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SigrΓΊn is a beautiful name, congratulations!

2017-12-08 01:37:20 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Daily reminder to do some kind of training, omw to BJJ

2017-12-08 01:37:25 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Make your ancestors proud

2017-12-08 02:09:46 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Greco Roman is fun but freestyle is more comprehensive

2017-12-08 02:10:03 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I'm in the bay area, where you at Cato

2017-12-08 02:38:44 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Hell yeah

2017-12-08 03:04:02 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

If the people you grapple with don't call you "the onion guy" you're not eating enough

2017-12-08 03:34:51 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

I've seen men cry simply upon entering the same room

2017-12-08 18:38:25 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

I'm on week 3 and I've lost 5% body fat already. Onion a day keeps the soyboys away.

2017-12-09 19:40:59 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Fuck yes cannot endorse the avatar of the JOOCEY one enough

2017-12-09 20:48:14 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2017-12-09 20:48:19 UTC [Fitness #general]  

They're the best brand

2017-12-09 20:49:08 UTC [Fitness #general]  

But I compete in powerlifting so I was okay with the extra shekels for the quality

2017-12-09 20:49:41 UTC [Fitness #general]  

For something cheaper I can't speak to the quality of the ones provided but I'm sure our brother wouldn't steer you wrong

2017-12-11 03:56:07 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Is it during a specific exercise?

2017-12-11 03:57:45 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Strong recommendation on work out or pump up song: Blood and Iron by Hulkoff

The lyrics are epic as fuaaark

2017-12-11 16:43:12 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2017-12-12 19:32:07 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I use Salomon boots, GTX2 mid- really like them. HaglΓΆfs backpack

2017-12-13 18:43:26 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I use belt when squatting 80-85% of my max

2017-12-13 18:43:57 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Otherwise I don't use one because I want my core to strengthen

2017-12-13 18:44:42 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

It's good that I don't always use one because at my first powerlifting meet I was so nervous I forgot to tighten my belt clasp, but made the lift regardless

2017-12-13 19:24:27 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

In the end you'll be better if you keep going.

2017-12-13 19:24:40 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Longer arms=longer levers=more force

2017-12-13 19:24:53 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I understand the frustration though

2017-12-14 02:48:10 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

That has so much sugar

2017-12-16 07:09:13 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  


2017-12-17 06:29:53 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Belt exists mostly for safety and for helping maintain internal pressure during a lift by giving your core something to push against

2017-12-17 06:30:58 UTC [Fitness #general]  

The safety thing is mostly for 90%+

2017-12-17 06:35:01 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

What weight class are You? We have similar numbers @Nick-NJ

2017-12-17 17:01:05 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

@Nick-NJ Damn you're one class below me. Kick ass today

2017-12-17 21:12:33 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Atta baby!

2017-12-18 01:58:36 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Havamal respectfully request invite to pagan server

2017-12-20 17:09:23 UTC [Fitness #general]  

If it is all moms, they might be willing to introduce you to their daughters if you're an upstanding young lad

2017-12-20 18:11:20 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2017-12-28 02:59:16 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I think Faye largely ignores, but is aware of the JQ, because he knows the real cure for our sickness is strengthening the European peoples first

2018-01-02 22:46:47 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

Don't text and drive brother, the last thing we need is to endanger ourselves on the road. We're few enough as it is and each of us are valuable

2018-01-02 22:49:19 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

Hahaha true enough

2018-01-03 13:08:01 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Cook it with onions too, very πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2018-01-04 05:56:53 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

It's a good source of bioavailable protein. I used it for a year and never noticed a difference between that and whey other than texture, taste, etc

2018-01-05 15:39:13 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I don't like that article. If we should only eat what our Paleolithic ancestors ate then we shouldn't be eating or drinking 90% of what people eat nowadays. No coffee, no avocado, no potatoes, no rice, no tuna, no pineapple, no coconut, etc... it's basically just an anti-dairy article, and at the end they even say that the most interesting point imo (gut bacteria) hasn't had any proven effects positive *or* negative

2018-01-05 20:24:06 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Deleted User Thanks for the advice on juicing your greens every day. It's made a noticeable difference for me

2018-01-05 21:24:47 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

10/10 would ingest

2018-01-06 20:42:50 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

@Farmer D What state are you in Rachel? We might have a member near you that can help!

