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Shabbat shalom. I just paid my dues.

The muslim cries out in pain as he suicide bombs you

Man that is an ugly dude

@_AltRight_Anew -AZ Daily reminder that it is the responsibility of every white person to read Aristotle and Plato

Lmao this is prime plebbit logic

2017-12-28 04:44:34 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Oh man, three angry letters. Itโ€™s worse than Auschwitz!

Tfw Day of the rope is actually just spergs killing each other

Le upboated xD

ok but what is white tho

I was hoping the big brain sargon would indicate sarcasm

Itโ€™s just that every leftist I talk to still says it, so I parrot it in frustration

@StrawberryArmada They have downplayed the anti-southern rhetoric and started leaning toward federalism. They also have a southern party called โ€œNoi con Salviniโ€, but I donโ€™t know how popular it is.

Tired: muh based poles
Wired: based czechoslovaks

>IE is literally the same as Al-Qaeda

Shitlib journalists, folks.

I doubt that will change. Wikipedia believes shitlib โ€œjournalistsโ€ like Teen Vogue are a better source than our own organization

Allsup has almost 200k subscribers. This could be good for us.

Our wiki page has been updated to include โ€œanti-capitalismโ€. I canโ€™t believe theyโ€™re just pulling stuff out of their asses like this.

Man good thing that photo is too crappy to dox us

Lol @ this guyโ€™s butthurt.

Spooky skeleton nationalism

>throw party for my schoolโ€™s college republicans
>hit it off with really nice girl, see her for about two weeks
>she stops talking to me
>talk with her other friend
>โ€she said she would have liked it if you were more edgy and memeyโ€

Dis is what I get for acting like a normie

No worries Iโ€™m already over it. Just a very ironic twist of fate

Heโ€™s good to go!

Hello @Singleton Mosby WV, I have seen your dues are in the mail. please set an avatar image and we will finish getting you set up.

@iantyeee1861 Hello Ian, can you send me a screenshot of your dues payment? Also please set an avatar when you get the chance

Thank you sir

Little Italy/University Circle, Cleveland, OH

@hbutzer0511 Thatโ€™s actually right in front of the โ€œItalian American Brotherhood Clubโ€

Heโ€™s good to go!

@V.Balboa - PA Good to see you, sir!

@hbutzer0511 Congrats, youโ€™re famous!


@Conway - OK he has already done so

@Mozart Welcome! Please send me a screenshot of your dues payment when you have a chance

@Mozart also, please set an avatar when you get a chance

Lmao if this got posted on twitter, the leftist mob would come after them for portraying us in a sympathetic manner, just like with Tony Hovater

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@Coachcelt1 Hello, is this Kenneth?

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@TylerHess whomstโ€™dโ€™ve intervewed you?

@Logan ay fam ya boi needs you

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Downtown Cleveland, OH

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I'll DM you

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Wow look at that exquisite bowling technique ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

@Johnny B. Populus who was your interviewer?

@Campbell4732 Come get ya man

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That would be @Matthias. This is Perry-Lee correct? @horticult

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@GreatWhiteHope Who was your interviewer?


Also @Matthias is your coordinator

Second best thing to happen today: endorsement from BAP


@JoeDrake Thanks! Iโ€™ve unlocked the server for you.

Going off the apps, I think itโ€™s @Campbell4732

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Borders, language, and culture (but totally not racist)

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I mean thatโ€™s not entirely wrong but Africa is worse in literally every way

@bspon002 I post those images a lot on twitter. Surefire way to own the libs

Itโ€™s within the realm of possibility that the 30 year old boomer meme is a marketing ploy from Monster, just to fool the goyim into buying their poison

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