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I paid

Anything else I need to do to gain access?

@RevStench ill move anywhere that pays good so i can provide for a big white family

i forgot this server was πŸ”₯

thanks man ill keep that in mind
i gotta get out of the "chocolate city"

any computer dudes mind suggesting where online i can get a computer built?

jeezus where the fuck am i

i just want a computer lads; not trying to hack into the NSA

thanks doods

ight ill put it together online and run if by yall if you dont mind

does anyone have a website recommendation where i can build a computer and have it shipped, instead of ordering the parts separately?

@wolfwood logicalincrements is a bit too complicated for me lol

@Deleted User got any suggestions?

my hero

i can build an entire house, but this shit is a foreign language to me

@Deleted User is my savior lol

yall got any modern brand tool suggestions?
most stuff today is plastic and not reliable like an old black and decker

ive never worked with any Stihl tools but ive heard good things

craftsman has gone down in quality.... lots of plastic now

old craftsman tools are the tits

ive only had good experiences with dewalt, but am open to trying a new brand

fuck its nice talkin about tools when youre surrounded by liberal cucks and fags

both of my grandpas' tools still hold up better than anything new

lol wut?

@RevStench dude thats awesome!

old drill sets fetch a pretty penny at auctions nowadays

@RevStench nice thats what i grew up doing in NOLA

is this the crypto server?

what should we use besides coinbase?

whats this new currency im hearing about

iota or something?

@Jacob thats my concern. it seem like the .com bubble

i think the main cryptos will absorb the smaller ones

idk i liked it, it pretty much forced the jew to show his true colors

@Deleted User over the years ive learned that port cities are always under dem control with a majority dark population
feels bad man

@Matthias he missed the perfect opportunity for a "12 days of raysus"

Tried calling the department and kept getting machines.
We need to hit this hard

350 S. 5th St., Room 307
Minneapolis, MN 55415
612-673-2203 Main office
612-968-4443 Cell
[email protected]
Mayor-elect Jacob Frey

Frey grew up in Oakton, Virginia, a Washington, D.C. suburb, and received a track scholarship to attend the College of William & Mary, from which he graduated in 2004. His family is of Russian-Jewish descent.

We know how to do activism on a budget

Tfw you're better at spending/saving money than a joo

Boomers are having a phone bank marathon today regarding the Memphis monument removals; Governor of Tn.615-741-2001 email [email protected] Attorney general 615-741-3491 email [email protected]

jfc they ooze stupidity


Anytime there's an IE post:

calling up the news stations

(612) 339-4444 wcco

i call my cable provider when im bored, this is my hobby

952-946-5767 fox 9

is it wrong to fib a lil and say some representatives were going to comment on the vigil to get the news station to bite?

i mean i did "hear" that they might comment lol

"lost confidence of the people"

2017-12-29 21:56:52 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

you can also use a shoe to open a wine bottle

i prefer multitools over swiss army knives

(504) 286-2600

>be antifa
>have balls

there can only be one

what a time to be alive

hey guys i'm looking to switch up current career choices, any input regarding machining?

@Felden - CO any advice since you've got some experience?

Hey guys I got a weird question...
I really enjoy collecting scrap to recycle, but recently I came across 2- 4' long railroad tracks.
Rather than sell them for scrap, I've seen people turn them into anvils and was wondering if anyone knew a way to "put them on the market" for a blacksmith.

Hey guys I got a weird question...
I really enjoy collecting scrap to recycle, but recently I came across 2- 4' long railroad tracks.
Rather than sell them for scrap, I've seen people turn them into anvils and was wondering if anyone knew a way to "put them on the market" for a blacksmith.

Posted. Thanks @ThisIsChris

@JesseJames thanks man

There are 2 types of people; those who build sandcasltes, and those who destroy them.

do we have any riggers in here?

looks like that guy's real name is "marcel fontaine"

not sure if this counts as a "white pill" to everyone, but more division within the left

any realtors in here?

@ThisIsChris thanks man

Hey guys, I'm tired of renting and am trying to buy a house soon.
I still need to go through all the bank stuff first, but does anyone in here have any advice? maybe things to avoid or watch out for? anything that might make this process easier?

@Zyzz nothing construction-wise (I'm familiar with that end) right now deciding on which company to get a credit card with

@Freiheit - CA thanks. You think i should go with USAA to get a credit card?

