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One of the Atlanta guys and me designed that. The words aren't big enough to read far away but they made for great close-up photos.

@everyone Anyone driving from Alabama? A well known older writer, Tito Purdue, would like a ride from Montgomery. He will pay someone $100 to give him a ride to Charlottesville.



2017-08-11 01:46:41 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

That's what happens when people don't learn a song they were told to learn 6 weeks in advance! lol

2017-08-11 01:47:54 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Just make sure it's a good version.

The best paragraph from the Newsweek piece :

After a brief lull this summer, Identity Evropa is ramping up its recruiting arm with terrifying speedโ€”and a sudden shift in strategy. Historically, the groupโ€™s fliers had images of Greek and Roman statues alongside vague phrases like, โ€œOur future belongs to usโ€ and โ€œLetโ€™s become great again.โ€ But a few weeks ago, Identity Evropa unveiled a new recruiting strategy: posters with photos of founder Nathan Damigo and Evan Thomas, another Identity Evropa memberโ€”both of whom could pass for frat brosโ€”talking into bullhorns above new slogans, including, โ€œOur generation, our future, our last chance,โ€ and โ€œAction. Leadership. Identity.โ€

"White Supremacists who attacked Charlottesville"...

Responding with succint points to such an hyperbolic smear like that is highly important. The statement is an outright deliberate lie.

@everyone News from our outreach at Penn State is really taking on a full local cycle there.

Our activists there should hit up the bulletin boards again.

Yes, definitely make a sales channel. *Everyone* is in sales, whether they know it or not.

@everyone The hyperbolic reactions to our completely inoffensive, simple posters have taught us a valuable lesson. In order to be seen as radical, all we have to be is what we are: Strong and confident men of the West.

If you're unhappy with your job because you have no opportunity to move up or get paid more and don't know what to do, explore alternative ways of raising your income.


Care to expand on your thoughts/concerns? @John O -#7072

The article is just explaining how network marketing is working for a lot of businesses. There are thousands of people making a lot of money with MLM companies. It's always good to exercise caution to minimize risk and do what is right for you, though.

Most people don't have the money to start their own business and most of these companies don't require a hefty initial investment. If there is no other opportunity out there for someone that desires a lot more than what they're presently earning, at the very least, getting involved in something like MLM would help them to begin thinking bigger and more creatively. And if they work harder, smarter and faster than most of the people in it, they'll succeed.

Thinking outside the box of the normal 9-5 is especially necessary for the people in our movement.

Tony Robbins isn't my favorite, but he's still got a tremendous following that find his information useful. I doubt I'd go to one of his events and I haven't read any of his books. I do know a little bit about his place in the self-improvement industry and think a lot of his gimmicky walking on fire stuff is great for short term inspiration and thought expansion, but that's about it. He's basically a brilliant marketer, but so far as I know, he doesn't teach how to build a great business.


It has come to our attention that, effective today, due to prior obligations to projects with the wider movement, Eli Mosley has resigned as leader of Identity Evropa.

This is not the result of infighting or bad blood, but is a professional decision that we must accept and respect. Eli deserves a lot of credit for the work he has done since he has joined us and is deserving of the greatest success in his endeavors.

I look forward to hearing further updates at our fireside chat in just a few minutes.


We have tried to keep divisive conversations about IE's transition off social media and we will continue to do so. Do not attack those that are attacking us. Private constructive criticism is fine, so long as we are learning and developing from it. We are all better off if we are able to act cordially and professionally and reestablish mutual respect.

My opinion on the current dust-up on Twitter:

The movement is more powerful as a dynamic force, with various parts attacking with our message on many levels. IE's goals do not go against the goals of Richard Spencer or anyone else that desires the survival and progress of the European race.

People join Identity Evropa because they want to be part of a brotherhood and they want to build something that lasts. They want a better, and many times bigger movement that is able to establish good relations with the European American community.

