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For dues, are we supposed to only pay them through PayPal

Because I'd rather just mail them in

Just payed

So, when do I get into the server?


Muh big scary racist hate group 😀😀

2017-12-28 13:23:46 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2017-12-28 13:24:49 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

How do I recommend a book


The (((skeptic))) community is pathetic

All they did was strawman various religions because muh enlightened atheists and jumped on any concievable bandwagon possible shitting on the low hanging fringes of the left.

All over their 8-10 years of existince as a community


I thought Chris Cantwell was in jail after Cville

Congrats Nathan

Naming the ((())) has become a mainstream practice. This would be a taboo a mere year ago. Instead of blaming liberals, the overton window has permitted a more decisive critique of marxism. Good on the west. And good on us for normalizing this.

Any publicity works well for us

The ADL still thinks Nathan runs this organization lmao

That's how out of touch they are

Using the "If you say I'm X, then I proudly am X" is only used by provocetuers who want to sound witty.

In all honesty.

The narrative of a normie alligns with the narrative of the establishment we're against. It does us no good to affirm the narrative of the former because normies won't pick up on the irony we're implying.

Normies and the establishment are essentially a unified entity for the sake of analyzing optics strategies. You have to destroy the narrative before you can fend it off in witty ways. Divide the two portions of the establishment so there's an audience for the irony to begin with.

Audience is the most tantamount part in optics and appeal. People often forget that for the sake of riding ideological euphoria.

Have you established an audience? Then by all means, affirm you're a nazi, evil, white supremacist, etc. Then, people realize that the narrative is nonsence and are inclined to support you in humiliating whoever calls you that. Surefire way to garner support for even those watching online. Spectators see an audience and subconsciously assume who has the best argument and who holds the most moral ground by their group support.

That's how normies function. Via popular opinion. The gravity of what you say is thereby aleviated to a certain extent at that point.

"Eugene Antifa"

Is that supposed to be a name?

Oh wait, it's the city

"The truth, with a lowercase t, is that there isn’t much difference between the desires of humanity on the alt-right and the far-left, among Nazis, Jews or my knitting circle. The desire to be a participant in something greater than oneself is a formidable urge embedded within every human being, regardless of his or her religion, race or creed."

I mean, this is far more than any ((())) I've seen give us credit for.

How about you all just put up the same one in the exact same location for the sake of annoying them haha

The helicopter crash was completely outside of the location where the rally was taking place lmao

Why can't any based candidates run in Colorado?

AfD has been going up

Yeah, but a black man playing Alexander Hamilton is completely okay

A movie ticket is like $10, and you can get snacks at dollar tree/dollar general for like $5

Kangz can't find $15 anywhere?

"The Nazi party first gained power in the universities"

So has almost any other modern political movement

Yeah, has Patrick been depriving us of our badge entitlement?

Ultimate white pill

Fixed our wiki article

lets see how long before shitlibs change it back

yeah, didnt last long

"Among the race and Hispanic origin groups, the number of births ranged from 9,342 births for non-Hispanic Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI) women to 2.054 million births for nonHispanic white women.

The report’s β€œTable 2: Births, by race and Hispanic origin of mother” claims that of the 3,941,109 births in 2016, some 2,054,564 were β€œwhite” nonHispanic.

This amounts to 52 percent of the total."

They clearly distinguish white to be of European descent

Idk. For the same reason Las Vegas has a small copy of the eifal tower?

What lol

I don't believe he's ever denounced us

I don't get it

How is a "Tobacco Free" sign racist?

What's VDARE

Won't pass through senate so long as Rand and a few other people force a shutdown

Literally nothing wrong with death penalty for drug dealers

Pretty sure the DSM 5 defines transgenderism as a straight mental illness

Hmm, we should print a special fashwave edition of IE posters
@Reinhard Wolff

Only use them at night in a place with a lot of colors and lights

First pic from @Kenneth - NV gave me this idea

Fashwave on the Vegas strip would quite literally be peak aesthetics

Well, there's some well lit places in Denver

Maybe we can get special fashwave posters for us

Imagine if the poster was fashwave...

Petition to fly me out to @Deleted User 's house as well

Hot tub speeches>>

"This machine kills fascists!!!"

I think we've got thise got this for 2018 and 2020. PJW explains why anti gun rhetoric is waking up conservative and white America.

Not to mention that it fails to name similar ethno nationalist groups (Black Lives Matter) who have actually advocated and committed violence as hate groups.

As well as Antifa and other explicitly revolutionary groups.

Imagine having no life


@everyone Please call the Whitehouse and Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico representatives/governors

We need to make officials aware of this invasion force coming in so it can be promptly stopped.

Whitehouse phone number is 202-456-1111

Called ICE about that immigrant caravan to report it and other accomplices that I found who were enabling it. They said that they've been "getting many calls and know about the caravan." To realize that the average American citizen is aware and cares about preventing this type of invasion is encouraging. What's even more encouraging is ICE took my tips happily, and there's a good chance the organization running the Caravan will get shut down or severely castrated.

It's nice knowing that I helped swing the fate of the country into our hands with as little as some simple research and a phone call.

