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@Jacob Can you link the comments you're referencing?

Add channels for programming and language-learning

We have a lot of tech guys coming out of the woodwork now. Out of curiousity, how many sys admins do we have vs app developers

I told my friend that I joined a pro-white group the other day.
He says "oh no, don't do that... which one is it?"
I say "Identity Europa"
He says "Oh, I've heard of them. They seem like good guys"

**Let's keep up this good reputation** 😃

These look so good. love this account too

@whiskeytangofoxtrot I wonder if a lower level user could simply mark “citation needed” whenever a negative opinion is expressed in the article

Yeah... the SPLC and ADL are counted as "credible sources". They determine what a hate group is

Irish is like white people arabic

competitor to bitchute looks nice

homebrew is amazing

windows choco doesn't compare

brew doctor && brew upgrade

So, people really shouldn’t mess with crypto unless they already have a 401k and some slow growth safe investments, right? Do we need an advisor for things like IRAs or can we do all that through TD Ameritrade?

Yeah, I don't invest because it pisses me off so much. But the pump and dump scheme seems to be what everyone is doing

It's sad, because Monero and Ethereum are legitimately good technology. But people just latch on to whatever crypto has the most hype and the hype is completely artificial. People are talking about Lite Coin too now. Like WTF. Lite Coin sucks ass, but the hype is randomly around it again

I agree. But the shitty thing is that nobody actually uses these coins. They just buy and sell the coin themselves

The fact that there is _zero_ commerce around this stuff should be a huge warning flag

e-stores that use bitcoin do _very_ little business in it. I guarantee. To the point where stores have just stopped supporting it

Let's be honest, NEETs do not spend much money on goods and services

Anyway, I'm gonna watch some tutorials on TD Ameritrade or something lol

Do we have any car experts here?

I think square space has ecommerce built in. But the amount it costs may not be good for a starting business

SquareSpace websites look very very good though. So the gain in a professional look might help get more business too

Has anyone heard of Steem or SteemIt social network?

@bostoneuropean For someone looking to buy a car in the 10k - 12k range, what might you recommend? Where from and any specific models?

he's a man against time

Is the Honda craze a fad? I've always driven asian cars that were from the 90's. Amazing cars. Have american ones gotten better?

See, I've heard American sedans used to be total shit from like 2000 to 2010, but now have gotten better

Tbh I just prefer something younger like a Civic. My parents and grandparents all drive American sedans that feel like I'm in a nursing home lol

we should get @bostoneuropean SME status. He knows things lol

@bostoneuropean I've heard that a lot of dealerships do 0% interest towards the end of the year. Is that true? If so, now is the time to buy, right?

There are a lot of uses for crypto currency in general. But bitcoin isn’t very _good_ at any of them. There are better crypto systems out there. Which is why I don’t believe anyone “uses” bitcoin in good faith but rather pumps and dumps to make some cash.

I’d rather invest in Ethereum or monero or something but I can’t be bothered when I have invested in anything else yet

If I use a rice cooker to make rice, can I just crack raw eggs in this with the rice to add eggs to it? Or should I scramble the eggs in a pan separately and add after the rice is cooked?

Oh I guess I have to add the eggs later. Because the water would make the eggs weird when it cooks up

idk how to do asian food guys

Would be nice to link to somewhere with more info. Average normie won’t recognize Kate

lmao that's not a real breakup letter

women don't understand finance enough to have that be a reason for the breakup

@Deleted User How long will that wall be there? I would try to use a vector graphics program to make a vector of her photo.

If you can’t do it, I can try to make one now too

Do you want the text too? Or just the image?

Let me know if that works. I can't get the background to look the same. Not good enough with GIMP

Capitalist shit, but at least there's no race-mixing. No worse than Coke Polar Bears imo

I can do one with the text very easily. I just thought you wanted it to look like the other peoples' photos

Yeah, it should be 36x48. Try to open it in paint

Ethereum is developing a really cool shared storage system. It's called Swarm. You can use your drives to help store peoples' stuff in a distributed way and earn FileCoin

I was phone number cucked after calling someone a "cunt" :/

so, no not really anymore

it's still very early. But it gives an idea of the vision they have for the future. Pretty neat

Going to learn how to use Docker. I figure it's about time, since every self-hosted project out there has a Docker image

Not sure if humanities or stem or what

@sigruna14 Want to start a language learning channel here? Or a german learning channel?

Am I a Neanderthal or a homo sapien? What is a black person?

