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2017-06-06 12:39:50 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #georgia]  

We're going to be there! The Atl right lives for this. It's going to to get wild. Bring your boots.


2017-06-07 12:57:24 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #georgia]  

That will continue. These scum bags are at war with us.

I love this.

2017-06-25 18:47:41 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Our guys are the best! 3 great actions in one week! I love you guys! We will win this war!

2017-07-04 14:35:32 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

Niggers make me so mad. I just hate seeing them so much. This video passed me the fuck off.

2017-07-14 15:56:51 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #general_1]  

I love metal!

Use the internet. Cancel your cable.


Marginalised group = protected class above any and all fault or responsibility. These people are a disease.

We gave it to Israel lol iron dome. Jk

@Deleted User all of the clergies in that church are women.


Great video.

@Deleted User @Perihelion - CA this whitepill should be 2x this size.

Yes. We are about to be releasing all of these things. Stay tuned. By the end of the week all of these questions will have answers and directions.


We will have a voice call soon. I want to chat will all the coordinators and get everyone on the same page. I was thinking when we have our next meeting we could catch everyone up at once.

@Deleted User Congratulations!!!! We are very happy for you. Future IE leaders!

You guys rock! Florida crew coming in big as always!

We may need to hold off on that video being retweeted!

As far as I know the video has not been approved by IE leadership.

IE will be releasing all photos at once.

All the people who have access to our social media accounts are on a road trip back from Pennsylvania at the moment. This weekend has just been jammed with activism. Patrick is going to get it taken care of for you guys. He will be home in about a hour. So just hang in there and we will get it taken care of! You guys did amazing and you defiantly deserve praise. They will be reaching out very soon.

And I truly mean that. This banner was beautiful! I could not be more proud of you guys.

2017-12-21 23:25:42 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Our activism team is growing stronger <:chad:359013583469805568>

I was about to post this.

It made fox news front page also! Much larger reach than styx. This story has been huge!

I love the kraut is broken. That is the real white pill here.

Those fliers are beautiful! Very powerful!

Ive been in that comment section since the video went up. We need more men in here.

Cucks everywhere

on youtube


Awesome siege.

Crying in front of media is the ultimate optics cucking. Im not a big E- Celeb person but isnt cantwell the guy who pulled out countless amounts of guns in a hotel room on camera?

Looks good.

Haha. Yeah that will show'em

People are starting to see.

This is only the beginning.

Looking good. @Matthias showing them how its done.

Very nice.

Great job guys!

Pics coming soon @Conway - OK

Awesome job!

Yes sir! They have been submitted for branding with all the action details.

So many great memorial actions!

Great work guys.

Great job @Deleted User great photos.

Yes! Welcome @ChrisChrisChris#9883

I know this man!

@Sherlock glad to see you In here!

Great work!

Killer content!

You guys have been active!

Fantastic work boys!

Great job everyone. These actions look fantastic! You guys rock.

All footage has been sent to the editor.

This is how we run things. We make moves and they react. They are in constant reaction mode when it comes to us. That means we are on offense. We are moving the ball across the field. We are beyond driven and the only thing these people can do is go on defense or make crude sexual jokes that fall flat on exhausted ears. We are not going to stop and we are only going to get better. We are only going to continue to gather resources and inspire our people by taking a stand and saying what needs to be said. These moves are forcing them to show their hand. From the simple leftist to the high level politicians they are being exposed and we will continue to do so. The party is only getting started.


@Why Tea Welcome back!

Rage quit?

@Deleted User Seems like they want more IE actions in Colorado. They might just get their wish.

Whew, lads. What was the point of even having the proud boys in the article? So that it wouldn't make us look absolutely incredible? We are a picture of the sun right now. Hottttt.

Im not sure how this article relates to us? Did they just throw us in there to make him seem more radical or something? I did just skim the article so I could have missed why were in it...

Its like, oh hey! Here is this guy running for governor of florida. He likes ICE and they like him and gave him money. Oh yeah and IE said thank you to Ice so there's also that....


You guys are awesome! I love coming @here and seeing our brand all over the U.S.A. Psychological baby!

Great job guys!

Have you guys heard of the fire challenge? This is seriously a real thing.

Haha. Wow just watched some crazy videos on youtube. Im just amazed at what I witness now I'm my conscious life.

A little girl just burned 49% of her body doing this....

I just watched a video on it.

I thought tide pods were bad...

We are in the thick of it boys

Well from what Ive seen so far its more of the diverse groups of people who seem to be attempting these stunts.

One lady said, these challenges are usually attempted with water close by

Like, yeah....

I just cant believe this is something people are doing. It really shows you how we are on the same planet but were not on the same planet.



@here Is there anyone willing to compile the best Sara Jeong tweets and send them my way? We need her best anti white/anti American tweets. Maybe if there's something that is extra spicy that isn't necessarily todo with above two you can throw it in but only if its extra spicy lol. I need this done today so if there is anyone who can do this please help us.

