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possibly get hit for "littering"...???

diversity officer=diversity police

Don't kno if this is the right place for this, but a little photoshopping i did


@heyitsmeunseen - IN Thanks man, I'm no PS pro but i like to dabble. Drove me a bit nuts that I couldn't exactly match the lettering @Gaius Mucius Scaevola I'll try that

@DeusVolk he was sprayed by one of those โ€œprotestorsโ€ with something nasty so he ended up taking off the shirt underneath his vest

Bench made is badass too. They have a policy where u can send them ur knife and then will clean and sharpen it, just have to pay s/h. I have an Adamas auto by them and it is built like a tank. Carried it on me all the time when I was overseas.

As for multi-tools Iโ€™ve had multiple expensive leatherman models break on me. Only one that is still working great for me is one of their cheaper base models. That is with daily hard use.

@RevStench Damn that SOG is thin as hell

I also like to carry a benchmade for EDC, a Griptillian with a modified sheepsfoot blade

@RevStench Nice, yeh the Adamas that i used overseas is a little heavy but it was an auto... after i got back to the states I had removed the safety lock from it (was a pain in the ass to do btw)

@RevStench I removed it because it seemed pretty unnecessary because of the stiffness of the deploy mechanism AND because the safety was a part of a piece in the spine of the knife that (when dropped, which I did multiple times) caused the blade edge to be marred (which needed to be sharpened out mutiple times)

@RevStench I actually used a cheap portable knife file, kind that has a rough and smooth side. It got the job done, but there was a guy in our platoon who had a nice sharpening system that would get knives SUPER sharp

@RevStench Looked very similar

@RevStench So u own one of those Sharpens Best? I was watching that guys videos on Youtube seems pretty legit

2017-12-28 02:32:43 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

^^^ ๐Ÿ˜‚

@StrawberryArmada What kind of material?

Slanderous lies

Yes, โ€œdocumentโ€ the fliers LOL

Small white pill: when during a range brief in the army an NCO used the saying โ€œbeing Jewishโ€ when referring to being stingy... I had to stop myself from LOLโ€™ing

โ€œHurricane allahโ€ ahahaha

โ€œUnhingedโ€ lol

@CarletonJ total Bane voice when I read that. Definite mic drop moment

Who is this butt hurt guy???https://youtu.be/sWHPHg5hI88

trolling slogan, "It's okay to be white." LOL

I think the TRS guys rlly like IE but donโ€™t want to alienate the part of their audience that doesnโ€™t so they donโ€™t overly praise us

2018-03-25 20:53:00 UTC [Literature Club #identitarianism]  

@celticflame I too heard that interview and plan on getting that

@Deleted User Yeh that was the most awkward exchange with the police i've seen in a long while

@Jacob wheatpaste 1, soy boys 0

Spokane university district, WA


Spokane university district, wa


All above photos Spokane University district, WA. Me and @GoyMeetsWorld

@hbutzer0511 Thanks! The funny thing is we postered where there were clearly posters before and it looked like they had grinded the metal poles to remove them? LOL

@Procella Eques Hahaha... exactly what i thought. Whenever i read that line "actual fucking nazis" I imagine an annoying british voice like John Oliver

actual correct pronunciation ๐Ÿ˜†

@hbutzer0511 โ€œHeโ€™s (the councilman) also asking for riders to take photos and report the signs to police.โ€ Lol heโ€™s asking his townsfolk to do our job

@Brunswick we should all hit a starbucks with flyers and business cards


@Brunswick did u say that to them before u put them up


Official activism footwear

there have been "un-official" ones posted before... don't kno if ne design has been blessed off by higher

regarding the antifa stickers and other leftist trash... we should take that old "booby-trapped" posters hoax and play it against them... framing them as the unlawful terrorists that they are... complete with staged photos and believable stories

@DeusVolk so that truck driving by was completely unexpected?... if so that is awesome

@RevStench thatโ€™s sucks man... I worked with a person who got permanent vocal chord damage from exposure to some type of mold/fungi spores in the air when landscaping... gave him a permanently hoarse/very quiet voice



Scheduled to go on trial July 8, 2109????

damn who dat?

@Brunswick that was us, lol... i was taking that photo



@Deleted User Ok yeh i must have forgot ab that... but then again i didnt even really notice the reflections till after they had been shopped

are ne of our guys here that were at that banner dropping? I read the piece ab it on its going down... would like to hear the other side of the story

i figured it wasnt as "triumphant" as they like to make it sound... lol

@John O - whereโ€™d yโ€™all get that


Portland, OR


^^^ bad optics Chinese garden lol

@Deleted User Thanks! It was very impromptu

non-toxic smoke = T R I G G E R E D

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL I'm pretty sure thats a Harrington-style jacket Patrick is wearing... way better optics than a bomber

"People of Carbohydrates"... that line cracked me up

@Freiheit - CA Sunn amps are cool

@Freiheit - CA Respect... im a bass player and an ampeg guy, but sunn is cool nontheless

@Freiheit - CA Oh yeh and tubes all the way!!!

Yeh I rock a V4B which is only 100 watts but its a very loud 100 watts, lol... and very versatile for cab choices

I have an older 8x10, a 1x15, 4x10, and two of those mini 2x10 (that look like small 8x10's)

I dont think I have to say it... but the 8x10 rules them all

Anybody else here been seeing the helm of awe pop up. Like I see normies wearing pendants of it and ppl with tattoos of it

just gotta reset the modem


@Ben Rainsford - OH metokurโ€™s?

absolute mad lad

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