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@Alerio interviewed me

They are both mine, taking care of it right meow

@still brodie - CA dindu nuffin--he's good to go

perfect! glad you made it @ChillS

@VictorLee thanks for the payment sir! You are good to go

@Cantillon glad you made it sir--make sure you can send me a screenshot of your dues tomorrow and I will give you access to the rest of the server

@Cantillon you are all set my man!

UC Davis--Davis, CA alongside @still brodie - CA

@Brunswick keep it going borther!

@Deleted User you are good to go sir

great placement!

Dues sent and screenshot received!

@Conway - OK you’ve been active brother!

He’s good to go

@LetzterSohnDesAbendlandes you are all set! dues received.

@alex_w it was me, christian was initially going to do interview. Can you send me a screenshot of your dues?

Retweet every hashtag you can find

Related to it

She’s got a book for literally everything

Love the placement!

What commitment! This is great.

@AfterActionReporting you are good to go sir--confirmation of dues and rules read.

Santa Rosa Junior College
Santa Rosa, CA
Lone mission courtesy of @Deleted User

I dont think so actually. Is that something you are looking for us to get now? @Prestor John

That’s extremely big brained and 6d chess of us.

Catapulting the propaganda, to quote Dubya

@bjΓΆrn nice pics and way to DGAF despite all the people running by

Gilroy Public Library. Gilroy, CA courtesy of @Freiheit - CA. More incoming from Barnes and noble soon.

He’s a dumbass

heck yeah bro @Aesion! good coverage

This is fantastic

freaking beautiful

Chico City Plaza Memorial
Chico, CA
Special thanks to @Freiheit - CA, @Sherman Hardcastle - CA, @Deleted User, and @still brodie - CA.

Big Chico Creek
Chico, CA
Once again a special thanks to @Freiheit - CA, @Sherman Hardcastle - CA, @Deleted User - CA, and @still brodie - CA for getting down and dirty to keep our cities and rivers clean!

sleeveless hoodie is next level

We can post the new episodes from now on @Prestor John with topics covered etc

hahah i saw your stuff today--brilliant

@Deleted User great placement of the cards!

libraries are excellent--great work!

@Brunswick damn nice selections

@Roland what you doing in California?

oh haha I missed you line of text @Roland

@Henrik is a wrecking ball this week

@Henrik you’re the man

Great job team!

Thank you to @celticflame @Freiheit - CA @Deleted User @Henrik @willsaxon @wolfwood for participating in this action today. Her name was Kate Steinle!

Great job brothers!

Great area to flyer!

113 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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