2018-01-06 22:42:09 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Damn. I'm about 2 hours away. I'd be happy to kind of give you a run down of everything some day but we would have to plan it out. I compete in powerlifting and work at a gym so we could work on making a program or something

2018-01-07 05:38:01 UTC [Literature Club #sci-fi]  

It was commandant of the navy ready list when I was in, 2010-2014

2018-01-08 05:13:07 UTC [Fitness #general]  

It's pretty jumbled

2018-01-08 05:13:27 UTC [Fitness #general]  

You have to search, and then you can look it up by fighter or by event

2018-01-08 05:13:35 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Are you on the app or the computer

2018-01-09 19:30:28 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Is your lower back bothering you, @Pat-MA ?

2018-01-09 19:30:56 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Or do you just want more ham glute activation/strength gain

2018-01-10 00:20:31 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Always use locker 14 crew checking in

2018-01-10 00:41:04 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

It works but the A is now considered unnecessary

2018-01-10 00:41:13 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Bronkaid is the common go to for ephedrine

2018-01-10 00:41:40 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Can be bought behind the counter at Walgreens.

2018-01-10 00:42:14 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Just be careful because it can get your heart rate really high if you do HIIT or any high intensity cardio

2018-01-10 00:45:03 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

That's the best way to do it I think

2018-01-10 00:45:21 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

And definitely don't do MMA while on it

2018-01-10 00:51:34 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

ECA is primarily used for fat loss

2018-01-10 00:52:14 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

It's not really a pre workout but it will definitely give you energy

2018-01-10 00:58:45 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Fat loss occurs on ECA by increasing your resting heart rate. Studies show it helps decrease bodyfat while retaining significant amounts of muscle mass

2018-01-10 00:59:13 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I'd just go for a preworkout... my favourite is nitraflex from GAT or Bang

2018-01-10 04:37:56 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I don't know if I've ever felt as good as I have this past week and the only thing I've done differently is get my 5 servings of cruciferous greens in a blender every day for the last two weeks

2018-01-10 04:38:11 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Cannot recommend this highly enough atm

2018-01-10 14:13:52 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

@Reinhard Wolff very interesting read, thank you! Maybe I'll switch to a different vegetable every couple days

2018-01-10 20:48:58 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

The diet plan the Golden One gave me suggested a 6 egg omelette post workout

2018-01-10 20:49:31 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Not eating eggs might be heresy, in all actuality

2018-01-10 20:52:42 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Like TIDE said, go with what works for you (within reason).

Bringing his feet closer together helped him, but doing a wider strongman stance helped me. So it depends on the person

2018-01-10 21:18:48 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I have 9 chickens and in warm weather we have more eggs than we can possibly use

2018-01-11 03:35:37 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

300g fish (this week is catfish) 100g sweet potato 50g beets or cabbage

2018-01-11 03:44:20 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

People also forget that estrogen isn't all bad

2018-01-11 03:44:47 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

They'll swear off anything with it or that increases it but you need it for strength and a healthy heart as well

2018-01-15 18:35:59 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

That video was very informative! Learned some new stuff @missliterallywho

2018-01-15 18:36:19 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Always knew salt wasn't necessarily bad for you but didn't know why

2018-01-15 18:36:23 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2018-01-15 20:21:54 UTC [Fitness #onions]  

Isn't an onion a semipermeable membrane though because of the vacuole present in plant cells?

