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@Reinhard Wolff Okay, so here’s what I envision for this. We advertise on the main server that we’re looking for “hosts” or subject matter experts in each of the main skill areas. These people will be moderators on this server. Preferably, the hosts will be committed to posting a short blurb a couple times a week in their host channel (For example, how a fuel pump works, how to plant a crop, how to build a fire, etc.). Will try to keep the channels clutter-free so guys can ask questions (Like when Koba’s alternator died on him).
The reason for the idea is that I’ve noticed, especially with the younger guys, most of them seem to lack practical skills. I feel like good nationalists should be able to handle themselves in the real world and not just in theory and abstraction.

@Reinhard Wolff If I type up a sort of ad, can you or one of the admins in the main server post it for me so everyone can see it?

Lemme work up an ad

I did one but it was too long. Will abbreviate it

The ad would look something like this. I’d like it posted to @everyone in the #helpwanted channel of the main server. Please feel free to tweak it as you like.
*It’s time to start reequipping our people with the manly, applied skills that the baby boomers abandoned in favor of paying other people to do their work for them.
To that end, we are starting an IE-exclusive practical skills server.
The purpose is to provide IE members with a medium to (1) learn about practical skills and (2) ask questions and get quick answers.
To that end, we are looking for subject-matter “experts” in the fields listed below to act as moderators (“hosts”) on the new server.
Hosts will be expected to (1) guide conversations in their respective fields, (2) provide quick answers to questions posed by IE members, and (3) post a weekly blurb or two in their field of expertise.
Currently, the fields we are looking for are: carpentry, electrical, farming/gardening, mechanics, first aid/first responder, and outdoorsmanship.
If you have experience in these fields, and are interested in being a moderator on the new server, please DM @Uilliam Cionnaoith – MD.*

Can you post the ad @everyone help wanted on main server? Good way to get subject matter experts and gauge interest at the same time

Yeah that's perfecr


If you do announcement maybe add cooking. Guys should learn how to cook. That's one thing I definitely can't do

Awesome. Thanks much.

Curious to see how many hits we get back.

Hey brother. Can you see the conversations above?

Great. Have a look and hang out. May take a while to get our SMEs (subject matter experts) all together

Then I'll give you all mod permissions

Welcome @Lebens and thanks. Scroll up in this channel to get up to speed.

Show me where it hurts

Well met Doc and thanks. Please review up in this channel to catch up.

@ me if you have questions internal medicine doc could answer

Yup already done

As someone whose limits are installing ceiling fans this is terrifying

It's good to go. I'm looking for basics for the weekly blurbs. Introducing guys to electrical work, circuits, safety, etc

We don't need guys swapping out transformers just yet lol


Welcome our mechanic @Yuma County. Please scroll up in this channel to get up to speed.

@everyone Let's have a voicechat tonight at 9:00 EST. Shouldn't be but fifteen minutes but I want to make sure we're all on the same page before we launch.

Also, it may be good to have a couple of hosts in certain subjects to cover for each other and increase the speed of responses to questions.

But we'll be able to start at least as long as we have one in each area

Unfortunately not going to be able to make that, wife sick and that's bedtime for

@Deleted User wanna do a wee bit earlier? 8 or 830?

1830-2100 kind of tough with dinner, family time, bed time routine for kid. More likely I can hop.on a little.late 2120-2130

Ok. We can do 9:30 chat tonight @everyone

Gonna change the extensions on server nicknames to match your SME areas.

You can post at anytime I think because guys can read channels from before when they join

@everyone Unless there's objection, I'm gonna aim to have two SME's per area as we go along so we increase coverage and speed up response time to questions. We can launch the server with one each though.

Well met @Louis Loire - NY. Please read above to catch up.

And thanks for pitching in

Welcome @Mark Vandal. Please read above

soudns good thanks

I also may need some help with the finer points of discord server management

Can someone go to the announcement channel and see if it lets you post in there.

9:30 EST yes

okay how about now?

Channel is up. No announcement

How about now? You should see "test" in there but it should say read only

great thanks

Hello i'm a 30+ yr master electrician and general do it yourselfer. Happy to help you guys out anytime

Nice brother!

Bro I love liquid wrench

@everyone Off to a great start in the channels boys. Again, thanks to everyone for doing this.

Awesome man our blackberries and raspberries are just starting to ripen. About two weeks out. 300 plants!

Stopped growing tomatoes a while back on account of the stinkbugs

Yes @everyone 9:30 EST voicechat. Should only tel about 10 minutes

Dealing with sick wife and baby, unable to make it tonight sorry.