I'm just trying to get a credit card for basic expenses so I can establish a good credit score so I can qualify to buy a house

Not using it for large purchases otherwise

"Amex is tight-lipped on the terms and conditions surrounding its ultra-exclusive Centurion card, reserved for high net worth consumers, but it is widely known that the card is made of anodized titanium."

can someone explain the pros and cons of a major credit co vs a credit union?
plz no bully

But how do they affect me differently as the card holder? @Argument of Perigee

The credit company vs the credit union I mean

Now the Charlottesville City Council would like input on a potential new name for Emancipation Park and on whether the name of Justice Park should be changed or not.
The survey is open between March 6 and 28 - (434) 970-3109.

He also said he was assaulted

Santa Monica (310) 399-6397
San Francisco (415) 275-2094
I had a decent chat with the receptionists how it is unwise for a business owner to threaten other business owners based off of their political beliefs

muh epa

@John O - shop around for insurance

that was probably the biggest hurdle in louisiana

At least demand a correction and public apology

"RT apologizes to white nationalists!"

^gays can't adopt

smh, they didn't even use real chains

@John O - so what you're saying is, you're /our/ soros?

what a butthurt beta bitch

First time taking a photo for IE.
It was impromptu when i was omw to a meeting

Unfortuantely the pole was too narrow, but all the others had an obstructed background

[Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral next door to Loyola University]

@Brunswick practice makes perfect

anyone in here work in mining or large-scale demolition?

"McCann heard of two other recent incidents at LSU. There was a series of signs that read 'It's OK to be white' during fall 2017 and later some materials from Identity Evropa, another well-known, American white supremacist group."

if you wish to call McCann, feel free to ask why he has been silent when NYT hires open racists against whites (225) 578-6813

whitepill: woman who took my call was glad to hear someone calling him out and confessed she was a conservative

β€œEven though they may look good with their polo shirts and nicely painted banner signs..."
thanks Beirch

the results were swapped yesterday
must've been shared to every left-wing page out there

Now i remember, it was a FB poll:

I'm not the best photographer, but i managed to snag these:

@Deleted User thanks! Practice makes perfect

2018-08-22 05:39:31 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

this will hopefully be my last Silent Sam post, but all I can say is that I'm utterly disgusted by those in power

2018-08-22 06:15:45 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Freiheit - CA the statues are held by the cities like prisoners

2018-08-22 06:17:20 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

a few have been released and relocated though

2018-08-22 06:17:57 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

Monument Ave in Virginia could use some help if we want a proactive action

2018-08-22 06:18:52 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

celebrating at founders' monuments would be some good optics and help tap into American identity

2018-08-22 18:22:09 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

the judge is going to let this guy off

2018-08-22 18:22:14 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

just look at her

2018-08-22 18:26:29 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

omg the camera actually zooms in on some little mexican girl in the courtroom to try and gain sympathy

2018-08-22 18:36:51 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

anyone know the name of the judge?

2018-08-22 18:38:03 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

they mentioned sexual assault

2018-08-22 18:46:51 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@missliterallywho i believed the judge mentioned it during the hearing

2018-08-22 19:15:27 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

arlington national cemetery received a bomb threat
it's almost like the left hate america πŸ€”

2018-08-22 19:32:44 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

only 51%?

2018-08-22 19:38:55 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

do y'all think an impeachment trial is even possible at this point?
my money is on a failed coup

2018-08-22 19:44:56 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@TV so the left have gone full Alex Jones?

2018-08-22 19:46:25 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

is this irony or salt?

2018-08-22 19:48:51 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

we should have never defunded the mental asylums

2018-08-22 20:11:18 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

so the SD are the gud guys?[0]=68.ARDwy5VFPelc8lYE838WYc6zuxFz8JNapElhuVoLsGHxi4qyc9LjXycDpcV669X5idH2wM_OxVkesXQd93alM19MGIkA0l6WqodIWqmDFNatBlHyM3vwfRqTIDEMU-g7W3bqoSimHqnfAMeGkucZpM0q2QCOt9Xpah2h79bjL08srll8fHdAqZHItQ&__tn__=C-R

