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Yeah didn't he get uninvited to that deploraball thing cause he was talking about the JQ?

Antifa doesn't attack unless they outnumber at least 3 to 1 and even then they might not

LOL what

Some fag in the comments says to "light us up" 🤔

Well they have drag queen in their username so the "he" is in question

I endorse Tomorrow Belongs to Me

The hammer and sickle

Yeah I'm assuming that's what she meant


Haha I live in the next town over from Lakewood, good job with that banner


Confirmed +1

Yeah I'd think many on here don't bother with the Facebook event including myself so the real number is probably higher

Euron is badass especially in the books

I always rooted for the Lannisters. Tywin is a genius and Jaime is an aryan warrior

Really funny when the one Frey girl actually turned out not to be ugly


Clear faceguards on a helmet are a no go in VA right?

There's a separate event for the women going on during the rally correct?

Cool, my gf will be there I'm keeping her away from the rally

"Nazis are literally killing ppl daily" damn I must've missed that

21 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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