Welcome aboard @Envian ; thanks for helping out with woodworking, along with @Jhawk nc. Please read up in this channel to get up to speed.

So we have:

2 x Carpenter
1 x Cook
1 x Mechanic
2 x Medic
2 x Electrician
2 x Outdoorsman
1 x Gardner
1 x Machinist

We should be good to go!

Awesome. There'll soon be no need to use google because we'll provide a more Identitarian angle on things. Google: "Leaving a car battery on concrete will cause it to drain." Our Server: "Leaving a car batter on concrete will cause it to drain cuz Jews."

Very very nice

Very cool idea not sure how active I'll be in here but big round of applause for getting it rolling 👏

Your reputation with nutrition precedes you, Herr @Marlow, and your skills will be most welcome.

Nice hideaway for the rifle man!

@Erika haha we just opened the server 30 mins ago

Very fond of Indian food

Should rename this channel #foodporn

I think the SMEs all have the ability to pin messages. Any other ideas to keep things accessible are welcome.

On the voice chat last night we were talking about getting everything setup we were discussing adding of other channels. I think they want to bring things on board a little at a time just to gauge interest and responses


Aye that's the plan. I'd like to see how the dynamics go and then we can start adding other areas of interest.

Socrates was a stonemason.

All great thinkers, including our founding fathers, used to *do* stuff.

Our first year they were pretty bitter. These year they're much sweeter. We keep em netted now to keep the stink bugs off

@Jhawk nc right and wrong ways to sharpen a blade?

I came home from work day before yesterday and found a house very hot even though the air conditioner was set to be running. Upon looking at the outside unit I found it humming but neither the compressor nor the circulating fan running. The humming of the motor indicated to me that it was trying to run but was having difficulty doing so. I killed the power and opened up the control side and checked the capacitor. I found it it was swollen and out of shape which is an indicator that it is bad. Sometimes they were rupture other times they will look fine although they are bad. If it is not physically altered you may have to take it to a air conditioning supply house to have it checked for you. The capacitor cost me approximately $18 and is quite simple to change out. And could save you quite a bit of money on a service call and mark up from an HVAC contractor

This is a picture of the new capacitor installed if you will notice it isn't swollen

The capacitor is a component that helps the motors to start and run efficiently

What causes the capacitor to swell?

True alpha tier grill set up! Nice

Yeah that's beast

Once blister open the pocket is a site for infection. Usually want to debride extra skin, keep wound dry and clean

No reason to use alcohol over less painful peroxide

I'd just use that once, then soap and water after

They suck the juice out of anything sweet up here including corn

Exactly. One thing you have to remember is electricity is a very powerful thing. Many times when a component fails there will be physical damage that you will be able to see on many of the components. Burns, discoloration, melting, etc.

But the actual swelling. Pressure? Temp change?

This is a great book I highly recommend. You'll never get off the shitter if it's in your bathroom.

@everyone What do you guys think of me setting up two channels for each topic: one for the SMEs to post their how-tos in and one for discussion? This might be a good way to prevent the how tos from getting lost in the discussions. Give a thumbs up if you think I should do it.

There's not many predators for them. Wild turkeys cross bred with domestic turkeys for some reason can eat pounds of them, but their stink power makes them inedible to most predators.

@Mark Vandal Good stuff. Some folks grind their tinder into a powder aye?

U got skillz.

@everyone Okay, so I went ahead and split each topic into a lesson-only channel and a discussion channel. Hopefully this will preserve the how-to posts into an easy to access channel without creating too many channels so as to be difficult to read. Let me know if I messed anything up with the permissions.

@Mark Vandal This is great stuff. My family is big into building fires; we tend to do them the log cabin version, though it has its downsides - my experience has been that they need to be done correctly or else the kindeling won't get the coals burning properly. Knowing different styles is important.

I like ⛺️ as well

Haha with a quick glance at the pic it looked like that tire was parked on top of it

Haha no I typed teepee and it out that emoji

Upside down fire is also pretty sexy

At some point, we're gonna have IE bush trips

Yeah just cuz I think it sounds better

How old are they brother? If age is causing wear, you can expect multiple tires to slow-leak at the same rate.

Take a bottle of soapy water and squirt them down. It will bubble up where your leaks are at no matter how slow a leak is.

Also, I never buy new tires. I have a tire shop in Louisville that I go to and they keep used tires. $35 for a tire, mounted and the ruined one thrown out. It took a while to find a tire shop ran by white boys but they are still out there.

