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2017-01-26 23:41:32 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

Busy, otherwise I'd hop in for a bit

2017-03-31 07:00:13 UTC [Vibrant Diversity #general]  

The race war has taken its toll

2017-04-28 00:09:33 UTC [Anticom #general]  

If anyone lives in the DC area and wants to go to events/protests/rallies etc. please feel free to contact me.

2017-04-28 00:13:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Antifa were forced to unmask

2017-04-28 00:13:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That seems to be the trick

2017-04-28 01:03:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'd wager that's the case

2017-05-24 17:52:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Vote accordingly


Beltway Bigots = Vanguard?

Or is there another group in the area I'm unfamiliar with? I recognize a number of you.

Right on

Apparently not

In other news:

Yeah, no one's going to have sympathy for th Klan, save other White Nationalists

Even then, not all.

Sounds good. I'll let you take the lead on this. Let me know what I can do to help. @Deleted User

Yeah, sure thing.


Let me know what you want me to do with this server.

I can just do an announcement.

Your call.

The fact that Sam Dickson was talking about black people at the moment made it even better.


>black kid wanders up

We should obviously prepare for the worst, but I think the protests will mostly be screaming shitlib women.

Looks like antifa's getting owned


Regarding underestimating antifa, I'm reminded of Hitler's thoughts in Mein Kampf on Germany's shit-tier propaganda in WWI.

They made the allies out to be weaklings, so the Germans were really unprepared to deal with the reality of fighting Scots in the trenches.

Yeah, "sucker punching" = reality of a brawl

All of those Chinese cartoons have messed with your head, @wyatt!

Golf cart cavalry when?

We'll need to commandeer the snack bar in case they decide to siege us.

>I don't know what's gonna happen

Best take so far

Alright, do we have any more info on this other than a few tweets?

Do we know why they're moving it? Issues regarding the number of people coming?

It's working on my end

Yeah, bring a helmet.

Doubtful, but if so, it was nice of that guy to provide us a picture of himself.

Apparently the guy in the picture is in jail after the bomb making fiasco.

Yeah, it's nothing.

@Volkisch Soldat - OK said it was him

I'm not sure

Poor choice of friends

wtf I love civil rights now

2017-08-10 00:22:48 UTC [Charlottesville 2.0 #news]  

We'll be there on Saturday.

Post them in <#344895754042867724>

BLM fascists

Stewart has his heart in the right place though

I was prepared for bricks, not clowns

We must secure the existence of our people and a future for children who look huWhite to me.

Well said. Honestly, wear a helmet and don't get caught alone.

Yeah, assume this Discord is infiltrated.

Chris knew what he was getting himself into.

Red Ice / Saturday around 11 am


He'll be fine.

This server has been compromised.

I'm not sure to what extent it's being used anymore.


I knew it

She's on a hill


HIGH energy

Nothing like being in a situation like this

Yeah, we have so many fucking people there

Lots of shit talking going on in here, very disappointing.

Surely we can respect other organizations having their own approaches.

If you can't...

I don't know what to tell you

That's all I have to say. Very counterproductive.

Best to just avoid these conversations honestly

People from all organizations were part of security details, event organizing, shield walls, etc.

I think we're digging up an old conversation, let's drop it

Change of subject


Trump addressing this was pretty huge

We're in the spotlight

It was before the crash

And the death was announced

But yes, the death further moved us into the spotlight

We don't know the identity of the driver.

That 4chan lead was a bust.

Big thanks to everyone who drove shuttles and guarded the cars.

Reminder: If you're participating in Project Siege, you should put up flyers in designated flyering areas (generally bulletin boards) and refrain from placing them near the doors of teachers, diversity centers, etc. @everyone

Is that real?

White-pill = something that lifts your spirits, something optimistic

Whereas red-pill refers to forbidden knowledge

Thank you to @everyone who donated and/or participated in this weekend's DACA protest!

IE will be releasing our own content soon (to focus on our contributions, obviously), but here's a small clip from the event if you missed it.

The After Action Report from our recent protest has been posted. Please take a look and retweet this: @everyone

Attention @everyone: If you're interested in participating in the upcoming DC activism event on October 7th, you should join this server:

You should definitely make it out for this one.

And as usual, if you cannot attend but want to help this happen. you can donate here:

Let's all give our Georgia chapter an e-round of applause for their latest activism!

Make sure to retweet:


If you're new or haven't joined Identity Evropa's Practical Skills Server, you should. There, we help each other in topics ranging from personal finance and auto mechanics to gardening and outdoorsmanship. We have designated Subject Matter Experts for each topic area, but everyone contributes as we help each other learn and grow.


Interested in taking on more responsibility to help IE grow? If so, message @Deleted User, @Alexander B. - SC, or @Alerio about becoming an interviewer.

Requirements: under 35, clean cut, well spoken, in possession of a webcam, and able to contribute 3-5 hours per week.

This is a very important job -- one that is extremely necessary to the the growth of our organization. @everyone

At least they're finally taking note of the Kekistani menace

Estonia is really nice

Good work everyone.

