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Private forum?

Do we have to get beards approved?

Lol jk

If no one pmd you the video I can

@Deleted User disappeared from my history and liked videos

Might have been switched to private. Hit up @Robtheroman I think he originally posted it

@Themistocles good work out there, stay safe

New project sieg has that GI essence

@AlecK-FL what do you mean

Here swallow this pill

Ave GI !!

Anyone here involved in aviation? @ me

Buying land in MT can be cheaper than purchasing a small house in the inner city, alot of factors at play. I'd choose land over urban residence any day.

@Scrummy the following sieg photos were conducted at Montana State University Bozeman. I have ALOT of photos but will only post a select few. DM me if you want more.

Also a shout out to @The Soy Goy for hooking me up last minute on the package. IE IE!!

@Scrummy do you post every school that's sieged on twitter?

@Rayder good work!

@Darth great work man! What city is this campus in

Great photos!

I'm a bmw fiend specializing in e9x chassis. But also have experience with many others. If anyone needs any imput on bavarias finest, Holla

I heard it was organized in 1933

IE lawyer division

@Logan amazing work. Cheers brother

The pdf takes very little time to read.

Welcome to the fam @Hyphenstein

Thanks for posting this. "Passing through" lol

Are there rules to setting up an IE state twitter account?

So I got thrown under him I belive

Just came across this video. Published Feb 2017. If you're into GI, check it out

@Deleted User great job and very nice photos bro

Another coverage of a Montana siege. "Becker stressed that MSU promotes free speach" how tf do I get spencer on this campus?!?!

@@Scrummy I'm planning one in a couple days. You'll be the first notified

H o l y s h i t ^

"Gaining support and close to taking power"

Not sure if these ever got posted on here

2017-12-28 10:24:37 UTC [Literature Club #general]  

2017-12-31 23:52:57 UTC [Literature Club #discussion_botm]  

I have my copy to reread, I'll try to participate

Great work!!

Denver CO

These are from last weekends siege, mountainman aldo and Evan were also apart of this op.

Keep up the good work @Jason - CT

"but itโ€™s not clear whether theyโ€™re getting more takers."
Yet the next paragraph states we've grown significantly in our activism efforts. They can't swallow reality lol

Casper college. Casper WY

@Guillaume phenomenal work!! <:deye:359010025223618570>

"Likely bedfellows"

Sheridan College. Sheridan Wyoming

Rocky Mountain College. Billings Montana

Thanks for posting @celticflame

University of Boulder. Boulder Colorado

Just found this on IG, from this mornings siege

Red Rocks Community College

Lakewood Colorado


Downtown Denver just got an upgrade. Better photos and video of the action coming soon. Big props to @Aldo for hitting this with me.

The posters are 32x48. Highly visible from traffic. Positioned up high so they can't be removed by pedestrians.


@Deleted User I've had these stowed away for a hot minute

This article has some good quotes from Patrick

UCCS - University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Colorado Springs, CO

It's archived up above ^

I wore some Volcom Smithingtons for 4-5 years. Now I'm in these timberlands

These BOOTS have seen some action!

Are Justin boots like work boots? I think my buddy has a pair of them

I could have sworn they're justin, because that's his name... they're his prized possession

I had some rockys back in the day.

Any experience with waterproofing boots ?

My feet have been constantly wet since it snowed in these timberlands

I wish I had gotten another pair of volcoms.

Yeah. Best boots I've ever owned

Wore them for work casual hiking everything

They're a little dressy like my timberlands but tuff as shit

University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY

Front Range Community College
Westminster, CO

Never again will we not have a presence in the hallways of academia.

Arapahoe Community College
Littleton, CO

@Deleted User I'm not sure how others feel about sieging a 2nd time but I'd say hit them again! Keep the pressure on and remain present. If any goys choose to I can always aid with layout tips.

Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO

Great work bro @Jason - CT

EWU students to hold rally in response to racist flyers

"These individuals are trying to make their ideology become more mainstream, and itโ€™s working." <:teehee:381917632359563264>

Another one about the Laramie WY siege:

"This particular Identity Evropa has been all over campuses all over the country, putting these things up" <:coolpepe:366743374105018368>

White Supremacist Posters Found At Colorado Stateโ€”Weeks After Clash With Antifa^^^

This article was also put out on a different Wyoming news site but the link won't archive. We're hot in WY press right now

antifa > twp

"These folks are really smart,โ€ the source wrote.

Its great to see new photos are rolling in daily. Great work @Niko - WA @slim @Jason - CT @AleisโŠ•ccidentalis

This time we fight side by side!

@Deleted User I can't remember who it was here but I was suggested to use Opera for the best free vpn.

Can anyone help me with a laptop issue?


@sigruna14 as in, after I use this POS for target practice I should buy a desktop?

@sigruna14 yes this will be my last one. I will probably bombard you with questions when I prepare to build a desktop.. I don't have the media in any form so I will have to DL onto USB tomorrow from a separate ((laptop)).

Brussels, Belgium

@Conway - OK great work my friend, keep hitting them hard!

Our first WY member! Great job @Roland

Putting up stickers today with IB, couldn't resist throwing a dragon eye up.

Identitรคre Bewegung - GI


It's so badass seeing multiple chapters post combined effort activism. Great work everyone!

Same here^

I'm back baby!
Denver, CO
Larimer Street

@James Moore - TX & everyone who participated, outstanding work!!!

Always on the move, nice job @Jason - CT

<:deye:359010025223618570> Ideology without action is sterile <:deye:359010025223618570>
Olde Town Arvada
Arvada, CO

Tennyson Street
Denver, CO

@Whitelash hell yeah, securing our future by remembering our past!

Brunswick is on fire

Dwayne Webster Veteran's Park
Loveland, CO

@Whitelash keep up the good work

Shout out vespi! Can't archive links atm


Truth will prevail

Wouldn't archive. Seems like a common problem lately...

IE members at the I Stand With Trump rally in Loveland Colorado

Super irritated these are all on the right

University of Colorado Boulder
Boulder, CO

@El_Civ beautiful shots

MSU Denver
Denver, CO

Fort Collins, Colorado

@Brunswick one of the Boulder CO got mixed in with the Loveland CO. When you post boulder make sure not to use the same one

A stack in hand, extras in a backpack.

@Freiheit - CA @Deleted User awesome work out there!

Denver Colorado

Arvada Colorado

Greeley Colorado

@RckyMtnAntifa also has a post on this.
Please report !

Nice work <:deye:359010025223618570>

Just came across this dox post. Report

Boulder, CO

There's been a media black out since the blitzsiege earlier this year. Then this stooge crawls out of his hole to tell us about our privilege

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