Will probably add plumbing soon if enough people have issues

@The Morrígan#2239 the link in the announcement channel should be perma. If not let me know and I'll shoot you another one

@Izat - VA#3390 take the total wattage of the bulbs and / 120 volt that will give you the amperage of that circuit. you really want to keep the load on the breaker at 80% so with a 100 watt light bulb you're looking at 8 bulbs. It goes the same with CFL bulbs or LED bulbs. You take the total wattage and / your voltage to get your amperage

Your voltage in your residence should be 110 volt but for little pad you can use 120.

To go a little deeper if the wire is 14 gauge wire you can change that 10 amp breaker to a 15 amp breaker. If it is 12 gauge wire you can bump your breaker size to a 20 amp. A 10 amp breaker is not used these days. 15 20 30 at cetera are the applicable sizes according to code

I know the math does not work out exactly on that but that'll get you right in the ballpark

Yes the wire needs to be at least 14 gauge before you can change the breaker safely. Once you have the 15 amp breaker in place as I said before simply count up the total wattage on your bulbs and / 120 and that will give you the amperage. on a 15 amp breaker you want to keep the amperage at 12 amps for your 80% rule

And 10 bulbs would give you about eight and a half amps so yes you would be fine on that

If wire is number 12 you can put a 20 amp breaker in safely again keep it at the 80% rule which is 16 amps maximum load

Code now tells us not to strap to the bottom of the floor joist. I guess that's in anticipation of finishing out an area further down the road. So if it were being inspected yes you would need to drill through the joist. The way you decide to do it is up to you it is an existing home with a mixture of both styles of wiring so it's kind of at a decision call on your part

No problem that's what we're here for. You'll find a lot of this stuff is just common sense. You just need to exercise safety anytime you get into a live panel. If you're unsure of what you're doing you can always shut the main breaker off and use a flashlight or a headlight of some type to perform the work

Yes I can be difficult because you have to kind of visualize how the circuit works a lot of times in order to work and safely. Anytime someone with limited experiences working on something they should be energized the circuit

* de-energize

Some of your alloy rims may have a little oxidation that forms around the seal which requires a little cleaning off whenever they break the tire down. I've seen a couple of rims that just would not hold air because of the pitting caused by this

I know we are just starting out here, but I think a piece on gutting and cleaning fish would be very useful. Perhaps even one for deer?

@Dan iiii#6460 Very smart. We were just having a similar discussion in our SME channel.

Only question is how much of a pain it would be

@Nova BTW, since you're here. Can you see the lessons channels and the <#339720464471425026> channel? Wanna mkae sure I set them up right.

Great, thanks brother.

@Nova We can pin it in the discussions


Anyone ever make an alternator?

That is, convert physical energy into electrical?

It is not the easiest thing to do. You basically have a motor that is working backwards. You have to have quite a bit of copper windings inside the frame and you would have to spein it very quickly. If you had it attached to a bicycle or other of means it would not be so bad

Electric lady would not be that difficult to build the difficult part is when you have to do the spinning!


Seen them on sail boats. Was also thinking sewing table pedal.

Yes you have to get the ratios in the windings right and then have a set RPM to keep the voltage at a set level. I'm sure there are simple units I'm talking more along the lines of a consistent voltage output of 110v or higher

Any way to do it without copper? Practically I mean.

The two components of a motor or generator do not actually touch. It works off what is called induction. Copper or gold would give the best results. Some type of metal has to be used other metals do not work as well

Yeah is it basically a spinning core inside of coils?

Yes sir and giving what you're trying to do using steel or something of that nature just wouldn't work for the induction

I skin a pig every February but I've never skinned a buck. I hear it's similar. Maybe some pointers on that sort of thing?

If the heater core is not producing any heat it kind of points to a circulation issue. You may want to go back and check that thermostat make sure it's in right side up and not in a bind sometimes you could get a defective one from the store. You may want to check the thermostat and or electric fans that cool the radiator make sure they are cycling off and on

True. Something as simple as tying a hook on a line could be of use

A sidenote on soy, use it conservatively as it is likely that it lowers testosterone.

@Envian thanks for sharing that I watched the whole video. Very 😎

I see he used an upsidedown fire as well. I'm gonna start tinkering about with those

Damn, that sounds and looks delicious

Definitely going to give it a try

@WhyTea-Gardener i have a kiefer pear tree and the fruit is starting to come to term. The fruit does not taste very well to eat straight from the tree and I was told that it is best used for jams and jellies. Are there any other uses as far as cooking is concerned that you are aware of? I've never seen a pear cobbler or pie etc.

