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Damn, I can't upvote, been banned from the_Donald

Maybe Ramzpaul can speak at our next conference

I know some women that would otherwise be normies had they not looked into Lauren Southern videos. She's doing great work and red pilling people we wouldn't be reaching otherwise. We'll be here, as a different piece on the chess board, for those that want to think deeper and take positive action.

Having some fun in these comments. The way modern psychology classifies mental illness around transgenderism sounds a lot like the definition of racism that doesn't allow whites to be victims of it. https://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/86q3ez/white_house_announces_ban_on_most_transgender/?utm_source=reddit-android

We should also be calling our congressmen and senators. This may be a chance for toughening immigration law so that Trump can act!

^ Big thread exposing Somali violence in Maine. Hop in the thread and leave some considerate posts if you can.

Good morning earlyrising IE

Early at least for a Sunday

Raising the bar through the ceiling with that action and video!

Good afternoon newcomers to IE! I'm the new pledge coordinator. My job is to help guide people through the process of applying to IE and becoming full members of this great organization. If you have any questions about what you need to do next, DM me and I'll get back to you.

As a reminder, after your first interview, you need to do a second interview with your state's coordinator. You also need to attend a membership orientation meeting headed by the head of IE. These orientation's are held on the second Tuesday and last Saturday of each month at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.

Hey there everyone , I've recently taken the position as Pledge Coordinator. Let me know if there's any way I can help you out. I'll try and check up on you individually so that those who belong in IE don't have to wait any longer than they have to for membership!

^ Great

Pledge Overlord works best

Thanks for attending everyone. I'll be heading to bed but catch up with me if you need to get with a second interviewer and I'll get back to you

A good strategy would be to steer the definition of "racism" towards "racial hatred." We don't hate other races, so we're not racists.

After all, the word isn't going away. May as well control it.

Welcome @Balgias !

I'd like to know more about the Revolutionary War. It's overshadowed by the Civil War.

Thanks Nemets, I'll have to check it out

Trump is taking the exactly correct approach with this migrant caravan by wanting to help Guatemala and Honduras, but being ready to cut off aid if they don't reciprocate. "Help them over there" is a great Identitarian solution.

It doesn't seem sustainable to me though to not leave some room for compassion. If we swing too hard towards a stern approach, that leaves us vulnerable to a Leftist reversal.

Salvini denkt รผber Kandidatur als EU-Kommissionsprรคsident nach

/ourguy/ Salvini considering a run for EU Commission President! Article in German ^

We need to start calling these migrant groups marching towards the US "columns" instead of caravans

"Hordes" and "invaders" is too obvious. Better to be more cunning.

Welcome @Stella !

@Papa Pizzagate I was busy all day yesterday but will get that done this afternoon

@Ryan1298-PA should now show as a member in Discord

Doing great, back at the gym after a week off sitting through powerpoints

@Logan If you pay $10k, we'll let him reveal his true power levels

And yet Reinhard was the evil of the two twins

It's hard to maintain frame under so much pressure but he needs to if he wants to survive

Worth keeping in mind is that the Republicans don't necessarily have to win over blacks. They can also just muddy the waters and make blacks feel less impassioned against them, lowering turnout for the Dems.

I'm a fan of that approach. The word "racism" is too widespread and will never go away. We have to bend it to our will.

Women enhance their sexuality as a way of showing off their version of power, so women in sports will play up their sexuality to intimidate other women

Just as men show off their strength.

@Alex Kolchak - NY I'm reading that op-ed now. Funny enough it's riddled with grammar mistakes. Obviously shook af

Good to have you here Chris!

Set an avatar when you get the chance ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Welcome <@!509029025466023967> , @DTMax , and @B_Alexander MO !

Which states are you all from? When you get a chance, if you can change your nicknames to include the state you're in, like how mine says "- VA" after Danimal876. Also good to do soon is to set an avatar.

I live in a vibrant area and had literally no one in front of me. A good sign, I'd take it.

VA 7 is my precinct, hoping Brat can bring it home

Holy schnikes, and it's still early

What % is in for Texas?

Yeah 2% is nothing

Lol I think we'll have a good night

Is North Dakota decided yet?

Brat is less than 500 behind with 94% in, from what Google says

Good morning IE and to the official start of the presidential race

Biggest whitepill: how positive and dedicated IE members are in the aftermath of this election

Anti-circumcision activists inadvertently help us

It contrasts us with the tribe

Both the Left and Right do so because we rarely see violence these days. We're so pacified. White violence shames us.

That's an important lesson. Better to obtain power peacefully. It's sustainable.

As Greg Johnson put it, Jewish groups are running on all cylinders. Just a few whites standing up responsibly, and their machine starts to break down and lose control.

I'll play Counter-Strike still but it's only occasional and out of habit. Don't even enjoy it. EU IV on the other hand...

My northern spirit needs the cold

Obesity has really robbed the working classes of a lot of dignity

Hey everyone. Ultimately it may be best for you to make the next membership orientation scheduled later in the month if you can't make the one tomorrow, as this information is pretty foundational and important.

Keep in mind also that as pledges, you still have pretty wide access to the national servers here on Discord. A few weeks as a pledge won't be the end of the world, if that's what your circumstances allow.

There will normally be two membership orientations a month: one on the second Tuesday and the other on the last Saturday of each month. They're held at 8:00 PM EST in the Pledge Hall voice chat room. There are weekly, optional "fireside" chats every Wednesday evening at 8:30. Other special events, like large conferences or actions, are announced as time goes on.

All right class, pay attention <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

@Mikolas That's fine, and yes you will still have access to this channel. Other full members stop by some time as well. We'll see in our files that you've attended before.

Thanks for attending everyone! Those who have had their secondary interview already and were here tonight, I will change your tag to member when our systems show you have paid your dues. I will double check their status tonight.

To clarify, to those that I have not interviewed myself, please let your second interviewer know you have completed the membership orientation. If your dues are showing paid, and you have passed a second interview, they will change your role to "member" from "pledge," unless you are having a third interview.

Welcome Richard!

Welcome @NinaShakti - ME ! Glad to have you here


Welcome Cody! Glad to have you here!

They take place each Wednesday at 8:30 PM EST

Why be anti-Zionist though? Do we want Israel to disappear an the West to host the millions of displaced Jews?

@Jacob I totally agree that Israel acts completely immorally. Unfortunately, the blood they have spilt cannot be undone, so I support the idea of Israel- less so it's execution. Ultimately, every major ethnic group should have its own state.

How did he take it, @VinceChaos ?

Good to see you here @reactionarytree

That's good news from the FBI. People don't realize how little law enforcement wants to be involved in politics. If people are a criminal threat, they'll take notice. Otherwise they have other things to deal with.

The membership orientation is in the voice chat room "Pledge Hall"

Membership orientations for pledges are typically held the second Tuesday and last Saturday of each month at 8 PM EST.

It will be the 29th at 8 PM EST.

REEE incarnate

On these points, I'm reminded of the video I just watched tonight of Millenial Woes speaking to the Traditional Britain Group. Definitely worth a watch, not too long: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFInvwZMV-M

He talks a bit about how we imitate the caricatures crafted for us. The whole talk struck a strong chord with me for personal renewal.

And he at least looks better than he did!

The upset tranny and the Trump vapor guy need to team up and become a YouTube sensation where they go to different stores and review them

Peak 2018

little bit digital

Welcome @KyleNJ !

Welcome @JayDon !

@Anthony Sealy - MO On that topic, I was talking to a high school principal the other day who was going through the school with a higher-up. The majority of the classes they went to had no instruction going on whatsoever, even though they saw these two people come in. Blew my mind.

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