Language learning is a hobby of mine. I simply dabble though. Would love to focus on one language in particular with a group of us. Maybe french or german for us and we can practice with our euro bros haha

Yeah, language learning is great. Helps with self-confidence and talking to people as well

We could start a group here

We should set up a language exchange club for GI and IE. I'm sure most GI people know English really well, but perhaps they want practice. @Deleted User Did you notice any bad English over there?

This is good. I think Germans are better with English, but either way, it would be great to have this language exchange program. We could have a discord server called “LBGTQ-Muslim Language Exchange” or something

The question is then if people want to learn French or German. @Reinhard Wolff Can you ping someone from GI and get a general sense of which language would be better for our guys to use? I'd imagine the French struggle more with English than the Germans do. If you see above, I am wondering if we can get a language exchange going with GI and IE

¿Son los argentinos blancos?

Esta bien que estar blanco

My grammar needs help but I think that’s closer

When in doubt, throw in a “que” lol

Spanish is probably my best language, but I feel guilty for promoting it now

In the states at least

Pimsleur is really a great system. It trains your ear so well. And that's a big part that is missing from other systems

@Nemets We have a Ukrainian learner if you know any of that @RevStench

@Prestor John Nothing yet. Getting a sense of who knows what right now. (I don't know German yet)

Language SMEs (WIP)

@Prestor John


@Mayor-Kleve- NE#4547
@Anthony Sealy#1725


@Deleted User






@ThisIsChris If you want to pin that ^ we can edit it as we find more people

Paul Sellers uses _all_ hand tools. It's very comfy

@Deleted User I've gotten quite far with Michel Thomas and then writing/speaking with penpals from sites like Interpals

Personally, I wouldn't waste time on Duolingo. only if bored.

I would always recommend Michel Thomas esque systems for a beginner to get up to speed. Then I'd say "go for it".

Granted, it's tougher with certain languages to do that, but yeah.

Ah yeah, there’s some online courses for Irish though. Sponsored by Ireland gov I think

Je veux apprendre l’allemande maintenant haha

There’s a lot of speakers here

the sustainability is definitely a concern. It becomes a moral issue at that point. And caring about efficiency is a white people problem

@Tanner - SC Does BCH solve the efficiency issue? Or does it still require the power of Ireland to run?

@Tanner - SC you said yourself that visa manages 24k transactions per second. BCH does 48

not sure if this was shared yet. But great idea

This is why Monero should be the default tbh

I think I'll create a BCH wallet with that app

Might be annoying to send coinbase funds to the wallet though. Somehow have to copy the wallet code from phone to desktop. Maybe via email, which defeats the purpose of being more secure

If they don't understand that it is specifically browns raping whites, then they've really missed the plot. It's Sweden, so I assume they'll turn it into #YesAllMen or something

YACY is a brilliant idea. Didn’t work too well for me but I think it’s in alpha still

Only if the bottle is fresh. Otherwise it’ll crumble and you’ll be pouring the wine through a coffee filter to get the chunks out haha

Also can push the cork into the bottle. More effort exerted though

Somalis in Minnesota is clownish just by itself. Wtf are they thinking inviting them there

Did antifa make that banner with smeared poo?

Damn, I need to learn Ukrainian / Russian

Yeah basically. The website explains it

I actually really like bitcoin cash and their phone wallet

I was thinking of getting something like Ford Escape maybe. I like the smaller SUV models out now

@celticflame With all the crypto stuff going on, you could try to sell your goods on

I've never tried OpenBazaar, but accepting bitcoin for your goods would be a good move in any case

Idk if OpenBazaar is enough for marketing a business. But accepting bitcoin is a big benefit to your business

We need something like Etsy to accept bitcoin

Yeah idk. If there’s gonna be forks left and right, sounds pretty bad for the future tbh

If I had a business where I produced goods, I would use that as a good opportunity to get bitcoin

@Tanner - SC if you look at the segwit plans for the future, they’re planning on adding a lot. Bigger block sizes, contracts, etc

I don’t see a point in BCH and other forks if the core team just incorporates the changes

Weev already made his money on BTC. On to the next one

I tried setting up Monero app. The built in mining ability doesn't work and the wallet app feels buggy :/

And Monero has a 25 word wallet seed AND a password. The password kinda defeats the purpose of the 25 word seed in terms of security

2017-12-28 02:33:34 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Segwit2 seems to be taking the best ideas from BCH though

@ThisIsChris BCH already has a ton of the biggest names with bitcoin.

Segwit 2 has some a negro woman and maybe an exchange backing them?

Satoshi Dice uses BCH exclusively for one. overstock uses BCH and BTC both.