@Dan iiii Depends largely on the plant but the surest way to tell is if it gets sunburned. Yes, plants get sunburned. They affected portion will turn white and papery (I'll post a pic below). If you're asking about time of exposure, remember that plants do their actually growing in the dark so too long exposure can cause the plant to grow more slowly or not fruit, etc.

*Identity Evropa: You can do it. We can help.*

Dinnertime! #goodcooking #yum #healthyboy

Jk doing my weekly meal prep now. I lean towards fairly simple fare but i usually season it well

Nice that looks incredible

broccoli (Not pictured)

As a single lad, (for now) meal prep saves me alot of time and aids me in guiding a healthy diet

Just might land you a fine lass for all that

I make my chicken in a way that keeps it incredibly moist

Extra fat and oils from 🐓 get cooked down and smothered on top before portioning

It's fully cooked. I cook both sides on medium-high for ~ 3 minutes and then lower heat and put a lid over the skillet

For another mmm 10, 15?

Covering the 🐓 is what makes it moist

#healthyboy snack time

Easy and relatively healthy. Stove top cooked popcorn

Veggie oil on the bottom of a saucepan. Just enough to coat the base + a little

Add 3 kernals of popping corn

Medium high heat

Wait till kernals pop

Do some curls in your kitchen while you wait

Once they pop it signifies the oil is hot enough

Add the rest of your kernals. Pictured here is alot. Multiple servings worth

Put lid on of course lol

If you keep shaking the saucepan as you cook as well as dump out the popped kernals into a large serving bowl when they push the lid up you will end up with 0 wasted kernals and 0 burned popcorn

Season with salt in moderation

@Erika im not a fan personally of single use appliances.

but even so ive always wanted one

B-b-but whitey stole our resources an shieeet

Veggie oil. No butter.

@Brandon Ironside- ND That's some sick leatherwork broseph

Any good remedy for cauliflower ear? Just ice?

Have any of you dealt with or been a beekeeper? I think I'd like to get some hives soon

Dean lister has a great video in how to drain it on YouTube bro... @Deleted User

Fuse maybe...

That's pretty wild where did you get that chart at? Is that something that you got at work

Thanks guys

Can someone assign each person learning as student of a certain field so we aren't lumped in with the @everyone notification?

For instance I would want to be a student of farming/gardening

@Deleted User whatcha mean? Can you clarify brother?

Like, by channel?

As in if someone came here to learn just mechanics then they should be put into the group of Mechanic - Student. Just as others have the title of SME. Then you could do (@methanic - student) to notify them

Then they don't have to be put into a group. I'm just annoyed from the everyone notification. It'll also help us in the future

Actually, I meant to have the everyone notification available only to the SMEs. Would that help?

You can mute the channels you don't want giving you notifications

Will clear this up later

BTW I haven't seen any everyone notifications in this server. Am I missing something?

here is a knife I am working on for the lesson section

I'll post what I have done so far later tonight.

@Deleted User you may already know this but if you don't want a tag every time someone writes something in the server, you can tweak it in your notification settings

I think you can personally mute any channels you don't want, though ideally guys would be checking in on all servers to learn things.

Nice, do often sell a lot of honey or do you end up using most of it on your own?

We have a fella that sells it out. They crank out quite a bit of honey. Tens and tens of pounds

Wow, how many hives do you have?

We've pulled north of 30 so far out of two this year

If you don't mind me asking how much do you get from all that money wise?

A bottle (about half a pound) retails at about eight bucks. Beekeeper charges about 1/2 to 2/3 of that.

@Brandon Ironside- ND Good stuff. What's the weight on your loaded MOLLE II?

@Lebens What is a "R&R commercial 225A single phase panel?"

Juicy as hell, little gritty and have an earthy taste moreso than you'd expect

@Mark Vandal They probably won't get to covering it over in the <#338763700750123009> channel so here seems good.

I'm actually talented at cutting for some strange reason

@Brandon Ironside- ND That's exactly the weight I shoot for, including shelter and bedroll but excluding my waterskin. I'll post my gear list here in a second.

Posted in the heathen hike channel

Yeah brother I was 50/50 MOLLE though too. MOLLE was just coming in to the military as I was getting out and I've heard great things

Are they comfortable?

I know some infantry guys that say they hump north of 80 pounds with them. Ugh.

Yeah we still had Alice. Not great. Here's the guy. He seems really cool and I bet he'd be willing to talk leatherwork with you

@Thomas Morrow 30 lb nationalism.

I'm going to quench harden and temper the blade myself.

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