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Private forum?

Do we have to get beards approved?

Lol jk

If no one pmd you the video I can

@Deleted User disappeared from my history and liked videos

Might have been switched to private. Hit up @Robtheroman I think he originally posted it

@Themistocles good work out there, stay safe

New project sieg has that GI essence

@AlecK-FL what do you mean

Here swallow this pill

Ave GI !!

Anyone here involved in aviation? @ me

Buying land in MT can be cheaper than purchasing a small house in the inner city, alot of factors at play. I'd choose land over urban residence any day.

@Scrummy the following sieg photos were conducted at Montana State University Bozeman. I have ALOT of photos but will only post a select few. DM me if you want more.

Also a shout out to @The Soy Goy for hooking me up last minute on the package. IE IE!!

@Scrummy do you post every school that's sieged on twitter?

@Rayder good work!

@Darth great work man! What city is this campus in

Great photos!

I'm a bmw fiend specializing in e9x chassis. But also have experience with many others. If anyone needs any imput on bavarias finest, Holla

I heard it was organized in 1933

IE lawyer division

@Logan amazing work. Cheers brother

The pdf takes very little time to read.

Welcome to the fam @Hyphenstein

Thanks for posting this. "Passing through" lol

Are there rules to setting up an IE state twitter account?

So I got thrown under him I belive

Just came across this video. Published Feb 2017. If you're into GI, check it out

@Deleted User great job and very nice photos bro

Another coverage of a Montana siege. "Becker stressed that MSU promotes free speach" how tf do I get spencer on this campus?!?!

@@Scrummy I'm planning one in a couple days. You'll be the first notified

H o l y s h i t ^

"Gaining support and close to taking power"

Not sure if these ever got posted on here

2017-12-28 10:24:37 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2017-12-31 23:52:57 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

I have my copy to reread, I'll try to participate

Great work!!

Denver CO

These are from last weekends siege, mountainman aldo and Evan were also apart of this op.

Keep up the good work @Jason - CT

"but itโ€™s not clear whether theyโ€™re getting more takers."
Yet the next paragraph states we've grown significantly in our activism efforts. They can't swallow reality lol

Casper college. Casper WY

@Guillaume phenomenal work!! <:deye:359010025223618570>

"Likely bedfellows"

Sheridan College. Sheridan Wyoming

Rocky Mountain College. Billings Montana

Thanks for posting @celticflame

University of Boulder. Boulder Colorado

Just found this on IG, from this mornings siege

Red Rocks Community College

Lakewood Colorado


Downtown Denver just got an upgrade. Better photos and video of the action coming soon. Big props to @Aldo for hitting this with me.

The posters are 32x48. Highly visible from traffic. Positioned up high so they can't be removed by pedestrians.


@Deleted User I've had these stowed away for a hot minute

This article has some good quotes from Patrick

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