2018-01-16 01:00:40 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Deleted User Thank you Punisher, your advice has made a dent in my training and nutrition in the new year already. People have been asking me what I'm doing differently already

2018-01-16 01:00:54 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yuge support circle

2018-01-18 21:03:26 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

My set up is... grab bar with right hand, lean back and arch my back, put left hand on, push shoulderblades together, pin down shoulders. Lift and tuck elbows closer going down, slight arch of bar path forwad to sternum. Press up along same arch. I am religious about my set up and that's how I got my 410lb bench (and Sheiko programming)

2018-01-19 11:21:41 UTC [Fitness #general]  

BrΓ€nnmΓ€rkt by Raubtier

2018-01-21 15:36:42 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Go immediately before work or immediately after work. Only have caffeine or pre workout before the workout, not before work

2018-01-21 15:37:56 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Do you get 8 hours of sleep a night

2018-01-21 15:38:46 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Go right after work and bring your gym bag with you, so you don't have an excuse to go home and nap

2018-01-21 15:38:58 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I work at 4.30am and that's what I do

2018-01-21 15:40:01 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I also save my caffeine until I'm going to the gym, none in the morning

2018-01-21 15:42:30 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yeah and you gotta train yourself not to make excuses and go no matter what. That was and still is the hard part for me

2018-01-21 15:42:42 UTC [Fitness #general]  

"Just a short nap", etc

2018-01-24 19:10:05 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

How's your salt and potassium intake

We can always claim them as victories for the movement, and cheer those who completed it- without championing the victory being our own doing

2018-01-25 22:38:22 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I've heard pea and hemp. It tastes like actual dirt and is kind of chalky, though yeah

2018-01-29 14:24:16 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Are you trying to gain or lose?

2018-01-30 05:11:00 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I've utilized it before on Sheiko programs

2018-01-30 05:12:17 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

It got me on podium both times and Westside uses it too

2018-01-30 21:23:28 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I'd probably do more volume in sets if you're gonna do one rep

2018-01-30 21:23:34 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Like 5x1

2018-01-30 21:24:10 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

At 85% of 1RM

2018-01-30 21:24:30 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Maybe 80%

2018-01-30 21:25:44 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I usually work up to singles with a high rep low weight, then 60% for 5 reps, 70% for 3, and go to singles

2018-01-30 21:26:55 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I have bad squatters elbow so I use singles and low reps to keep the inflammation down

2018-01-30 21:28:01 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

If squatting and deadlifting same day I only warm up once but I still follow the 60 70 80

2018-01-30 21:53:52 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Local generic gym ie 24 hr

2018-01-30 21:56:52 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Generally local generic gyms have better environments better hours and more amenities such as a sauna and have less plebes

2018-01-30 21:57:11 UTC [Fitness #general]  

But it's really about whatever place is convenient enough for you to make a habit out of going

2018-01-30 21:57:18 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Close to work or close to home

2018-01-30 21:59:19 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Might garner a discount or something

2018-01-30 21:59:24 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Worth checking out

2018-01-30 22:17:53 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yeah, there will always be someone there who can explain which machines are what

2018-01-31 00:21:56 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I pay 45.99 per month for 24 hour fitness

2018-01-31 00:22:46 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Not sure what YMCA costs but I imagine it's less

2018-02-01 05:12:26 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Nah aspirin isn't necessary

2018-02-02 21:06:18 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Whatever it takes

2018-02-02 21:35:02 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yeah 620

2018-02-02 22:47:44 UTC [Fitness #general]

2018-02-02 22:47:56 UTC [Fitness #general]  

This was last March though

2018-02-02 22:48:01 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Haven't competed since

2018-02-03 04:25:47 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Soviet style training techniques and old fashioned hard work

2018-02-04 07:21:47 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

Lb for lb Nick has me beat! It would be a valiant contest to be sure

2018-02-04 08:29:55 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  


2018-02-07 23:32:32 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Your shoulders might have been lacking in pressing power and the incline bench helped your shoulders catch up

2018-02-07 23:32:54 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Do you usually fail heavy reps on the bottom or top half of the rom?

2018-02-08 02:31:13 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I don't do decline and haven't done it in years

2018-02-08 02:31:23 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Incline I do once in a blue moon

2018-02-08 02:31:41 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I just bench, flies, and dumbbell press

2018-02-08 03:45:30 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Bench is better for strength because you can load greater weights, dumbbell will correct any muscular imbalances which is good for injury prevention and symmetry. Barbell works your triceps more, dumbbell works your biceps more (I know it's a pressing movement but studies show high levels of bicep activation in dumbbell press).

