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That *should* work for me.

Hi, everyone. Your friend Why Tea here. My wife and I do a bit of gardening, and between the two of us and her father, we've got over a lifetime's experience. She was raised on a farm in the Northwest, and I'm from the Southeast, so we've got a bit of range there. At home here we currently have blueberry bushes, strawberries, a ton of tomatoes (of course) and we're also doing cantaloupe and an entire bed of sweet potatoes this year.

We have a huge blackberry bush, but we're going to rip it out, they are big and juicy, but even after several seasons, this variety just doesn't taste sweet. The raspberry bush hasn't ever taken off, unfortunately.

300 plants is serious. I've got acreage and want to fill it with blueberries and strawberries.

I had one of the very first Miatas, in red. 1990.

The oil filter is in an annoying location.

Well, raspberries won't do well, they have to be further north, but blackberries do fine here in GA. There are a number of varieties. It doesn't get quite as hot here, but they still do fine. Really well. I don't have to actively water them or anything. It may be too hot or too dry where you are.

The main thing is to make sure what you're trying to grow, as you asked, will work in your climate zone.

And be sure to get a variety that does best in that zone.

If there are different ones.

For blackberries, there definitely are: https://www.almanac.com/plant/blackberries

Definitely a thorny weed!

@texan- tx Looks like you're in Zone 8 in East Texas, and all the blackberry stock I looked at grows in zones 5-9 so you're good.

I'm trying to find a particular variety that will do well there.

For example, this: ".A NEW thornless blackberry USDA cultivar called โ€˜Sweetie Pieโ€™ was released that is resistant to disease, heat tolerant but tastes delicious. This cultivar, tested as MSUS119, came from a cross between โ€˜Navahoโ€™ and MSUS29. MSUS29 is a seedling from a cross of [Humble x Brazos] x Navaho. โ€˜Sweetie Pieโ€™ was selected at Poplarville, Mississippi in 1996. It was subsequently propagated and tested at McNeill, Mississippi, as well as in trial plantings in Louisiana and Arkansas. โ€˜Sweetie Pieโ€™ grows vigorously and produces numerous floricanes, which are thornless and have a trailing growth habit."

I'd say if it does well in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas, this will work in Texas : )

So see if you can find that. Bonus--thornless!

I've only grown mushrooms from a kit, once, indoors. I'll defer to Alexander on this one.

Simple lesson coming soon on how to keep critters and varmints from getting your cantaloupes!

@Deleted User I'm more familiar with the jams and jellies myself but a cobbler or pie might be nice. Follow the same recipes as for apple and I'd expect it would work out fine.

@Grenadier lol no it's little cages made of hardware cloth!


Oldfag here with a Master's in business, 20 years of investment experience, lived as an adult through the last two major market events, and "successful person" *of course* wants to share his wisdom.

And ran multiple small businesses and works for giant public company now.

I also taught a class/seminar on budgeting for continuing ed & GED candidates sponsored by my Rotary club with the local school system back when I still did Rotary stuff.

Yes, to an extent.

"Apple store" says the lazy Gen-X'er.

Graham is the thing.

It worked great! Another round of 'em ripened too so I got to re-use that cage.

I suspect quite a few of us could write volumes on this. I get called a Renaissance man too, because of obvious reasons. I think it's valuable for you, me, others like us to write about these things, and why we are like this, and why it's valuable for our people, our culture, etc. Men of a certain caliber had much more expected of them in the past, in terms of breadth. The environment *demanded* much more of them. Specialization and the comforts of the modern world made that less crucial. Providing your own take on the ways and means to be all you can be and are, again, has value. Your writing may resonate with someone where Tony Robbins or others, or my writing, may not resonate. And inspire and guide and assist those for whom it does.

How did you prepare the seeds (if at all) and what care did you provide right after planting?

Enlighten me on the benefits of using webpack. The "core concepts" page isn't convincing me that it would be "worth it".


@Dan iiii Interesting. So is the consensus that it's superior to the existing tools/techniques for minifying, compacting, linting, etc? Or just another way to do it that's popular at the moment? For context I work in concert with our Dev / DevOps team(s) and manage some custom development work / manage those devs. I have *some* influence with our core Dev team but decisions on what to use are from their leads / and department head. If something is better than what they're using now, me suggesting they try it can't hurt. My team and I do app tier stuff much more so than front-end development, but anything to help the team is worth looking at.

For more context my work is in the Security / Authentication & Authorization part of the stack/platform. Even more context, a couple of the biggest companies in the world use security code I and my team wrote and designed.

Well that sucks. I've certainly had bad luck sometimes with seeds that just did nothing.

For some plants we always buy seedlings or young plants, just to avoid the hassle/risk, despite the extra cost.

The wife's dad, however, is some sort of wizard with seeds and grows almost everything he can from seed.

^^^ This.

Thanks @Joe-MN for saving me the trouble of writing that.

Great eggplant!

@Brandon Ironside- ND I haven't used Premiere in years, but I do work quite a bit in After Effects these days. Losing a lot of quality is interesting, something is happening there beyond just you saying "output dimensions = input dimensions" some interpolation or re-compression is happening. How "bad" does it look? post a before and after pic of a couple of the frames...

>he attacks. he protects...

