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Hello, I am looking for Joe, this is D.P., we spoke earlier this evening.

He told me that was his Discord handle.

Will be back tomorrow. Will find avatar. Thank you and good night.

Joe...I'm here, but not here. Hello All!

Jimmy Wales...

...asks for donations to keep it up...always gets millions from special interest groups...

I have a link, but unsure how to archive properly.

Can't wait to see what Metapedia has to say about Wikipedia...

High-road, or truth?

Funny how law students hate speech...

When I try it just says not allowed.

Tried to change it to "white organization" no hyperlinks my reason was "Factual inaccuracy" and that's what came up. @ThisIsChris

I'll try editing a different page

An unprotected page, just adding a couple of clarifying words...same. May see cookies, may match up address to saved cookies. Don't know.

Are we supposed to archive twitter links so when they are deleted we can use them in defamation suits?

I hate to always sound like a cop, but these people are ruthless.

Can we get links?

@Valaska I like that the lamp post is the Dragons Eye.

Odd, can only view my comment...of 22.

@Valaska WHOA! Where did you get those IE color schemed New Balance shoes?

@FlyingDutchmann Archive It, missing something in link perhaps.

I was recently added, am also a Bike Mechanic.

@ me for slow response.

Also @Tanner - SC and @Gaius Mucius Scaevola ParkTool has a YouTube channel with a video archive for almost every repair.

I used to have a pair of Corcoran 10" side zips. Polished everyday. Eventually had to let go of the Mohawk and grow up. Lol. Miss those boots. Used them as work boosts for a long time after they are beat to shit.

What's that boot company out of Arkansas that's HIGH fash?

I know those don't usually go together...

Starts with an F

TFW you have to eat your own. ๐Ÿ˜ก

@Gaius Mucius Scaevola Are you still looking for some bike help?

Let me know when ready. Can give pointers.

@Valaska Well done! You are an asset to us all.

Ask the local coordinator

Anyone collect meme metals?

It's a joke, people on the chans talked a lot of crap about gold and silver holders claiming they were a meme

Yeah, I'm preparing for high demand in the future. I'm coinciding that with a plan for a large family.

You think we'll see a big upside soon or will it be a decade plus?

@Jacob I don't see one for a few months, so I keep buying

War requires a lot of silver

@Argument of Perigee Yeah, Doug Casey is pretty cool. Got me into further research about markets in general.

Interest rates are so low, get a fixed mortgage, and have capital saved to anticipate danger, or don't buy. I've considered a house also, but I'm not ready just yet.

In my unprofessional opinion, I would wait for the crash, but paying rent is shitty. If you rent your house for most of the payment, that would be cool.

@Deleted User Sorry, was AFK. Buy at the local coin shop and become friends. You will never pay spot, usually spot plus the shop premium, ~3%, but building he rapport is better than buying online, some states charge tax for buying gold and silver, there are transactions that may not apply to &c. and they will inform you after due time.

lol, they should have done that a generation ago when they had the ability to warn of demographic decline.

How can one man, be so BASED?

There is a first time homebuyer tax credit.

If a veteran, ask USAA questions.

I've heard good things but, USAA I'm told for home loans is good for veterans insurance etc. No personal experience.

First time home buyer credit is something like $7k IRS deduction.

There should be a state one. I think.

What's the charge limit? Does a charge card affect credit score?

@Argument of Perigee I've seen a black Centurion...sold a guy some stage lighting.

I stay in contact with him from time to time...

It's heavier than titanium from my experience.

...I work with Ti parts a lot at work.

I could be wrong, but it had weight.

>TFW you understand aesthetic and optics and your enemy has blue hair and appeals to emotion

๐Ÿ˜ณ A sanctuary college?



Those are alright.

Downward pressure, sharp tools.

@John O - Snap on has killer warranty and support but these days it's a lot of marketing.

Replacements are no questions asked, that's what you pay so much for

There are other small task-specific companies.

A decade later you'll appreciate it when Craftcuck no longer makes it

Buy old tools @John O - there are deals to be had.

@John O - What kind of work do you do?

@John O -#7072 if it's just home stuff, that'd cool, I don't mean to be a rude snob. I own no Snap-On, but use it at work all the time, have my own set of other stuff for same kind of work at home.

@RevStench I'll ask you some question when I get a break from work.

"Manifest Your Destiny" wounds (sounds) better than "Manifest Destiny" but will still trigger libtards. It is also a command, as opposed to a vague generality. They will spin their tires in the mud writing articles about how we are covertly encouraging Empire, land theft, &c. They will wax "academic" while we remain indifferent to their interpretations. Tongue in cheek is the best, it gives us plausible deniability and makes them angry. Outsiders not involved in the conversation will be swayed our direction and may even like our view out the Overton Window.

Agreed. I would recommend, in case of severe weather, have many small bills to make exact change at grocer. Where I live the weather knocked out power to half the city for a day, no one could use the ATM, and the grocery stores ran short on change. Some stores couldn't take cards so some families ate whatever they had in their pantry...most shit tier Americans have ramen or worse, nothing in their pantry @everyone.

This was last year.

Anyone in the petroleum industry?

@Brandon Ironside- ND Looking to start a new career. I want to make my fortune. I think opening Anwar, Gull Island &c. will make for a boom in oil when they run a pipe across the continent.

I must clarify. I'm looking for an entry option. Where would someone with no experience begin to end at high pay?

@Deleted User Is this a man or a woman?

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