Screen shots preferred.


I love fireside!

The butt hurt in the comment section of our most recent tweet is the realist thing I've ever seen lol... More leftist commenting then any other tweet before. They're so happy we're being silenced because they cant beat us so when we get silenced they take it as a win. Just remember. We are winning and this is the only way they can contain it. These people have no arguments or reason on their side. They only have big tech. Hang in there, this is where it gets fun.

@ChrisChrisChris Who interviewed you?

Great job! These look great!

@Distracted Logan Paul is jewish.

That picture is funny

I just think its funny he gets passed off as white lol

He's the perfect fall guy, you know?

Good morning fellow IE members! Looks like it was an exciting night in here lol. You guys were up all night haha.

Georgia crew going in tonight on the chat.

IE mentioned favorably a few times here. https://youtu.be/VKbhR_bTIVI

I have a Eno also. It’s amazing. I take it with me on every hike. I’ve had it in some pretty cool places.

Best naps

@everyone Lets give it up for Colorado! @Valaska @August Baldur - CO @Argument of Perigee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGCiBPZaxaE This video is killer.

Personally I think q is very legit. Can’t be a hoax at this point.

The team or guy have made several predictions and goes into such detail that I can’t understand how someone not involved in something they clam to be.

Knows this much

I’ve been following q for about the last 6 months for example

There are some great videos on this but things like the helicopter crash at the Rothschild mansion. Power outages in major airports, I think there was a market crash, some really eerie stuff with trump. Q is 17th letter of the alphabet and trump has been photoed in some interesting places with odd things referencing q. He also predicted the arrest of king Saudi. It’s gets deep. Wish I could mention it over voice and not typing lol

There are several more

A guy named neon revolt can help you understand all of this. He deciphers all the messages and writes lengthy articles on them. Very deep stuff

I would say look at it yourself for sure. Unless this is a social experiment at the very top I would be interested to know how this team has this much knowledge.

The q team can blow your hair back with just one post. Insane amounts of info.

The twitter owner.

They guys who owns mandala bay

He is sitting in a hotel/jail.

Had lots of Money taken

May be wrong nomenclature



@Augustus yeah I lose track of them lol

This is the guy

Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz

Couldn’t find his name.

I thought they were all named Mohamed lol.

Guess not

I like space shot alot

I follow him on youtube

I really like TRU Reporting also. He is a young guy but covers a lot of the neon revolt stuff.

He is deep. Get ready

I read a article yesterday that mad me pause and catch my breath. Something that frequently happens getting exposed to stuff like this.

I agree

I think everyone in the Org should be aware of the levels we’re dealing with

Insidious people

Yeah, in a way. He just pulls back the reigns . The q stuff is like 60% disclosure.



That’s actually the number the q teams uses when they talk about what they can and cannot disclose

Apparently if you’re following, the team is framing it Like a show. People who are aware and who are patriots get a front row seat at the show. Q says they have it all. Essentially the battle is won but wheels of justice turn slow. Also fighting a battle with 3 major families that control over 700 trillion dollars is definitely a uphill battle lol

I would say q has done lots for my “redpilling”


I really like him.

He gets a little wild sometimes and pissed lol but I like him. He’s a good guy and a patriot.

Do you follow stroopy me?

He is great!

Follow him

What about Eye the spy on Twitter?

That guy is a mystery if there ever was one

Knows crazy amounts of stuff

He is controversial

Especially after that hack a while back

Weird stuff came from that

Like real weird

I got deprogram videos from him

Watched them a few times. Pretty wild stuff. I’m pretty sure it’s somehow connected to cicada 3301

Cicada is a strange mystery.

Haha. Odly yes. You’re very right. Or CIA lol. With cicada they seem to be more or less looking for expert puzzle solvers. I’ve heard rumors Assange is connected to it. I watched their last puzzle video they are looking to have solved. Weird stuff man. I can give a break down of what I think it’s trying to say but I would be thought of as a loon lol. Somewhere in the truth I think cicada knows things that can’t be spoken and so they look for puzzle crackers who can help with what they are trying to do. I will say that from my deeper digging, it seems that is where this leads. Especially with q, I think this all leads to wonders beyond our imaginations. Mostly dealing with life/time/dimensions/occult knowledge/god. I think these are all parts of the great awakening. Some people will know and understand more depending on exposure and conditioning but definitely a shift in conscientiousness even for normies but how far it shifts or how much we realize is up to us. I heard the truth needs to be planted in someone’s mind when they are ready. Much like a tree. If the mind is like a storm then the truth can not grow. Much like a tree or plant, planted during heavy rain or a storm. If they mind is ready like fertile soil the truth can grow like a garden.

