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2018-03-16 01:35:16 UTC  

Did they put a Snapchat filter on our action shot

2018-03-16 01:36:07 UTC  

Yea they actually made it glow and look cooler

2018-03-16 01:37:38 UTC  

The Left can't meme.

2018-03-16 01:38:16 UTC  

Is this a promotion piece or what lol

2018-03-16 01:52:50 UTC  

Wow,high praise looks like

2018-03-16 02:01:15 UTC  

They’re sowing discord between Spencer and us

2018-03-16 02:01:33 UTC  

Of course, we don’t really mind this...

2018-03-16 02:02:05 UTC  

It don’t *ever* get the idea that the SPLC is going to be in the business of admiring, or helping us. They always have a motive

2018-03-16 02:02:36 UTC  

Spencer's doing it to himself

2018-03-16 02:03:26 UTC  

Oh, I know

2018-03-16 02:03:36 UTC  

They’re just taking advantage of it

2018-03-16 02:19:03 UTC  

It’s not inaccurate except for saying we only had 70 people at the conference.

2018-03-16 02:23:34 UTC  

And that we call for an ethnostate. We haven’t officially done that or endorsed any policy.

2018-03-16 02:26:06 UTC  

Aside from the things Evan mentioned, it's overall a mostly fair and accurate article, surprisingly lol. And the picture is really cool.

2018-03-16 02:27:09 UTC  

They called us white nationalists and not neo-nazis. Our normie friendly optics are taking effect.

2018-03-16 04:26:59 UTC  

What a great article! No fake news lol!

2018-03-16 11:15:37 UTC  

well, we aren't WN org, either 😛

2018-03-16 11:16:11 UTC  

but ya it's better than the usual neo-nazi claim

2018-03-16 13:32:21 UTC  


2018-03-16 13:32:29 UTC  

People are starting to see.

2018-03-16 13:32:37 UTC  

This is only the beginning.

2018-03-16 13:36:46 UTC  

You know you're on the right track when you have the eternal black piller saying he's impressed with you.

2018-03-16 15:13:14 UTC  

Maybe Ramzpaul can speak at our next conference

2018-03-16 18:39:09 UTC  

Eh, do we really want him standing there and countersignalling stuff?

2018-03-16 19:07:42 UTC  

Ramzpaul would be perfect

2018-03-16 19:08:47 UTC  

I've gotten to like Ramzpaul. Didn't used to, but he's right about alot of stuff. Having some disagreement isn't necessarily a bad thing. It can make people think and create growth.

2018-03-16 19:09:19 UTC  

@Erika I stopped watching him when he ditched "alt right" label a couple years ago. Realized he was right all along haha. He's been consistently in favor of a homeland and self-determination for our people

2018-03-16 19:10:36 UTC  


2018-03-16 20:33:21 UTC  

Ramz is okay. But I’d like for us to always favor dynamic speakers when we can.

2018-03-16 21:05:03 UTC  

@Deleted User Is this ok

2018-03-16 21:06:12 UTC  

No @Jacob or @Phillip Wiglesworth - FL are better people to ask about this since they will be escorting you to your cell

2018-03-16 21:06:40 UTC  

Negative, @Francisco Nuñez - CA. I deleted.

2018-03-16 21:07:05 UTC  

Even in article thumbnails, such imagery is not permitted, sorry.

2018-03-16 21:07:47 UTC  


2018-03-16 22:54:48 UTC  

It's crazy, RP was absolutley right when he denounced NS very early on and called out Hail gate for what it was.

2018-03-16 22:55:01 UTC  

He took a lot of flak for that.

2018-03-16 22:56:09 UTC  

I even remember watching a video of him in Hungary and talking about a statue of George Washington and how American nationalism was the way forward not the "alt-right", I thought he was being over dramatic, but he was right.

2018-03-17 00:01:45 UTC  

RamZPaul called Anglin and Weev feds. He's a clown.

2018-03-17 00:02:05 UTC  

Yes he was right about 1.0, but for all the wrong reasons.

2018-03-17 00:05:04 UTC  

Even his criticism and departure from Richard over hailgate was ill-timed. Yes Dick turned out to be a prick after that, but hailgate alone was not a reason to react as RamZ did.