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possibly get hit for "littering"...???

diversity officer=diversity police

Don't kno if this is the right place for this, but a little photoshopping i did


@heyitsmeunseen - IN Thanks man, I'm no PS pro but i like to dabble. Drove me a bit nuts that I couldn't exactly match the lettering @Gaius Mucius Scaevola I'll try that

@DeusVolk he was sprayed by one of those “protestors” with something nasty so he ended up taking off the shirt underneath his vest

Bench made is badass too. They have a policy where u can send them ur knife and then will clean and sharpen it, just have to pay s/h. I have an Adamas auto by them and it is built like a tank. Carried it on me all the time when I was overseas.

As for multi-tools I’ve had multiple expensive leatherman models break on me. Only one that is still working great for me is one of their cheaper base models. That is with daily hard use.

@RevStench Damn that SOG is thin as hell

I also like to carry a benchmade for EDC, a Griptillian with a modified sheepsfoot blade

@RevStench Nice, yeh the Adamas that i used overseas is a little heavy but it was an auto... after i got back to the states I had removed the safety lock from it (was a pain in the ass to do btw)

@RevStench I removed it because it seemed pretty unnecessary because of the stiffness of the deploy mechanism AND because the safety was a part of a piece in the spine of the knife that (when dropped, which I did multiple times) caused the blade edge to be marred (which needed to be sharpened out mutiple times)

@RevStench I actually used a cheap portable knife file, kind that has a rough and smooth side. It got the job done, but there was a guy in our platoon who had a nice sharpening system that would get knives SUPER sharp

@RevStench Looked very similar

@RevStench So u own one of those Sharpens Best? I was watching that guys videos on Youtube seems pretty legit

2017-12-28 02:32:43 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

^^^ 😂

@StrawberryArmada What kind of material?

Slanderous lies

Yes, “document” the fliers LOL

Small white pill: when during a range brief in the army an NCO used the saying “being Jewish” when referring to being stingy... I had to stop myself from LOL’ing

“Hurricane allah” ahahaha

“Unhinged” lol

@CarletonJ total Bane voice when I read that. Definite mic drop moment

Who is this butt hurt guy???https://youtu.be/sWHPHg5hI88

trolling slogan, "It's okay to be white." LOL

I think the TRS guys rlly like IE but don’t want to alienate the part of their audience that doesn’t so they don’t overly praise us

2018-03-25 20:53:00 UTC [Literature Club #identitarianism]  

@celticflame I too heard that interview and plan on getting that

@Deleted User Yeh that was the most awkward exchange with the police i've seen in a long while

@Jacob wheatpaste 1, soy boys 0

Spokane university district, WA


Spokane university district, wa


All above photos Spokane University district, WA. Me and @GoyMeetsWorld

@hbutzer0511 Thanks! The funny thing is we postered where there were clearly posters before and it looked like they had grinded the metal poles to remove them? LOL

@Procella Eques Hahaha... exactly what i thought. Whenever i read that line "actual fucking nazis" I imagine an annoying british voice like John Oliver

actual correct pronunciation 😆

@hbutzer0511 “He’s (the councilman) also asking for riders to take photos and report the signs to police.” Lol he’s asking his townsfolk to do our job

@Brunswick we should all hit a starbucks with flyers and business cards


@Brunswick did u say that to them before u put them up


Official activism footwear

there have been "un-official" ones posted before... don't kno if ne design has been blessed off by higher

regarding the antifa stickers and other leftist trash... we should take that old "booby-trapped" posters hoax and play it against them... framing them as the unlawful terrorists that they are... complete with staged photos and believable stories

@DeusVolk so that truck driving by was completely unexpected?... if so that is awesome

@RevStench that’s sucks man... I worked with a person who got permanent vocal chord damage from exposure to some type of mold/fungi spores in the air when landscaping... gave him a permanently hoarse/very quiet voice


Scheduled to go on trial July 8, 2109????

damn who dat?

@Brunswick that was us, lol... i was taking that photo



@Deleted User Ok yeh i must have forgot ab that... but then again i didnt even really notice the reflections till after they had been shopped

are ne of our guys here that were at that banner dropping? I read the piece ab it on its going down... would like to hear the other side of the story

i figured it wasnt as "triumphant" as they like to make it sound... lol

@John O - where’d y’all get that

Portland, OR


^^^ bad optics Chinese garden lol

@Deleted User Thanks! It was very impromptu

non-toxic smoke = T R I G G E R E D

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL I'm pretty sure thats a Harrington-style jacket Patrick is wearing... way better optics than a bomber

"People of Carbohydrates"... that line cracked me up

@Freiheit - CA Sunn amps are cool

@Freiheit - CA Respect... im a bass player and an ampeg guy, but sunn is cool nontheless

@Freiheit - CA Oh yeh and tubes all the way!!!

Yeh I rock a V4B which is only 100 watts but its a very loud 100 watts, lol... and very versatile for cab choices

I have an older 8x10, a 1x15, 4x10, and two of those mini 2x10 (that look like small 8x10's)

I dont think I have to say it... but the 8x10 rules them all

Anybody else here been seeing the helm of awe pop up. Like I see normies wearing pendants of it and ppl with tattoos of it

just gotta reset the modem


absolute mad lad

new or old point break?

ur not missing nething

i dug the dead pres masks of the original


I work with a lot of younger guys and can attest to noticing the almost ritual use of Snapchat and Insta(gram) over FB

@Deleted User Nice work... i'm a sculptor as well

@Asatru Artist - MD Monster Clay is great and I used to pick up all my stuff directly at Monster Makers

@Asatru Artist - MD Yeh I bought like 50 lbs of the stuff when it first got re-introduced and having been using the same batch for years... I actually use quite a lot of their products because I used to sculpt busts and make latex masks from them

Along the lines of traditional wet shaving... I highly recommend getting an open-comb safety razor if u have very thick, wiry stubble like I do... the mode I use is the muhle r41 I believe

that wa times article is really L A M E

U guys ever hear of this comedian he’s seems to be getting edgier and edgier https://youtu.be/6YBvyHXN4y8

Hell ya WA crew!!!!