We need *many* capable leaders who can awaken and organize the best of our people to save our race and build our civilization anew. That job is so difficult, so monumental, and requires so much energy and dedication that it cannot be accomplished unless our organization and its leaders are devoted *entirely* to that mission.

Many of us are friends of Richard's, he is not going away and nobody wishes for him or his projects to fail. But NPI does not have the infrastructure, the energy, or even the immediate goal of developing the next generation of leaders of our people. This fact is not a problem because *one* institution cannot carry the burden of all of the work that must be accomplished.

*We will need hundreds of leaders and thousands of institutions and organizations if we are to succeed*.

The goal of training the next generation of leaders that can inspire our people to rise to their defense and save themselves from the dark times ahead is the primary goal of Identity Evropa.

"B-b-b-but they're going to call us Nazis no matter *what* we do!"

Once again, Identity Evropa is setting the standards!

@Le 99% (Bay Area) This Washington Post article proves that we will not be called Nazis no matter what. Even if they do call us Nazis, by not confirming their label, they are exposed as agenda driven and as having zero credibility.



We're pleased to announce a major addition to our practical skills server. The Server has been renamed to "Skills & Academics," and is now split into two sections. The Skills Section includes the good old topics we've had for some time now. The new Academics Section, led by @ThisIsChris, includes channels for STEM, Social Sciences, and Humanities, as well as a channel designated for help with homework. If you haven't joined, here's the link: https://discord.gg/Pz3jYU8

Weighing in!

From our 18 second banner drop video on Twitter.


Paul Nehlen mentions our Atlanta banner drop after the 1:43 mark.

We did do a drop last March. Theyโ€™re just bad at research.

2017-12-21 23:31:33 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

It's important for everyone to understand the lessons that we've learned as our organization has moved forward. "Breaking off" from other organizations or individuals isn't about saying we're better, but about cutting through the clutter of constant media stories and political noise.

We have to win the fight against obscurity.

Creating space around us where we can expand and get attention for the things we can do best is vital for our organization's survival and the only way we're going to get big.

Great Russia Today piece.

Props to all of the Minnesota members! This has been terrific breakthrough activism.

Minnesota is also the state settled by my recent German and Swedish forebears and I have quite a few family members living there still. I'd love to meet up with MN members when I'm up there to see my relatives.

This Trump quote is perhaps our greatest opportunity yet to credibly establish ourselves. We need to repeat this over and over and over again. Identity Evropa has a point of view on immigration that most people of European heritage find completely sensible.

@CarletonJ I live by BOBA!

Sounds like he's been listening to Jared too.

Campus newspapers read like Soviet propaganda.

We should have one of our lawyers draft a statement to the college demanding a statement that makes the facts clear.

โ€œThe group involved in the UCSD vandalism, Identity Evropa, and its leader Nathan Damigo were intimately involved in organizing the terrorism in Charlottesville,โ€ the student continued.

There should be a statement that follows to the effect, "However, a new, independent report that investigated the incidents in Charlottesville last August concluded that the city was negligent in their obligation to prevent the violence that occurred."

Additionally, they should make clear that James Fields is not being prosecuted for terrorism and was never a member of Identity Evropa.

They should include a link to the report in that statement.

โ€œ'[Identity Evropa] actively advocates for a policy of ethnic cleansing. This is a dangerous ideology that should not go unchecked by the general population...'"


"Along with the controversial banners, a picture of Nate Parker, an African American musician coming to campus, was defaced with Nicolas Custousโ€™ sculpture of Julius Caesar, possibly by Identity Europa."

They need to issue a correction that says something to the effect,

"There is no evidence to support UCSD Allumnus William Johnson's assertion that Identity Evropa advocates ethnic cleansing."

They should also clarify exactly how that musician's picture was "defaced" and state that there is no evidence that it was done by members of Identity Evropa.

@Jacob It's definitely actionable.

IE exists for a reason.