2018-02-08 03:46:44 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Especially if you follow a 4-2 tempo with dumbbell it's really good for hypertrophy due to time under tension

2018-02-08 03:46:56 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Let me know if you need me to extrapolate that further

2018-02-08 03:51:52 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

@Nick-NJ My last meet was SPF, but the one before that was USPA

2018-02-08 03:51:56 UTC [Fitness #oc]  


2018-02-08 04:32:17 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

Is USAPL tested?

2018-02-08 04:33:00 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

My first comp I came in 2nd but the guy who beat me was Tee Popoola and he set a world record so I felt good about it

2018-02-08 22:16:19 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I always just train lighter but go anyway to "force the weakness out" but I'm old fashioned like that

2018-02-08 22:46:34 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Fuaaaark epic

2018-02-08 23:02:06 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Just ordered, I love that stuff

2018-02-08 23:41:52 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I can feel my test levels rising already

2018-02-08 23:42:53 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Still working my way through the Horus Heresy and that's a long read so the Cimmerian will be a welcome fermata

2018-02-09 15:15:19 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

I should do a tested fed because competing against guys on gear is a little skewed haha

2018-02-11 07:09:56 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Scivation Xtend

2018-02-11 07:10:01 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2018-02-11 07:10:07 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Green apple flave

2018-02-11 07:10:43 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  
2018-02-11 07:11:10 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2018-02-11 07:11:25 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Running after lifting boosts hgh production

2018-02-11 23:21:33 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Hell yeah

2018-02-12 06:32:38 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola SBD makes the best kneesleeves

2018-02-13 19:02:07 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

What exercises do you need it for

2018-02-13 19:03:46 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

One thing to make sure is you're not doing "gay wrist", aka letting your wrist bend backwards on exercises like bench press. You want your hands and wrists to be in line to maximize force output and reduce joint stress

2018-02-13 19:04:18 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Just a fun tip for everyone. Also you can say fag wrist if you're into that

2018-02-14 03:43:31 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

Mirin cuts

2018-02-15 17:20:26 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

T Rex arms checking in, bench 4x a week

2018-02-15 17:26:49 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Deficit deadlift and rackpulls for me today lads, what're you all training in the temple today?

2018-02-15 17:56:09 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2018-02-15 23:18:51 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Show us the vid my dude

2018-02-16 00:46:12 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Is it weird that I've never trained Sumo

2018-02-16 00:46:19 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I just bring myself to do it

2018-02-16 03:33:42 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Haha damn I would never squat anything but lowbar in competition

2018-02-16 03:33:54 UTC [Fitness #general]  

So I can squat morning the weight if I need to

2018-02-16 04:56:15 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

I buy organic when I can afford it

2018-02-16 04:56:29 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Ideally you should eat all organic/local

2018-02-16 04:56:49 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Minimize toxins in the body and be your healthiest self!

2018-02-16 15:10:50 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

It's probably general assumption for most normie males

2018-02-16 15:11:18 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Fitmales are probably doing fine buy maybe slightly hampered by xenoestrogens

2018-02-16 15:11:24 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  


2018-02-16 15:12:57 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

People are fatter and doing more sedentary work, eating way more carbohydrates and less saturated fats and protein

2018-02-16 15:13:11 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Yeah exactly @Deleted User

2018-02-16 15:13:50 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

People who don't workout and eat right might have a portion of their grandfather's test but I think most of us in here are doing okay.

2018-02-16 15:15:03 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

If you're working out, eating right, getting adequate sleep, flirting with women and competing with other males in some form you're probably fine

2018-02-16 20:16:55 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yes it is

2018-02-16 20:17:08 UTC [Fitness #general]  

It's not perfect but it's better than a standard scale

2018-02-18 00:16:36 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Kind of like a whitepills For working out channel?