BIGLY effective... great job guys!!!!

@Sam Anderson "They Don't Think It Be Like It Is, But It Do"

^^^ that made me cringe hard when i heard it

sounds like buffalo bill, lol... jk

@Reinhard Wolff is there an official IE policy on use of the "OK" hand sign in photos?

@Reinhard Wolff I know it is old news but have u seen the new york times piece where they confront eli? has a lot of other cringey moments in it

As well as 'retro' IE khaki cargo pants

To be tucked into your matching coyote tan boots for that IE 1.0 look 😆

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN boomer-isms... dang technology

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I liked Matthew Melton's projects way before Dream Machine was a thing... interesting to see how they have shifted more and more to the right because of leftist rage

@bspon002 someone should totally photoshop Bubbles from the Trailer Park Boys head onto her body

you can work different muscle groups just by varying how wide you position your hands during pushups

agencies like those recruit hard for military personnel... always seeing them around here and FB ads

i'm currently transitioning out of the military and i dont think i would like to be in any sort of job that is structured anywhere near the military... planning on taking advantage of apprenticeships paid for by the army, leaning towards hvac/sheet metal/welding and get a chance to choose where i work

there are actual programs for transitioning military personnel that allows u to start early with the agency before your military contract is up.... but i dunno ab the FBI

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN My good buddy is in one right now

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Chose it just to get the hell away from our leadership here, lol... i dont blame him either... sounds like fun work doing all the fire stuff

traditional safety razor is the way to go!!! 😎

Great work fellow Ohioans!!!

a great rule to live by when postering is to look like a normal well adjusted person

don't kno if mentioned yet but NEW MURDOCH MURDOCH fam

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN we Saul Alinsky now fam

collectors status

@Danimal876 how ab "hordes"

@Reinhard Wolff hey Patrick I'd like to pay my dues and just want to ask again whats the best way right now? Still Zelle?

hey can neone remember that actiona that a european identitarian group did where they where posing as an airplane company saying they where giving free tickets to refugees to go back? I want to say they where Swedish? Trying to find that video of the demonstration

@fgtveassassin Yeh thats the one i was thinking of

@Matthias I've seen the OneBlade and have been interested in it... may have to pick one up for using in the field when i dont have time for my usual wet shave

someone call dr. narcan

@Papa Pizzagate hey Ian have u shipped merch out recently? Thanks dude

@Papa Pizzagate I know someone who has to vizsla's and they are great dogs... very high energy and intelligent

why does that spence pic remind me of buffalo bill in front of the mirror?

@GDoctor shit that was good, i lol'd



did patrick get shoah'd?

no, only vaporwave


2019-01-05 05:06:11 UTC [Literature Club #tir]  

@Jacob that page from the white nationalist manifesto?

@Alex Kolchak - NY wow soo empowering

FAKE NEWS... AMerica was founded by a Somali

I've met a couple pool party guys and they where pretty decent

@Nota Bene - NY I dunno but i think i kno who it was

wont say of course... but he gave me some career tips

we need an IE banksy! lol

it's obvious we really need russian donors.... <:4dchess:439923932062154782>

hes a robot

"Diversity means less of YOU" with appropriate artwork

I feel the QR code was sorta a fad

Goodnight good folks!!!!

@celticflame I am sorry to hear that ab your father. I too am feeling that impending mortality of my extended family, which only makes me want to start my own and keep our cause alive. My father was recently diagnosed with cancer, and although it is early I am still worried with thinking ab the future and how this affects my siblings. Really makes me feel quite introspective and a bit weary.

Yeh the soy boys always have weak beards that are super patchy and the always let it awkwardly grow down their necks with no real defined neck line

I naturally have a ferocious beard but because of my work I need to shave everyday... it sucks

@Bjorn - MD im pretty sure there wasnt a single white in that video, lol

@nord Welcome home!!!

While I was home I struck up a convo with based and redpilled girl in my area. From that wasp love website. However we never got to meet in person. I did ask her to apply to IE if she wanted to get more involved.

u can look good with a tie... u can also look good without... all about how u put the outfit together and making sure ur close fit u well!

I would suggest looking at Wasp Love... it’s a dating site catering to like minded ppl. Just be cautious of how u interact with others. However i haven’t met anyone questionable... yet

@fgtveassassin Late xmas present... hopefully

i think american history can be a big yawn for most normies... if u do introduce something visceral, and relatable like the way different races act that can be very potent... of course if the person is able to disconnect from the bs matrix most are lost in

pointing out anti-white stuff can be a good tool as well

anyone else having problems with the stream???

@Jacob Did ya tag Spencer's old property? lol... j/k nice work guys!!!

Gonna b yuuge

So Baked Alaska and Ashton Birdie are a thing... interesting

basically... blacks 'b preachin'

hey anyone know how to reach the FTN guys?

@Bjorn - MD Yeh my first thought, but I dunno how active he is with it... worth a try

@Prestor John that sounds like the project redstick or whatever 8chan/4chan? Where going to do

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