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Direct people here instead of Wikipedia

2018-03-04 16:34:42 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2018-03-04 16:55:19 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Thanks. Will do. Was going to be at the last one but discord banned my account

2018-03-12 01:43:17 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

He grew up in Japan, so he has an excuse

2018-03-14 20:24:42 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I've read one his books and know what you mean. If I was going to cite him in debates i would look into his sources. Overall though, his conclusions make sense, even if every source isn't accurate

2018-03-14 20:30:37 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Libido Dominandi. I can't say enough good things about it.

2018-03-14 20:43:11 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I'll get back to you on that when I have more time to write in depth. It made me understand that a strong value system is the key to freedom, which is a concept that has been grossly distorted by various "liberation" movements

2018-03-14 20:51:05 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

That makes it sound really boring but it's actually fascinating. He gives many examples throughout history and breaks down different liberation movements, exposing the twisted intentions behind them and how they spread. It's also a history of how sex has been used as a method of control.

Do you guys keep any security cameras in your cars?

I haven't done any research in this but I'm wondering what's available.


B&E more

Thanks I'll look into it further

Looks like a big problem is going to be storage space. Only six hours of video on a 32gb card

Gotta admit this is a little ironic

2018-03-27 16:02:08 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills & Academics #tech]  

Why not just use a VPN?

Thank you for the rec. @Tanner - SC

2018-03-27 19:07:13 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills & Academics #tech]  

Not that I know of

2018-03-28 14:30:20 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

What's a good book with red pills about the food industry? I was reading an article showing that white's (and only whites) testosterone levels have taken a huge nosedive in the last generation, and that has to be from the food and water we eat. They are literally making us infertile, on top of everything else. What's the CoC of the food industry?

Yea they are

I've worn mine in the rain, snow, mud, and they hold up great.

If you can, get the ones with Vibram soles


You should post recipes. I do some cooking myself, always looking for something new

2018-04-02 22:46:36 UTC [Literature Club #anthropology]  

Most of these "studies" come from the Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction, which was founded in the late 1940s by bisexual and black idolizing Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey was a repressed homo until he convinced his wife into an open relationship, began frequenting the gay scenes and sleeping with anyone he could, including his own students. He became obsessed with black culture because they were polyamorous and weren't tied down to their families. He conducted most of the studies personally, and they are still used today despite the fact that he only surveyed blacks and homosexuals. Once he got more funding, he expanded his research to include prisoners and prostitutes.

2018-04-02 22:55:58 UTC [Literature Club #anthropology]  

His gay orgies - I mean sexual surveys - were funded by the Rockefeller Foundation.

2018-04-04 13:54:53 UTC [Nice Respectable People Group #whitepills]

This could also go in <#359019358204198926>

2018-04-14 14:15:10 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

Same thing happened to me when I had high data usage. I tried the "unplug it, plug it back in" technique with no luck. Had to call them and then that technique worked.

Red Wing Heritage collection. High quality boots with a timeless look appropriate for everyday wear, but can also hold up in work conditions. Take a look at the Blacksmiths and Iron Rangers.

Wolverine 1000 Miles are similar to the Blacksmiths, but a little slimmer.

Can someone re-up somewhere for the users who aren't Zucked?

Negative. Only loads thumbnail. Press play and it redirects to the log in screen

2018-04-28 00:30:37 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

i have an android phone with a busted screen, making it unusable. i'd like to pull some photos off of it, but i don't know how. plugging into a computer won't do anything because there's a prompt on the phone asking for permission to connect, which I can't press. what are my options?

2018-04-28 21:51:52 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

All the files are stored on the phones internal memory

You ever think maybe there's too many red flags you're overlooking?

Girls will argue all the time, but if they value you they'll cooperate

2018-04-30 05:56:42 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

That's a good idea

2018-04-30 05:56:58 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

Its a few years old I could probably find one cheap

2018-04-30 06:10:45 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

I can't use the screen at all.

2018-04-30 06:11:37 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

That's what I'm working with

2018-04-30 06:13:09 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  

Looking into replacing the screen was a good idea

2018-04-30 06:14:35 UTC [MacGuyver - Skills &amp; Academics #tech]  


In CA you'll get community service for windows that are tinted too dark.

Am I being detained?

@Der Seeteufel - SD tell her you live in the Windows XP background and she won't be able to resist

Who here is good with digital audio?

