspberries grow wild all over NY esp upstate

and yes don't pop it

prevent any more friction moleskin is the best way to do that if its on your foot

its more for after the fact but can be used for both

you cut a hole the size of the blister in the moleskin and place it on preventing any more friction while allowing the blister to breath and heal

just be a man and use alcohol or witch hazel

don't worry about it but blisters on the back of your heel can get infected easily

Reeeeee crepes made in a pan

I always liked the Alice pack but the new rucksack with the built in wet weather bag always worked for me

and yeah being with the Infantry we would often have 60lb plus rucks

Fresh honey veggies cheese and mead from farmers market in the Adirondacks

Buy local not global fight Monsanto

@Alexander B. - SC I also got some fresh mako shark any suggestions?

The meade is incredible my god

I grilled it up with garlic and lemon was amazing

And yeah tons of dairy and honey farms up here

Yeah drink it all the time

Love the viking blood one

Danish mead is different as it has hops added

Yeah it makes it less like a wine

I love all mead its healthy too tons of antioxidants

Me and my gf killed that whole bottle last night was really good

Yeah this one was 14% dansjk makes one that comes in a black bottle that is mixed with honey snappes its about 22%

It will warm your belly lol

The viking blood one is my favorite wish that stuff was cheaper its 25 a bottle here

Some guys in IE make their own

Amd yeah its a luxury drink

Yeah me too planning on living trad asap hope to drink a horn with you soon

European kitchen is good too on jewtube ^^^^

CPR is very basic just YouTube red cross CPR if you dont break a rib your doing it wrong

I will post how to do the head tilt chin lift for rescure breathing and BVM operation

Ive done CPR many time on real patients you will almost always break a rib

Breaking a rib is minor compared to dying of an infarction

Then they need to retake anatomy

Amd should be fired

I had multiple facial lacerations acid attacks oven cleaner attacks and cracked skulls

I treated about 15 people

I was also in the park till the very end i treated a few wounded at mc intryw as well

No just bleeding and stiches needed and rhe oven cleaner was highly toxic i had nothing and we were under fire from both cops and antifa it was a mad house

And yes i need to mix that stuff that Erika made my pepper spray wipes did jack shit

Told Nathan to not buy then again either he had the same ones

He was pretty messed up tried flushing it out he was making it worse by panicking he was the guy in the blue shirt with the black sun American flag

We got him out though

I need that dmed to me also if you can thanks! @Erika

ab pads or 5x9s work well for wiping off the solution and having a soaked pad to leave the patient

The surgeon will know more than me and most here so id recommend listening to your team

He might be saying avoiding surgery will lead to futher complications and permanent injury

I'd do the surgery avoid future pain

Yeah I'd do the surgery its not worth trying to avoid it esp if the bone damage is bad

I cracked my hip when I was 18 and didn't get the recommended surgery wish I did thing still hurts sometimes

Yeah get the surgery that injury sounds like it will only get worse

Not something to fuck with

Untill then obey all directions given

Jack you want a gas mask with a nato filter will be easier to find replacements plus its a far better mask

Not land nav anything but land nav...

Mre never goes bad

Bring him to the drs

Sounds like a case of vertigo

Could be from a number of causes but best not to take any chances with an older person

Rule of thumb is any condition that dose not improve with time should be taken seriously

Id go for surplus stuff since the army just changed pattern all the old pattern stuff should be super cheap

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