2018-02-18 00:17:02 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Quotes, pics, inspirational books, videos

2018-02-18 03:43:02 UTC [Fitness #general]  

That's a good point William

2018-02-18 03:43:26 UTC [Fitness #general]  

This server is the reason I squeezed in a training session today between my two jobs

2018-02-19 20:49:01 UTC [Fitness #form-check]  

Hips looks fine to me

2018-02-21 05:14:13 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Deadlifts work grip strength. Deadlifts might "work the same muscles" but they work them in a different way. Doing only squats is not a substitute for deadlifts. Barbell rows work your biceps but just because they work the same muscles doesn't mean they're a substitute for specific bicep exercises. Adding another heavy, full body lift to your workout will only make you stronger

2018-02-21 05:21:19 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

As for guides, I would look up anything by Boris Sheiko

2018-02-21 05:23:50 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

With proper form and starting off light, and focusing on getting the form first, you won't hurt your back, and are just as safe as you are doing a squat

2018-02-21 23:17:25 UTC [Fitness #form-check]  

Good squats. Really try to push through your heels, they're coming up as you go down

2018-02-22 01:30:51 UTC [Fitness #general]  

@Warren H The FFL workout will get you in amazing shape if you can make it work for you. No gym needed. (If you can, lifting is still great and you should get a membership)

2018-02-22 01:42:47 UTC [Fitness #general]  

French Foreign Legion

2018-02-22 02:44:00 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Just got the best parking spot at the gym I've ever had

2018-02-22 02:44:09 UTC [Fitness #general]  

We're all gonna make it lads

2018-02-22 03:22:19 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Mirin rest day

2018-02-22 04:42:12 UTC [Fitness #form-check]  

I use the Reebok lifters and they were only like 90

2018-02-22 04:42:53 UTC [Fitness #form-check]  

People lift in socks because you get more contact with the ground and don't have a soft shoe throwing off your balance/making your area you are pushing off smaller

2018-02-22 16:22:08 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

As long as you're using the metrics provided by the same measuring device, then that's all that matters for assessing progress

2018-02-22 16:23:51 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

13% is a dream for me, so congrats man

2018-02-22 16:24:23 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

Never been below 20... currently counting calories on the road to 220lbs from 250

2018-02-22 16:24:29 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

234 at the moment

2018-02-22 17:30:32 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

Is the bloatmaxx worth the lack of aesthetics?

2018-02-22 17:30:37 UTC [Fitness #oc]  

Kind of. Haha

2018-02-22 17:31:35 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

God damn that's a lot of calories

2018-02-22 17:31:40 UTC [Fitness #nutrition]  

Power bulk?

2018-02-22 18:03:04 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  


2018-02-23 06:30:30 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Best time is probably right when you wake up

2018-02-23 06:30:42 UTC [Fitness #general]  

But mostly it's about doing it same time every day

2018-02-23 18:19:38 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

This is my lifting routine for the week

2018-02-23 20:18:32 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Just don't base your weight goals or diet on what you weigh that day

2018-02-23 20:19:08 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I'm a big proponent of weighing yourself every day so you have more data

2018-02-23 20:20:31 UTC [Fitness #general]  

So you know which days you've shit before weighing, drank the night before (degenerate), etc

2018-02-23 20:21:00 UTC [Fitness #general]  

As long as you don't freak out every time you look at the scale or base everything on your weight weighing yourself every day is fine

2018-02-23 23:22:41 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

What about 1.5 gallons of tea πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

2018-02-26 07:03:22 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Adding more reps or sets is adding volume. Volume being the total amount of lifts. I assume he is suggesting that higher volume is better, and as a beginner you benefit more with extra volume. For example, in a lot of Sheiko routines, the volume is added by the amount of sets instead of reps. You'll end up doing 7-8 sets, but for lower rep counts. As you get further into strength programming and start to use things like Sheiko, Smolov, or Westside, having that "built volume" will help prepare you more than a 3x5 I think. 3x5 is barely anything. 15 reps? 3x8 adds almost 10 reps to your count

2018-02-26 07:06:05 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Russian coaches say that you should train smaller muscle groups with more volume and larger muscle groups with less volume

