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Checking out the receiving channel every once in a while is a great white pill.

I just did mine as well @Deleted User is english on there pretty much Celtic? What do they consider English as far as genetics?

Or Great Britain should I say

Thought this was general nvm 😃 but here are my results

love that you put them on the desks will for sure be a conversation starter

They started moving dirt today on prototypes of the wall.

@John O - if you find out let me know. We need all hands lol

A lot of photos over in activism today.

@Neoptolemos I know this belongs on the press channel but seeing how you just did it today.

I think some are coming out a little clearer on my phone @Scrummy

@Tyler0317 maybe it'll cause a stir on twitter

American Renaissance has 40,000k subscribers on youtube

I love when local newspapers use our #projectseige pics instead of taking their own. Since we focus on the aethestic appeal of the photos it always looks great.

http://archive.is/8qMvZ this is insane.. they even mentioned the vandalism of a mosque

MTSU is hostile

Atleast there's one semi based group on campus

@Deleted User it's on Facebook I just typed identity evropa into the search bar

Sent an email, inquiring about volunteering, to my local republican party today. They replied and I'm meeting with a small group to have coffee with a congressman this saturday. It's that easy everyone with time should reach out.

Omeerrgahhddd muh 6 gorillion!!

Is project siege over at this point?

@Deleted User thanks for the response I wasn't sure if the "it's ok to be white fliers" were endorsed... #projectsiege continues

@Brunswick is this too much or can I send?


im going to change removed to possibly removed

sent deus vult brother

Stefan Molyneux straight up says IQ is biologically genectic due to brain size within the heirarchy

Our normie? Is he even considered a normie at this point?

Have you seen louder with Crowder? He has led a few of my friends to race realism

Which is odd because its like Tucker Carlson subtle

Pour it out Ann

He's second now to metoo

@everyone Snapchat did a news story on the alt-right that needs our votes.

The based Greek

AfD is using Bismarck

I bet there would be financial impediments. People shouldn't be able to get away with this though. It's blatant libel

"Photos were professionally produced"

"Press secretary" we sound legit af

@Matthias great job would that be worth sharing on social media? Only context I would provide would be a direct quote from the article.

Rodger.. I just noticed the white supremacist headline. Although It clearly shows their bias. The interview didn't contain any views that would support that

They endorsed us for an "angel donor" gimme shekels

https://www.cbsnews.com/news/white-nationalist-group-set-up-memorial-to-kate-steinle/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab6a&linkId=45432022 very favorable there's even a video with the candles still burning the next day and it shows an alright business card. CBS is big league

What is this??

Sorry to spam just a lot of disinformation from ((()))

I lived in Mexico for one year. Was raised by illegals for 3 fluent in Spanish speak, read, and write. Let me know if I can be of assistance

But they have to go back

I recommend Nutnfancy on youtube for all reviews

Noice I have a pin


Soy boy that got the statues in Memphis brought down

It’s picking up steam

2017-12-28 03:44:54 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

That piece is brilliant

Ingrahm is on Fox talking about it now

Below I'll post local news agencies in Memphis. We could use all the help available to get this coverage. Add react if done.

Anyone with verified twitter accounts getting a share from him would be a boost locally. https://twitter.com/JamesEdwardsTPC

This guy followed us on twitter.

We got name dropped so hard by James Edwards

To see your name in that magnificent lineup is inspiring within itself. We're going to do great things in 2018

https://youtu.be/0RU3XuBlwtM 45mins in and three IE mentions thus far

https://www.shapiroandduncan.com/contact/ This company has hired an insane amount of the El Salvadorans that are here through temporary protected status let (((Shapiro))) know what they are doing is unacceptable to Americans.

Vid starts off with IE material

Let’s have our conference at Mar a Lago

@Conway - OK I posted same thing it got negged for swastika if you wanna self delete before a mod gets to u lol

@Joe-MN <https://twitter.com/mic/status/951917988122415105> mic video about fashwave it has a lot of IE content

I sent that to a libertarian friend he literally said “good thing conservatism is becoming more diverse”

it's the name "white student union" it rustles them

About 17:25

They think they’re cool

This isn’t the news but still cool

I did but gahhh that was a tedious sign up process for discus

Should we all call ICE if illegals show up at the SOTU tonight?

