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is that a private org?

Like, if I called them and gave them incorrect information to waste their time, would they like track me down lol

Perfect. I'll find some way to spoof my number so that I can call them daily.

I figure if they keep seeing the same number they'll stop answering after the first two wild goose chases

Definitely path of least resistance

I'll start once I get my damn phone screen fixed

Call them and waste their time and resources on imaginary ICE agents

I'm in college, so I have some time to waste for now.

Definitely true

I'll send their bugmen asses out to the boondocks lol

That's impressive as hell either way^

It'll be six gorillion by tonight, I'm sure

long sleeve polos are good when you're like 6

Long sleeve polos are turtlenecks with less commitment @Deleted User

Turtlenecks were around when I was a tween lol it's been awhile since I rocked one of those

how to spot a suburbs kid^ (I'm one too lol)

The fascist salute honestly looks so powerful/good

They're whining in the comments about the "brazen" white supremacists, putting business cards in books in the library

How pathetic is their life that a business card in a book is brazen?

Thatโ€™s a good location^

horrible optics. any way to blame them for it though?

Love the flags with it! just now saw those

@Logan That Alt Right lawyer Kyle Bristow would be all over it if we had any legal options. Iโ€™d suggest asking him

Would leave a comment if it didn't have to go through my facebook

awfully big ((( ๐Ÿ‘ƒ )))

wow he might be fucked actually... that's a lot of attention on that tweet

I'm 20 yall, Facebook is damn near required to communicate with people my age

Yall's boomer posting ^^^ hahaha

Like every college event is announced pretty much exclusively through Facebook? Does that not happen w yโ€™all still in college?

Not from my college no

As far as events go at least

Aight so I should definitely shut mine down then? Like perma delete it or what?

Is deactivation enough? Is permanent deletion necessary?

Unique name > cookie cutter name

Formed a group โ€œStudents in Solidarityโ€ i.e. an anti-white hate group

More fliers a week from today, keep the REEEing going


Solutrean Hypothesis ^

>implying the earth isn't flat

Normiebook is a bad call bro if you don't want to be doxxed

Is that a super subtle dogwhistle? Because it sounds like one! /our prez/

Where is our banner that size going to go in the US? We should do a synchronized drop in all 50 states on an important Euro-American day

Christmas possibly, July 4 possibly, some other significant date for a US-wide drop? likes to talk about "Eurotrash," sure would be shame if <#359892798071373824> let him know how unwelcome his slurs are

Did he take down the "Eurotrash" tweet? He blocked me so idk

Check tweets and replies, I think it was a reply

I don't even know if the rest of his twitter is bad, I just can't stand the double standard on the Euro slur (acceptable) vs. Semitic slur (unacceptable.)

They would pile on us for it, so we must pile on them for it. We cannot passively accept the anti-European double standards.

He was referring to a European who commented negatively on Netanhyu, and since any criticism of a Jew/Zionist/Israelite is considered "anti-Semitism," he pulled out the "You're anti-Semitic, Eurotrash."

They would never accept the phrase "You're anti-European, Semite trash." We cannot accept their degradation without a challenge.

/our Rusty/

@here is that an overreaction? Or does that seem accurate/fair?

We need more stories about IE with titles like "IE in their own words" "The Mission of IE" etc that let us mainstream our ideology and opinions

Rather than letting others continue to maliciously and intentionally misdefine us

Whitepill that the responses to the Vandy Hustler tweet are overwhelmingly pro-AmRen

And by extension pro-white

Machine gun nests every 500 feet

Honor all our veterans! Love it

โ€œRosenbergโ€ lmaooo classic

Saving the white race!

Mr Bond is god-tier

Makes music about our greatest leader

No padlocks on it?

Thatโ€™s a very woke comment for T_D

AsunderedEthnicity - Today at 11:55 PM
Plz stop

Even though Nick was removed from IE etc., thought this tweet was excellent.

@Matthias Don't you mean Will "The Thinker" Nardi? can't forget the pompous af self-given nickname

this is too much of an upper to sleep to

imagine ruining a classic Christmas song and not hating yourself

barron helped me out w the cyber

meme brutalized, will he recover

And a specific type of liberal/left winger... ๐Ÿค”

He is indeed

Weโ€™re winning. Thatโ€™s what happening.

Can we sue for libel because we've never promoted racial violence and actually specifically denounce it?

FIRE or Bristow maybe?

Idk what lawyers would openly work for us besides them

Blimp over the Super Bowl

Dude is our guy to the core

I got banned for "being a fucking idiot" lol thanks jewish mods

>mention the ashkenazi connection
>immediate ban

damn mods muted me too, I was railing on them for their hypocrisy

The absolute madman

I canโ€™t believe heโ€™s done it

Artfully sidestepping โ€œmuh anti semitismโ€

^thats the only way

He has to win.

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