BCH website shows all the backers

2017-12-29 04:38:42 UTC [Fitness #hema]  

In one of those videos, a guy was swinging a fuggin hammer. Take one to the head and you'll die bro

2017-12-29 04:45:08 UTC [Literature Club #myths]  

Just picked this up

Most forwards to books spoil the book anyway. Read it after.

I feel that. I've tried to learn many times. But so many coins are complete trash at onboarding people

Now seems to be a good time to buy BTC and BCH tho

2017-12-31 00:28:44 UTC [Fitness #general]  

I just bought an exercise bike 👍

Yeah is it normal for them to request ID for buying coins?

They did that for BCH too

I like Ethereum for all of the different uses it has. Have never found out any info about the actual Ethereum currency though. That whole project is an absolute mess of information

Very frustrating to find info you’re looking for

Scroll up. Someone just mentioned it’s trash yesterday

Yeah. Have you heard of Metal? It sounds similar to ripple

Ripple strategy is to only get in bed with financial institutions though. It’s actually smart to take advantage of them

On their website it explains that the ripple transfer network will only be accessible to financial institutions. Prob to avoid fraud etc. but it’s a smart move

Get the pre existing things to build up your coin

I’m not an expert sorry. Just a random thought I had on it. Ripple is actually extremely convoluted. It’s a coin and a transfer network

>Posting the banner "is still a long way from standing up and saying 'this is me and this is what I believe,'" she said. "If this is the way you’re going to live your life, come out. Let's talk."

Just wait sweaty 😘

@Deleted User you can buy with coinbase then transfer to other coins with something like shapeshift

@Deleted User Yeah, it's bizarre. But if you want to support anonymous/private crypto-currency, you can exchange your bitcoin for those other coins.

Or just transfer your bitcoin to a different wallet and nobody knows that wallet belongs to you

Only the exchanges require all the info upfront

to go from USD to BTC or whatever

BCH just seems very pedestrian. Simple, easy, quick. All good things

>Get $100 worth of BTC
>"Warning: Amount too low to cover costs of BTC fees"

Holy crap BTC sucks

@Tanner - SC The debate is _not_ between BTC and BCH but rather between BCH and all the other forks that happened around the same time

Do you think the BCH/BTC transfer rate will get better than 5.73

oh already up to 5.79

Just to be sure, I want the highlighted number to go up right?

@ThisIsChris I'm trying to understand how that rate number works in my favor. If the rate of "BCH/BTC" goes up, do I get more BCH when I shift it?

Oh yeah, if BTC goes up and BCH goes down, I should shift to BCH and get more

Wait “BCH/BTC” should mean “how many BCH per one BTC”

So if that number is high like 8, that means that if you buy BCH with BTC then you’ll get 8 times what you have with BTC.

So I do want that number to be high.

Damn ALL the top comments are us. Upvote that shit. So glad I cancelled WeimarFlix!

Show me the number you’re looking at. Your rate number is reversed

“BTC/BCH” should be .158 while “BCH/BTC” is 6.03

If BCH per one BTC were low, then I’d get only a few more BCH with one BTC. But seeing that it is 6, I should get 6 times the coins

Yeah we’re saying the same thing. You want the price of BCH per one BTC to be low. But you want the number of BCH per BTC to be high

We’re just looking at different metrics

Looks like prices are leveling out now though. I might want to buy

Not sure. Other than people being able to actually use BCH for practical things

I think BCH will get its own address format soon though

Right now it’s impossible to tell if someone sent you a BTC address or a BCH address. So communication has to be very clear and explicit

The wallet account for this by having rollover functionality

I was reading about iota yesterday. Looks awesome. Sad thing is that it’s so difficult to buy into some smaller coins

@ThisIsChris I am interested in buying coins with good uses that solve issues. It’s basically like stocks. You buy the stocks if it’s a good company with a use.
Something like XRP will spike but I don’t think they’ll take off. So with stuff like that, you are riding the speculation wave but practically they’re trash

Ripple has had a chance to get in bed with fintech and it hasn’t worked. They offer nothing to financial that they don’t already have. Except the ability to lose all holdings because of silly human error.

Yes exactly. I don’t want to have to constantly monitor. In my mind, it takes too much to buy in and the chance of losing annoys me

BTC fees are %15 for crying out loud

Now you see why people are switching to alt coins haha

And you don’t have an obligation to invest just because the alt right spergs about it

The comment section is amazing. Everyone go in and upvote comments

@Why Tea How do you insulate your investments from crashes?

Anyone @here know how to fug with webpack? @sigruna14 wants to know

what does that mean?

"black propaganda"

That's odd. If they recognize that nazi propaganda is bad, why would they use it themselves?