Mr. Frexit is IE right?

Hey @Achilles Welcome to Identity Evropa. You should have access to the full server. There is a regional server that you should be granted access to as well. Make sure you read over the server rules. Feel free to DM me with any questions what so ever.

are there two Johns in florida now?

@CodyNick Awesome DM me proof of paid dues then I'll give you access to the full server and send over the server rules.

@CodyNick Please set an avatar as well. Remember to put discord handle in memo line

That page has 5.6 million followers

My wife and I went to the oldest cemetery in Memphis and paid respect to CSA and American Vets. We didn’t bring nearly enough flags. It was more of a personal outing than an IE one but I wanted to dump some photos here. @Deleted User feel free to post on Twitter

Those were my thoughts. Feel free to delete if it’s clogging the channel. Thank you

The media about IE channel is quite the whitepill today.

When scrolling FoxNews Tucker hot takes are always whitepilling

Go show some love to VDARE on Facebook

66 people have shared Kinzers post. Go through the list

Some online comments suggest the guys holding flares are doing Roman Salutes.. make sure to point out they are holding them away from their bodies directly to the side and not in front.

New accounts are bannable with like one report as well.

Tfw mods clog the cyber strike channel.. jk you guys are being productive af

Someone promising just applied in Nashvile based off of the reddit post

Victory for cyberstrike

Demarcus needs the amren link. My account is too new to reply.

No wypipo allowed

Welcome @Kalvin please set an avatar pic while I assign your state tag and grant you full access

You’re now set up. Feel free to browse the server if you have any questions just ask @JesseJames is your state coordinator make sure to read the server <#405211244023382016>

<@426561003312906241> welcome set an avatar pic and I’ll grant you full access to the full server be sure to read over the server <#405211244023382016>

Welcome guys

@Conway - OK laying siege to the entire state of OK 👌🏻

Trump seen the caravan and said no more DACA

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@Alerio someone stole your avi

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Here’s a WW2 insta page with 125k followers. He recently started a discord. We could recruit potential members here. Don’t be obvious with the shilling.

Sales meeting this morning my co worker said. “He’s a tight wadded Jew bastard” referring to his brother everyone laughed. He’s not a Jew btw

No whites allowed pool party in CA ^^

Scripps college

Still too many

Welcome, after the proof of dues has been provided I’ll grant full access to the server. In the meantime familiarize yourself with the server <#405211244023382016>.

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Hello @therealmissesgreen-MD @Marseille will be right with you. Welcome to IE!

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I’ll DM you

@OMRI certified european you’re good to go I’ll introduce you in general chat

Good section about IE here

Early in the video Tucker discusses the importance of having more kids and shaping their political beliefs to change the world. https://youtu.be/3lKNNaLut-g

2018-06-14 12:25:40 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

I’ve finished the Prince recently it’s short. Everyone should take a look at it

A 91 year old WWII Marine Corps veteran and Purple Heart recipient who served at Okinawa. A local news network did a story on him. He had a car accident a few months back. While in the hospital his neighbor tricked him into selling 49 acres of land worth 200,000 for one dollar. He doesn’t remember. He was found to be living in a camper without electricity. No AC and no way to refrigerate food. I dropped off some stuff that could help.

I’d imagine it’ll be ok to post. He has went viral in AR already

Just read through the channel you guys are killing it

Done he is at 39%

Could we rehash the KY activism as something new and try to break into the news cycle?

Disregard ^

Poll it’s about 50/50

Dumping them at their new home. You have the best pics btw @Der Seeteufel - SD

I seen an illegal try to climb up the wrong side of a ladder today

Whew lads WSJ and NYT in one day. WSJ contacted the White House for comment with no response

She’s a candidate for Attorney General

Dressing nice on a college campus will prevent you from being questioned

Wew lads Tucker for IE when?

“British activist” “conservative activist” are major improvements from what Tommy was being called a year ago

https://www.facebook.com/92961128765/posts/10156502411288766/ I need you guys to leave some comments here. Young drug dealer fled from cop, the cop had a wreck and lost his life. The black guy was found not guilty. They’re discussing race in the comments.

Please Vote

Pine Bluff, Arkansas

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