2018-08-23 01:18:42 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  


2018-08-23 01:20:54 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

black pills this week
white pills next week

2018-08-23 01:37:49 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

IE family cookouts

2018-08-23 01:46:43 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

nobody likes a slob

2018-08-23 01:53:10 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

Patrick "The Re-Gifter" Casey

2018-08-23 02:04:29 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

fatherless homes is always an excellent talking point

2018-08-23 02:26:29 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

get ready for the salt

2018-08-23 02:34:53 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

next step, Trump retweeting IE

2018-08-23 02:38:28 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  


2018-08-23 02:38:38 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

they're already drafting the stories

2018-08-23 02:41:26 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

i want a boer roomate

2018-08-23 02:42:09 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

IE members sponsoring SA refugees? πŸ€”

2018-08-23 02:45:05 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

tfw DT dabs on the press for calling him anti-immigration

2018-08-23 02:50:40 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

don your boomer hats and start calling/emailing your reps

2018-08-23 02:53:53 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

any writers out there available to draft a letter we could all share to encourage our reps to back Trump?

2018-08-23 02:54:28 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

emails have more impact than phone calls (i used to think it was the other way around)

2018-08-23 02:55:20 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Johnny B. Populus if you have time to draft a template that all members and even normies could share to their reps, that'd be excellent

2018-08-23 03:01:04 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Deleted User the meme potential with that...

2018-08-23 03:14:22 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Johnny B. Populus wow that was quick.
I'd post it in the activism server unless someone else has a better suggestion

2018-08-23 04:11:48 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

the redpilling is rampant on twitter
the left can not contain their hatred for whites

2018-08-23 04:39:24 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@rowdyroddypiper what did you expect from a liberal family?

2018-08-23 04:39:41 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

these people would sacrifice their children to avoid being called "racist"

2018-08-23 04:40:14 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

fear + denial

2018-08-23 04:41:20 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

if you think about it, liberalism is like a plague enabling only the strong to survive

2018-08-23 04:41:39 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  


2018-08-23 04:47:16 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

btw nimrod = hunter
bugs bunny is responsible for people thinking it meant "fool" sincehe called elmer fudd that
*the more you know*

2018-08-23 05:09:29 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Flint tune in next week to find out

2018-08-23 06:03:56 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

Anyone up for VC?
I'm on monument patrol tonight for the next hour or so

2018-08-23 06:17:04 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Mint Viking good stuff

2018-08-23 16:22:20 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

i would respond to southern's tweet with something simple like "can confirm"

2018-08-23 19:27:31 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

idk about y'all, but it feels pretty fuggin cool to be a part of IE with the identity rhetoric going mainstream

2018-08-23 20:14:49 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

off topic, but Pence just landed in New Orleans
he and Steve Scalise skipped the handshake and went straight in for a bro-hug, and then Pence gave the crowd "finger guns"

2018-08-23 20:24:59 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@ThisIsChris not including handouts to foreigners

2018-08-23 20:33:26 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@ThisIsChris seems like (voluntary) single moms are the problem... once again

2018-08-23 20:34:08 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

odd how there is no mention of single-father homes
must be the patriarchy at work

2018-08-24 17:12:15 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

trump brings attention to white genocide
mccain on his way out
silent sam being reinstalled
what a week!

2018-08-25 02:48:33 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

anyone else seeing civnat and libertarian pages bringing up the attacks on whites?

2018-08-25 02:51:36 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@MrBland - VA pretty surprising to see tbh

2018-08-25 02:58:19 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Grayson there are black unions too such as the Black Association of New Orleans Fire Fighters (who were promoted over whites for taking down monuments)

2018-08-25 03:00:55 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Bjorn - MD IE will be the cornerstone of white identity in the future of America

2018-08-25 03:23:12 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

i'm going to be straight y'all...
in 2024 trump is going to form a super alliance with russia and dismantle the fed which will cause israel to declare war on us
you heard it here first, folks

2018-08-25 03:35:02 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Evan Thomas i accept your bet of a steak dinner and raise you dessert

2018-08-25 03:40:18 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Bjorn - MD can't nuke the US if we have a #spaceforce <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2018-08-25 03:48:49 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

2018- trump demands NK denuclearize
2024- trumps demands israel denuclearize

2018-08-25 03:56:00 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

tucker likes IE
trump likes tucker
therefore trump likes IE

2018-08-25 04:02:14 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Salo Saloson party pooper lol

2018-08-25 04:09:00 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  


2018-08-25 04:09:13 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

privately is a whole separate manner

2018-08-26 06:16:25 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

just wanted to throw my 2 cents in amd mention that blockchain tech will replace fractional reserve banking

2018-08-26 06:23:11 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Reinhard Wolff but i thought we were your fam?