2018-02-26 07:06:18 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

So that makes sense! How interesting

2018-02-27 15:33:05 UTC [Fitness #general]  

R.I.C.E. every day, stay off it as long as you can

2018-02-27 15:33:46 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I used crutches after I got a similar level ankle sprain during a skydiving landing

2018-02-28 16:38:06 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Looks like a good workout to me

2018-02-28 16:38:34 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I used to do workouts like that when I was younger and had several hours to spend at the gym

2018-02-28 18:22:29 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Oh yeah that changes things haha

2018-02-28 18:22:49 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I'm a fan of the 60-90 second rest so it lengthens things quite a bit

2018-02-28 19:16:10 UTC [Fitness #general]  

If you really want to get your squat up do a Smolov Jr cycle

2018-02-28 19:16:41 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Got me from 400 to 500 by the end

2018-02-28 19:26:51 UTC [Fitness #general]  

It's a hellish couple months but you'll be the best at squatting you've ever been

2018-02-28 19:29:17 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Smolov will make you fear again haha

2018-02-28 19:32:55 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  


2018-02-28 19:33:30 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

During any working set (80%+ for me) I take exorbitantly long breaks

2018-02-28 19:34:23 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Had 2x5 at 80% for squat today and there's no way I'm not taking at least a couple minutes

2018-02-28 19:41:56 UTC [Fitness #general]  

The hard days were the 9 rep sets for me

2018-02-28 19:42:14 UTC [Fitness #general]  

And just knowing that every day at the gym that squat bar is waiting for you

2018-02-28 19:42:25 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Was terrifying and exhilirating

2018-02-28 19:44:14 UTC [Fitness #general]  

That's what I ended up doing

2018-02-28 19:44:38 UTC [Fitness #general]  

We had to cut the full one short because of a deployment but the squat and overall body gains were unreal

2018-02-28 19:44:49 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Smolov is real shit.

2018-02-28 19:46:08 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I gained half an inch on my biceps and lost inches around my waist

2018-02-28 19:46:27 UTC [Fitness #general]  


2018-02-28 19:46:57 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yeah. It was strange

2018-02-28 19:47:22 UTC [Fitness #general]  

And to this day my ass got so big girls comment on it regularly

2018-02-28 19:47:28 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Low bar

2018-02-28 19:48:23 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I got up to 265 at my last powerlifting meet so I hear you

2018-02-28 19:49:27 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I'd listen just because oly lifting is so toight

2018-02-28 19:49:41 UTC [Fitness #general]  

My sister competes in oly lifting

2018-02-28 19:50:38 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yeah. My quads are nothing to laugh at but my hamstrings and glutes are where my gains show

2018-03-02 13:18:20 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Just be aware of your body and keep the intensity moderate

2018-03-02 13:18:54 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

You'll be fine, I fast once a week and it's all good

2018-03-05 02:51:00 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Have never used in all my years of lifting but have always thought about trying

2018-03-05 02:55:53 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I could talk about lifting

2018-03-05 02:56:13 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I've familiarity with Soviet style training which is different than what most people here do I'm sure

2018-03-05 04:57:44 UTC [Fitness #general]  

There's a fashy fitness podcast already

2018-03-05 04:57:54 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Liftwaffe Podcast

2018-03-06 06:47:29 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Highland games are fun as hell

2018-03-06 16:46:28 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Not necessarily

2018-03-06 16:46:50 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

But it's probably best to use a belt if you're worried about it

2018-03-06 16:47:24 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I squat beltless for almost all of my training

2018-03-06 16:48:21 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Especially if you're doing lowbar you should probably wear a belt above 85%

2018-03-06 16:49:15 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

But I don't use one and have forgotten to tighten my belt for multiple lifts and training beltless has made it fine

2018-03-06 16:50:15 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I don't ever go above 85% in training either but that's my program

2018-03-06 16:53:25 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I run Sheiko programs

2018-03-06 16:58:20 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

I have been colluding with Russia

2018-03-06 17:09:05 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Yeah that doesn't sound safe hahaha

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