He's saying that Republicans should override any obstruction democrats have against enforcing the border

"No more DACA deal"

It's been expired for a few weeks now. Pretty sure he's just done negotiating it and trying to revive it.

Here you all are

Can someone post my 4chan thread in announcements?


Oh, on 4chan?

8chan says "unknown file extension"

The caravan is done for

2018-04-05 02:46:13 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

Is Steven Crowder our guy?

But wait!

Always good to know that activist 9th circuit judges are being brought to an end, especially considering Trump is pumping up the number of conservatives to 13 of 19

Speechless in a good way?

Because this is big for conservatives to realize

"Rally for Welcome Not Hate"

Ingenious naming skills right here

Is the Jewish/Israel internet defense force an actual thing?

Those tan jogger pants are only worn by Mexican f*ckboys from what I've seen

As far as pants go, just wear dark colored jeans

Most practical and refined looks come from that

Light jeans remind me of cowboys or rebellious 90's teen aesthetics

Not what you're trying to go for when you want a refined bourgiouse look

I always ask myself: If I were to be doing activism with IE, would I be confident and wanting to be seen wearing this? Will my outfit be something a typical member of IE may wear?

IE basically owns the refined bourgiouse look lmao

But even then, why?

Seems like you're larping as a 1950's teenager as opposed to genuinely presenting yourself

Aren't we all literally middle class?

How is that larping if we're the real thing lol

I don't like bomber jackets because they tend to be fairly bulky and present a rough aesthetic.

Cardigans are better.

They have a much slimmer fit and look sensible.

Well, if you're bigger, then yeah it makes sense

I'll have to see it. 50's teenager isn't the first thing that comes to mind when I think of classy lol

I think the soyboy crowd is defined by the way they conduct themselves as opposed to how they dress

A false flag?

As in, a member puts a card into a book they buy, and pretend they accidentley found us?

Book based?

Like, go up to a qt reading a woke book and start a conversation about it?

Caucasity? Lmao

Thanks Trump.


Quickly stopped by a local Barnes and Noble while I was out

Thought he was talking about guns at first and nearly had an aneurysm

So, we CAN show strength at the border.

Would you be able to manage it frequently?

Hard parts don't last long, not to mention 1's don't take long to look messy. You'll have to get another cut in a week or so.

European route is far more succesfull than American, though

If anything though, IE is doing everything right in emulating European identitarianism. The article was correct in how it characterized the downfalls of the Alt Right coalition strategy
"White Millennials have turned toward Republicans the most. Support for both parties among young white voters is equal at 39 percent. This marks a big shift from 2016, when white Millennials supported Democrats over Republicans 47 percent to 33 percent."

I'm surprised our opposition isn't doing more fake posting like this

America wins again

The first comment is literally about horseshoe theory

Kill me

I remember when we were called "Identify Europa" by a local news outlet lol

Vvvvvvvv Vvvvvv

"Haha, who needs a woman that you actually have to spend money on? What retard would actually do that?"

Wow lmao

Yep. You totally just didn't paste our name over Atomwaffen propaganda

Does anyone know any good dating apps that aren't scams or structured like a gimmick

Less than 2k members though

Lmao, if you legit consider suicide after getting redpilled you're extremely weak

Not to mention in the completely wrong mindset for a redpilled person

Can anyone guide me on renting an apartment for the first time?

Is anyone here into advert buying? Like on youtube, instagram, facebook, etc?

Which is essentially my question with ads

Better question: Does anyone know how to get into and go about buying social media accounts for ad revenue?

Wearing graphic tees are a bit immature tbh

Still, a good look IMO is dark jeans (not ripped) vans, and a non-graphic t

At the very minimum/most casual

Good lol

If I were to go more refined, I would go boot-style shoes, dark non ripped pants, and a polo

Like this

Layers are also good. Like a white dress shirt under a sweater. Or, a cardigan in mild temperatures over a solid color t shirt

Idk. I'm torn on ripped pants (no pun intended). I think that as far as IE goes, we want a refined and professional look. Ripped pants are intended to make you look tough/edgy, but the look comes across often as really shallow to where you look like you're trying too hard and are being a f-ggy poser.

He can look the part a bit better

But most can't

Even muscular guys

Looking good in t shirts all depend on the size

If you're non muscular, you can pull off a small t because it better hugs your body and makes you look a bit more filled out

Ideally don't tuck in at all unless it's a dress shirt or polo

Also, don't make the bottom of your pants that high

And wear socks

Private companies pay you to put their ads on your page since the page you brought has a large following, thus more people who will see the ad and click on it if interested

Or, the social media platform just has a ticker for how many clicks the ad received, and through their conversion process, gives you a cut of the revenue they and the company are willing to provide to you

@Grossly Incandescent How to go about it in general

I'm looking fairly cheap

Since I'm 18, a first time renter, and I don't have much (if any) credit, am I even able to rent?

What about my age?

"... the other one is called Identity EV-ropa"

What about the income requirements?

Don't you have to prove you make at least 2x the rent

What's the answer to the AQ?

"Country club trust fund tie a sweater around your neck Neo-Nazism"

I don't own any sweaters that tie around my neck, I wasn't born into a trust fund, and I'm poor as hell

Nor can I afford a country club membership

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