Effort post lol before coffee

Esoteric hour in IE chat lol

Mine was a little different. I started as a normies conservative and then was slowly exposed to the occult and started buying books and reading deeper into specific subject which In turn lead me to travel to some really crazy places in search of more and then I turned more into the esoteric.


Love graham and Randall Carlson

Louis turned me on to a guy name Robert sepher. He runs a channel called Atlantis. Gardens.

He is amazing.

The guy has blown me away with every video

Also a normie friendly guy who covers similar stuff with a more social side is Bright insight.


Unfortunately getting into this stuff semites play a huge role.

That video redpilled me harder than anythinf

The 1666

It aligned everything for me

I agree

After watching that video it’s easy to see this is what the current elite believes.

In a way it’s much like Christian Zionism where they believe they can force the messiah to return.

Or christen zionism is like it


In the video one of the things spoken about is using up the energy of the universe so it collapses on itself because there is no good to sustain it. Heavy stuff

So by committing sin you stop the universe from growing.

It’s crazy. It’s hard to believe, but with zealots I suppose it doesn’t matter much


It’s just briefly mentioned

For the reason they do such horrible things.

It gets me steaming that these plebs are able to organize such manufactured outrage.


Trump is awesome. He just said he is going to drive them out of business. Can you imagine if the president was speaking about your company like that? Leftist news BTFO! I bet these people are terrified.

Manlets rising

Bro! ^^^^^

Deeep state war is real lol

@willsaxon @MrDefault This is one of the best flyering jobs I've seen.

Shout outs to all my Dixie peeps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEQsEzJ223A

Only on Saturday nights.

This is epic ^^^^

I hope everyone is having a wholesome day so far. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOlqsqZzgg4

Love it!

Well done with ketchup.

I love reading articles about our work. We worked for two days straight on those Cuomo flyers. @Asatru Artist - MD Knocked the design out of the park. I love seeing how we planned this and we got exactly what we wanted out of it. We just put their hypocrisy on display for anyone with eyes to see. They are literally eating out of the palm of our hands. I can guarantee you all we have many more strategies in the works. Anyone having fun yet?

Wow! @halfMc great work. This looks fantastic.

If anyone is watching this testimony, this women looks out of her mind. Eyes don't lie. She is non stop darting around the room. She doesn't remember anything. What type of joke is this? I mean seriously. This women is clearly mentally unstable. I would be willing to bet money she has a heavy dependence on pharmaceuticals and a small touch of schizophrenia at the very least.

Called it


She is sipping a coke right now

Do you know how much sugar is in a coke?

Anxiety? Yeah, cut back on sugar

A polygraph is pseudo science.

I don't doubt this woman has experienced some type of trauma with eyes and behavior like her's so if she was asked about it I'm sure it wasn't a lie...

Chuck Grassley is a beast

I’m amped right now!

This testimony is next level

My guy needs to go easy on the water. He needs to be thinking the long game when it comes to a 55 year old badder.

30 year old boomer thinking

Somebody get this mayor a seat on the Supreme Court.

Just in the house

I believe

@The Eternal Anglo in response to the dual citizenship question.

Anyone seen where DR. Ford is being linked to the CIA? Apparently she heads up the CIA undergraduate internship program at Stanford!?!?!? Anyone believe in coincidences?

I just saw her brother worked for international law firm baker, hostetler. The firm created fusion GPS who is the company who wrote the Russian dossier! This is all so tied together it’s Insane. All of these people are coming out to fight. They must be terrified. It’s the same players. All of them are getting fired our arrested. This is big folks. Once you peel back the layers it’s all connected. This is a war our president is fighting with these people.

It’s actually mind blowing once you see the players involved. The swamp is fighting back. There has probably never been truer words spoken.

I will be honest. I never truly knew how deep the swamp was until this moment. This whole thing really changed everything for me. I thought I knew but I didn’t. Hopefully I have a clearer vision now. Cause this is nuts. It’s one thing to see the connections here and there but the connection is with everyone of these people.

It always leads back to the CIA. Always. They have been the main drivers. Of course Mossad is their sister org. Everyone of these people are connected. They want to control us so bad that it’s hard to comprehend. Why do they need to control us so bad? What are they hiding from us? Why do they need us as slaves? What do they get out of it?

What are we missing?

I feel we are closer to understanding that ever before

Especially after this news.

We are starting to see the curtains pulled back.

They really took a big chance putting this women out like this to testify. Now anyone with eyes is starting to stare.

I feel like it’s even more than that. I feel like there are too many gentiles in this for it to just be philo Semitic worship.

Even though I know to some degree that is true.

There is just so much that is going into this to control us. What are they hoping to get out of this? Oil? More money? Greater Israel? Is it really just for money or land? I feel confused lol. These people are fighting and risking their life’s essentially for whatever they are fighting for. So to say this is confusing is a understatement lol.

Yeah, I guess I forget that money is more powerful that I’m thinking lol

Pink Floyd’s money seem appropriate right now.

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