Cheap entertainment @martin

Thereโ€™s a fantastic IE meet-up in Atlanta right now. I hope everyone has a growing chapter in their area that they can meet with on Saturdays.

Heirs to the creators of western civilization shouldn't know how to make cost effective banners at home, I guess.

Check out our statement in response to the ADL.

This is how well our Georgia Tech banner drop video clip tweet has done in a little over a month.


This is how well, so far, our recent banner drop near San Francisco, which gained considerable corporate media attention, has done.


Our Twitter account just surpassed 27,000 followers.

I'm happy to see our statement was included in this one. http://archive.is/VJgyI

Been having a great time with our New Orleans chapter. We have the best people!

Check out our twitter page throughout the day @Fox

On the eve of our first conference, the Board of Directors thought it appropriate to add a new document to the Guidebook. It's called _Focal Point 2018. Our path to a greater, highly effective organization._

In _Focal Point 2018_ you will learn about our vision for a much larger, highly successful organization. More important, you'll gain full clarity of our organization's purpose and learn about the vital role you must play in taking us to the next level.

For conference attendees, it's especially important for you to read this latest Guidebook expansion so you'll be fully prepared to contribute to what's promising to be a phenomenal event.

Here's to a high-energy weekend!


Dropped Jared Taylor off at the airport this morning. He said IE is the best organization heโ€™s ever seen in America.

Itโ€™s not inaccurate except for saying we only had 70 people at the conference.

And that we call for an ethnostate. We havenโ€™t officially done that or endorsed any policy.

Ramz is okay. But Iโ€™d like for us to always favor dynamic speakers when we can.

From @Johday - GA

After some delay, The Identitarian publication is finally coming together. A site has been secured and Wordpress has been integrated. The dream is becoming reality. In addition, we have set a potential launch date.

Out of 34 people who said they were interested, only eight people sent in articles. The Identitarian is our platform, and, therefore, the greatness thereof rests on our shoulders. However, the success of a publication lies on the consistency and quality. We need good writers, and we need quality content. So, the publication needs consistent writers and those of you who wish to contribute less frequently. Remember, this publication represents us. If you want to write, you need to be willing to really put effort into your writing.

Please, if you want to contribute, DM @Johday - GA


That guy is a total douche. Letโ€™s take it back to general.

What a clumsy title.

"Free speech has no room for espousing hatred." Yup. They were educated in America.

Itโ€™s basically whatโ€™s called an assignment of contract.

Youโ€™re getting the property for a โ€œwholesaleโ€ price then assigning it at a higher price.

@Zyzz knows his stuff.

Weโ€™re about to hit 30 thousand followers on Twitter. 44 more to go! @everyone

@Logan No, I wasnโ€™t

Good question, but these are operations with hundreds of millions of dollars at their disposal, @TylerHess. They also are treated as experts by the courts. Even if we were to win such a suit, it would be after months of time and financial resources that would have been put to better use elsewhere.

The most important thing for us *right now* is to grow.

They're so brave. The problem is that people don't know we're non-violent. Obscurity is a big problem. Being thought of as violent racists is a bigger problem. The only way to overcome it is to get huge and get known for our good deeds.

This is a great new interview with business leader Ed Mylett. He talks about how to maintain high standards and staying motivated to achieve your goals.



Thank you Mr. President!

@Zyzz Writing down anything that's important to you is vital. Especially goals. What gets measured gets done. If a goal isn't written down with a deadline attached, it's not a goal; it's just a wish or an idea that you will likely never achieve.

The organization will achieve greatness when the largest number of its members decide greatness is our goal.

@GZ Denton Doing one's duty to his people and civilization is something that must always be done, always maintained. It is sad that our people have so much growing up to do in terms of the way they view the world, but our duty to help them should make us joyful.

@Goose I don't ever foresee Israel declaring war on us.

When flyers from several different groups are found in the same city, it gives them an excuse to mention us with them in the same article.

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