2017-12-08 03:01:17 UTC [Fitness #general]  


I've been very satisfied with Lending Club, I have automatic investing set up, and the returns have been good. I've used it for years now.

The market obviously would have done far better, but the interest from Lending Club has always been solid. Yeah just a minute let me go get an accurate number.

5.92 for me.

Which is rather lower than it was.

It was up in the mid sixes.

So now I'm a bit chapped.

I don't look at it much, it just makes money.

Point me at some preferred stock then.

Thanks for the tip, @Zyzz

2017-12-09 20:01:15 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  

Which day is best day?

It's somehow impressive that they can get such simple facts wrong.

@Deleted User I'm not positive facebook does it (but I imagine they would/could), but they can also, beyond the IP address, use "browser fingerprinting" to identify that it's the same person connecting. The way around this is of course to use a private browser session, use a different browser for the two (or more) different accounts, and/or be sure you don't log into an account on service "B" (like Google, twitter, whatever) using the *non-sock* account at the same time you're using a sock account in that session.

VPN ought to fix you right up, most likely. But if they still seem to "know it's you" it could be because of the above.

Anthropology and Archaeology took a "wrong turn" for *many*, but not *all*, practitioners at a certain point. And it became heretical to go against the "consensus" except when you had excellent evidence. 130,000 years is problematic for a couple of reasons. First and notably, the integration, admixture, and ultimate replacement of the Neandertals hadn't happened yet. If you're saying the group came from that population. So you'd need to have tools and artifacts that match the technology they'd have had at the time. Or skeletal evidence. If you're saying they were the non-mixed group, then the resultant population wouldn't have (obviously) the same Neandertal admixture and SNPs, most likely. If you're then saying that later on, the admixture happened with the second group that came over, then that's all well and good, but again you'd need evidence. If you're saying they all died out, which is the default position, you're up there at the start trying to explain how an archaic hominid from that long ago had technology that doesn't show up anywhere else for ~80-100K years.

Good job!

Your online broker may (usually does?) have access to reports from Morningstar, etc. Mine does.

`โ€œYou know you are in a bubble when the shoeshine boy starts giving financial advice and people take it seriously.โ€`

Anyone into machine learning, deep learning, etc? @here

Cool. I've been reading some on coding it. My employer (big big company) is a huge player in it, but I'm not involved in it at all at work.

Is this a good place to start (sure looks like it) and what other resources do you think are worth looking at?

@Deleted User Yes, one way / model of dealing with AI.

Right, right. Thanks. But I'm not working on anything *specific* yet, as I'm trying to learn.

Of course one of the best ways to learn is to pick a thing you'd like to do, and try to solve the problem, but I'm not there yet.

Excellent, thanks!

I love the MIT courses that are available.

Cool, thanks, @Perihelion - CA

I'll second that, @ThisIsChris and I want to stress to the younger folks. While I don't have the professional experience that some of our finance guys have, I do have a master's degree where we covered finance, accounting, and economics. That does not mean this is an argument from authority. Second, I'm an oldfag. I've been through two crashes, I've been investing since prior to the dot com boom (and bust). I'm on track for my retirement. Even if there's another crash, it is more than likely that I will be able to stop working when I decide I want to. What's the point of this? I'm telling you YOU CANNOT PREDICT THE FUTURE. YOU. CAN. NOT. DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF. ANY CHARTS OR ANALYSIS YOU CREATE, USE, ETC. INTRINSICALLY ONLY LOOKS AT THE PAST. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TOMORROW.

Always remember that. Always.

You may make better guesses and predictions than some other people do. But you cannot know the future with certainty. Do not fool yourselves.

Well you can't entirely insulate, but you can reduce the risk by diversifying across asset classes that are loosely coupled / correlated with each other.

A bad year in the housing market or for commercial rents isn't tied to a bad year for long term bonds, and isn't connected directly with returns on non-cyclical industries, etc.

"Own lots of different stuff."

I can write/copypasta more about it later and I'm sure our professionals have excellent input to provide.

We could definitely benefit from someone giving an overview on options and strategies like covered calls and protective puts.

I saw that in here earlier. I've used covered calls with success on some big, slow moving, high-dividend blue chips, etc.

I know a wahmen that's a professional tutor. That's what she does for work, and does it for private school kids, and makes a very good living doing it, sets her own hours, "fires" customers if they don't work out, etc.

I can ask her how she did it. Customers snowballed by word of mouth so now there's the equivalent of a "waiting list" and she's considering hiring some people to fill in.



Well if that was your target price, your exit point, why not stick with your strategy? Sell.

At that point you have actually made tangible gains. This is always important. Until you sell, it is only *potential* gains (or losses).

What "might" happen in the future is unknown.

Either way you might be kicking yourself.

I'm about to need to get just a bit of XMR I mined converted to dollars. The monero wallet you'd run on your PC... the GUI was an unstable nightmare. And the command line looks like... an autist created it. So, the deposit from my mining is NOT going to a local wallet, but to a wallet at MyMonero online. (inb4 OMG OMG Nevar use an online wallet OMG! This is just the way it is, until the offline wallet is worth a fuck.) I've got accounts on binance, bittrex, etc. and of course coinbase for bitcoin to dollars (and vice versa). But I need sure-fire steps to get the XMR into an exchange and converted to dollars. I think I've got it, but having never done it I'm nervous.

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