2018-05-26 18:03:31 UTC [Literature Club #misc]  

can't believe i haven't seen this before. it's an inside look at the ADL, showing how they manufacture anti-semitism and spread fear among Jews.

Front end alignment can wear out your tires a lot faster. If you've been having continuous problems with your tires you may need a realignment.

If she was interested she would have found time

Next time that happens, press a little harder, like "well you're going to need a snack break. Let's meet at _________"

Yea of course you were worried about that. It's hard to find the right balance.

@NeoRealist you have several options. You can rent a room from a family, under the table or rent an apartment where they would ask about your credit etc. If you can show pay stubs proving you're making enough money to pay rent without worry you should be good

It doesn't have to be income necessarily, but that's the most common way. For example, say you got rich off Bitcoin and have six million dollars in your bank account, but are unemployed. Your bank statement should be enough in that scenario.

Or you could show a pay stub to prove you earn enough money. They may ask for references to verify as well.

If you have a good relationship with your parents you could have one of them cosign.

"this ain't no time for cowards" tell that to the people wearing masks lol.

2018-06-07 05:04:13 UTC [Literature Club #sociology]  

there's an updated version of that here:

Or just being too much of a friend. Being too available, and too open, etc

2018-06-14 02:34:00 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@Rooster Cogburn yeah I loved it

2018-06-14 02:34:17 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I read that and a compilation of his political writings

2018-06-14 02:34:54 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

What do you score?

2018-06-14 02:44:03 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@Rooster Cogburn have you read it?

2018-06-14 02:44:47 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

What did you think?

2018-06-14 02:45:34 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I think most people understand he's strategically right, but disagree with the morals behind it. That's why I like it

branded sun screen is such a good idea

@micbwilli nice post. I've noticed the same thing when I'm walking around those people. So much hate in their eyes. That's why I like wearing polo shirts and dressing in an unapologetically white style.

Are new balances actually made in America?

Or "assembled in America" which is even worse. Have 98% of the product made in Asian sweatshops, send to America for the last two percent and stamp it "made in America"

What you're up against with Wikipedia ๐Ÿ‘‡

We need several sources that refer to us as identarians if we want to present a strong case to Wikipedia.

@Tanner - SC that's good advice for texting a girl you met IRL too. Just ask her out, plan logistics and that's it. No reason to be too chatty. Guys worry about what they should say too much. If she's interested, you hardly have to say anything.

What brand of supplements do you use? I'm running low on some of mine, which are NatureMade brand and CVS generic

@MercurysCell912-GA that's not great but tell him not to sweat it too much. I've seen that happen to some of our guys here and literally nothing happened. Nobody recognized him because he doesn't hang around antifa types

Yeah space responses out over a while but strike while the iron is hot

If she's responding right away, you can do the same

Also @Der Seeteufel - SD nice. I had a feeling she would respond

When you get her number you should call her

The reason why it works is because you made her qualify herself to you. Girls can't stand being compared to all other girls so when you said "almost every girl I've talked to on here says the same thing" it bothered her more than the actual generalizations you made. She also knows that the generalizations are true and wants something better.

Could you give an example or two?

That's true. If you've been with her a while it should be easy to communicate with her. You should be able to text her whenever you feel, as long as you aren't doing it out of insecurity or demanding an immediate response. If she's complaining you aren't communicating with her enough that could have several meanings. Could be some insecurity on her part, which isn't always a bad thing.

@Jacob read about body language. That can make a huge difference.

Is it good @ThisIsChris i read the rest of the book a few years ago. It was good but a lot of it was common sense. My grandpa actually recommended. It. He said it helped him when he moved to Cali from an isolated farm.

the official shoe of the ethnostate:

That article is so funny. "Nearly 50 individuals gathered at a Basking Ridge church Wednesday evening to discuss and educate themselves on how to combat incidences of hate in their respective neighborhoods."

Who would win: nearly 50 individuals or one flyer?

It's flipping, no thanks to this cuck

I just saw this ad play before a video. I can't belive this.

That's an ad for Walmart's Bonobos pants

simply talking to her dad is a great sign. She wouldn't do it if she wasn't serious

Yeah that's serious

Right now the biggest struggle in my relationship is getting to know her dad better

I plan on asking for his blessing soon

Thanks and something I can tell you from experience is that if a girl is introducing you to her parents she's serious about you.

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