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I'm not a mod, but I'mguessing so we all can keep track of who's who.

The mall. The photos will be better if they have landmarks in the background.

I was at the Alt-Right rally. It was huge! And all of our speakers showed up.

@Erika between Vanguard America and us there was at least 50 on the metro and probably another 75 to 100 when we arrived.

There's about 20 of us currently at an undisclosed bar somewhere in the Alexandria area. So turn out was fantastic.

@Erika Richard is way more approachable than I thought. He's a great guy! This is what I wear. Kind of on the expensive side but very comfortable for both standing and running.

I think it goes without saying that only lawful CCW/CCP holders will be allowed to concealed carry. That being said Virginia has a relatively easy to aquire non-resident permit. If you're interested you can probably still get one before the event.

I'll have my truck there, but I don't want to get it too close to the event.

Do the interview. It's Unite the Right. Even if they write a hit piece we still win by being more willing to work across lines.

How do the police feel about the change? Has anyone talked to them? I'm sure their plans were based around the event being held in Lee Park too.

We Insist

Probably just cross checking every white male who is staying during those dates.

15 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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