Never let atomwaffen live down that muslim episode they had

@John O - AW guy purity spiraled into islam and blewed up his friends (i think)

2018-01-04 23:49:33 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@Pavel Cristović are you interested in fiction or non-fiction?

Transaction fees are going to be as bad as BTC for Monero too

I'm not gonna buy into a coin that doesn't solve this

Yes, NEO and ARK both look good.

But literally every single exchange has blocked new user registration

Don't wear a beret unless you also wear a horizontal striped shirt

it's 50/50. We need more of our guys in there

@Erika You underestimate the power of people getting redpilled by funny comments

Normies have accepted the fact that Jews push race mixing because of downvotes and comments like this. That's a win

I agree that it's not good just to have "reeee I'm mad" comments. But the "oy vey what a coincidence" comments help shift the window

We need to amplify this Google lawsuit

Self-hosting that would be great too

It's just a protocol, not a full chat solution, sadly

Also, it was just said today that Whatsapp has a backdoor to convos even though they advertise the encryption. Can't trust anything that doesn't open source server code. Even then they could be running different code than what they show on github, but it's a better bet

@JesseJames we talked about a lot of options. Favoring the sony a6000 now

I'm not the one buying though lol

So BTC is down. Is the whole market down?

@Why Tea A good point was brought up that 4k video makes the a6300 more future proof

Hot Take: As much as I like decentralized/distributed tech projects, I don't think they'll ever catch on because the ability to delete things and have them deleted for everyone else is too valuable for people. The "once posted, always posted" thing is very unsettling to most normal people.

Comment from HN

"Yes, there was extremely wide discussion in 1999 and 2000 about the dotcom party being typically somewhere between fraudulent and a giant bubble. The Buffett side of traditionalists won that argument, by a landslide. In the end, profits mattered, sales mattered, and something a lot closer to a traditional valuations model won out.
There was common discussion about junk dotcoms like,, Geocities and dozens of others, and how they had no actual sustainable business (and often no plan for when they'd develop one). Scient, Viant, Razorfish, MarchFirst, and dozens of dotcom service companies were granted crazy valuations versus existing traditional peers (which is history rhyming re Ripple vs PayPal/Stripe/Square/Ant/etc).

The high burn rates, the lack of business models to actually make money, some that went public with practically no plans for how they'd make money at all, extremely high valuations on the few that were making money, and so on. These things were all very widely discussed, many skeptics were shouting about it, it wasn't popular to give them TV talking time (channels/sites like CNBC et al have a vested interest in pushing exuberence)."

One of the most helpful things they added to Duolingo was chatting practice with a bot. It sounds silly but it’s awesome practice for a typing conversation

Yeah tbh, it’s too easy to lose your life savings with crypto. Maybe somebody will sell crypto insurance though

Good thing, since QA seems to have missed the typo in their flyer :/

Poe was a rampant racist, so either is fine lol

Oh wait that was Lovecraft sorry haha

We'll see if it's nice. We don't want rogue activism attached to us

@Deleted User A lot of people get a ThinkPad for linux. Personally, I'd get a Dell XPS these days, but they're more expensive for sure

Dell will sell their laptops with linux baked in already (which is a great service I think). Guaranteeing that the hardware is compatible is awesome.

See these results for Ubuntu between 500 and 800,6119

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

I shared this article with a friend and said “you’re welcome in the alt right”

My friend said “yes! I’m on board with the other stuff, I just can’t stand trump”

2018-01-26 13:13:03 UTC [Fitness #general]  

How do I get my girlfriend to be interested in physical fitness? She’s thin, but she has zero upper body strength.

2018-01-26 14:36:50 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Yeah I figured. Just wondering if something worked for you guys

2018-01-26 14:37:12 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Women are sensitive and we obviously don’t want to make them feel bad

2018-01-26 14:40:22 UTC [Fitness #general]  

She's red pilled

2018-01-26 14:40:33 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Maybe approach it from a self defense stand point?

2018-01-27 14:35:38 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I feel like this server doesn't have high enough traffic to justify the massive number of channels. It's kind of daunting. We could probably just have the Book of the Month club and like Fiction and Non-Fiction discussion and that's it tbh

2018-01-27 19:47:33 UTC [Literature Club #general]

2018-01-27 19:47:51 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

What’s up with these?

2018-01-27 19:48:27 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Sorry, I just never know what are the channels that I should generally care about

2018-01-27 21:59:05 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I’d appreciate the new category @CarletonJ that way if you’re participating you know what is relevant immediately

2018-01-27 22:00:38 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

@Jacob not trying to be a bitch. Just want to give my feedback in case others thought the same

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