2018-08-26 06:31:41 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@John O - the IE beach trip was a great time; have people given any thought to an IE ski trip?

2018-08-26 06:33:52 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Gerald Cunningham y'all should think about an IE action with the cenotaph

2018-08-26 06:50:35 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

i look forward to the destruction of the distraction that is sportsball.
it used to be an escape for the white working class who knew they were getting shafted by politicians.
people used to be able to identify with the players as their hero; now it's filled with domestic abusers, dog fighters, and fairies

2018-08-27 16:10:54 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]
those on the left truly have lost their minds.
it's little things like this that bring normies out of their comas

2018-08-27 16:12:06 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Grossly Incandescent i still see them listed

2018-08-27 21:26:52 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@OMGDwayne how's the governor's race looking?
i'd rather not see Stone Mountain destroyed in my lifetime

2018-08-27 21:30:04 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

i've noticed many boomers are quite upset that trump caved to the left and lowered the flag again today.
goes to show you that appeasing the left does more harm than good

Order is messed up, but i took far shots of the buildings for reference

2018-08-28 18:59:08 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

public perception is turning in our favor and normies are beginning to realize what the end game of removing monuments is

thanks @William Russell, you've got some excellent shots too

2018-08-28 19:49:31 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

we spend over $500mil in aids prevention over there

2018-08-28 20:16:42 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

our aid is going to aids
you can't make this up

2018-08-28 20:30:42 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@NITRODUBS sounds like denial

2018-08-28 20:39:42 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@NITRODUBS better make sure your grandma's will is prepared so you don't get screwed by your sister

@Brunswick this is only the beginning, my friend <:coolpepe:366743374105018368>

2018-08-28 20:59:38 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

green eyes > bloo eyes
fite me

2018-08-29 20:28:44 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Flint i still prefer the "5 second" rule

2018-08-29 20:40:19 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

i smell an IE action calling out corrupt judges for protecting illegal immigrants/terrorists while endangering the public

2018-08-31 17:12:54 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Fox if you asked that to the average idiot, they'd say "yes"

2018-08-31 17:19:01 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Fox i've had enough cancer for the week.
besides white men aren't allowed opinions, remember?

2018-08-31 22:41:20 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

Anyone else see that the FBI arrested those 5 illegal muslims with the training compound?

2018-08-31 22:42:27 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

Sheriff's dept arrested them first i believe and then they got off.
I wonder if the FBI is restoring it's tarnished reputation

2018-08-31 23:23:36 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

I believe US and RUS diplomats met and discussed this @Flint

2018-08-31 23:24:10 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

I could be mistaken though

2018-08-31 23:57:05 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Flint I'll have to do some digging, but I'm optomistic.
Then again you're talking to the guy who believes a USA/RUS super-alliance will happen after 2024...

2018-09-04 21:33:01 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

well now this is happening...

2018-09-04 21:33:03 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]

2018-09-04 21:34:14 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

they're grasping at straws at this point (before they ban them)

2018-09-04 21:38:29 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

i think everyone forgets that the left is just a obnoxious vocal minority at this point.
most people are too busy working and living to get worked up enough to go out and protest, and majority of those types tend to be on the right

2018-09-04 21:39:29 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

right-wing business owners are not going to endanger their businesses/jobs to have a shouting match with some unhinged lunatics on the left; instead they'll keep quiet and go vote

2018-09-04 21:54:01 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Hakujin - CA what about them?
SPLC bot that gives out location of monuments and encourages their destruction

2018-09-05 20:01:58 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]
at some point the media will have to be held accountable for gaslighting and encouraging mentally ill people to act out

2018-09-05 20:41:41 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

@Nemets i wish the left would riot more, it makes us look so good and rational

2018-09-05 21:33:59 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

if you don't churn your own butter, are you even trad?

2018-09-05 21:53:19 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #general]  

wait, is cheese just racist milk in yellow-face?

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