Our PA chapter delivered yet again! Make sure to retweet this @everyone:

@everyone shill for IE in the comment section here. Reply with something like "In case anyone is interested in American Identitarianism, check out Identity Evropa (link)." etc.

One of the comments is literally "Where is our Identitarian organization?"

The average Breitbart reader probably hasn't considered that Gen ID is (more or less) Whites-only.

The situation in Europe is different, since they still have a sense of ethnic identity, whereas American identity, in the eyes of the average Breitbart reader (or American) is something civic, rather than ethnic or racial.

WHITE-PILL: In August of 2016, we received 149 applications. In August of 2017, however, we received 374.

Identity Evropa is growing at an amazing rate. And everyone in here -- from the guy who hangs out and pays his dues, to the interviewers and activists -- is helping further our growth.

Here's to the future of our organization! @everyone

There's going to be an Alt-Right/IE flashmob broadcast from Richard Spencer's Periscope in 15-60 minutes.

Don't say anything on social media yet, but when I post the link I want everyone to shill for it. @everyone

Most recent ETA is 20 minutes.

HIGH ENERGY! Let's all give it up for the IE members who attended and helped plan or fund this event! @everyone

Yeah, the AAR will be up soon.

The action report from today's (first) event is now up:


Round two will be commencing in 30-45 minutes. There will be a stream. Stay tuned! @everyone

Newest AAR is up @everyone!

Once again, let's give it up for everyone who helped make this possible, which, of course, includes all dues-paying IE members.

Our future as an organization grows brighter by the day.

Here's to us!

ATTENTION @everyone: If you're attending Richard's UF event, make sure to not bring any of the items listed here:

Lads keep this to general

Attention @everyone:

I hope you all had a great weekend. The activism yesterday was a great boon for not only IE, but the movement overall. Morale is high, applications are pouring in, and we've yet again forced ourselves into the public consciousness.

I'd like to take this opportunity to ask that everyone makes sure their dues are set up on Apollo (unless you paid in advance). If you had a recurring payment set up via PayPal and haven't paid since, chances are you're behind on dues.

**Please make an account here and pay your dues:**

We'll begin enforcing this in a week or two, meaning we'll return to the old system of warning non-payers and then eventually removing them.

You can also pay your dues by mail:

I'd recommend sending a few months worth of dues in advance if you do it this way, since it requires way more work for us. @everyone

Also, make sure to give us some indication of what your name on the roster, Discord handle, etc. is...thanks!

Also, we need interviewers! Please message me if you want to do more for our people. @everyone


2017-10-09 20:44:27 UTC [Cascade Front #general]  

Good work!

PJW is at it again!

Leave a thoughtful message under his pinned comment. @everyone

Let's give it up for our SoCal chapter, which dropped multiple banners today!

Make sure to retweet these! @everyone

Can we verify this @Deleted User? I'm getting a weird vibe from him.

Please stop posting the Mouthy Buddha video about Hitler. It's been posted in here at least five times. We get it.

Also, we have a "No Nazi stuff" rule on this server so that it doesn't devolve into 1.0-tier shitposting. If you want to post NS stuff, do it elsewhere.

If you're unfamiliar with the rules, message !rules to Apollo. @everyone

I was mostly kidding.

I don't have service at the moment. But you're right, we should be extra careful with our server.

If you're doing activism, don't have a normiebook.

You will get doxed soon enough.

You could always change you default photo to something that isn't your face and set the rest to private.

Legally, non-violently of course.

We try to avoid discussion in here -- just use the channel to post an uplifting story etc. please.

REMINDER: You should be getting involved in local politics. It's incredibly easy to run for a local office. Just present yourself as a Trump Republican -- no need to mention IE. @everyone

What do you want it to be?

The payment in the members lounge is down.

The payment system we were using for the members lounge was recently shut down.

Please pay your dues here:

Or by mail here:


You'll need to include a note for either payment option letting us know who you are.

I want everyone to leave leave a comment regarding the prevalence of anti-White rhetoric on college campuses here please: @everyone

Advertise IE if someone seems interested.

@Deleted User would be the guy to ask

We'd also need a lawyer in the state. As of now, I only know of Kyle in MI.

Talk to your coordinator.

In your case, you might not have on since MT is a small state.

Were you in WA formerly?

Ah, okay

Once a region has 5-10 people we make sure they have a coordinator. Not sure how many MT has.

Attention @everyone:

Please avoid representing IE in any official capacity unless given the go ahead by IE leadership. This includes doing something like an AMA on Reddit, 4chan, etc.

Here's your daily dose of IE activism. RT:


Solid article from Breitbart on the South African White genocide. Leave some red-pills in the comment section (e.g. Whites America, Europe, etc. will be next if the Left has its way) and send people to our website if they seem interested.


Leave some red-pills in the comment section.

Reminder: there are rules in Identity Evropa, and you risk getting kicked out if you do not follow them.

Please read them and follow them. @everyone

DM @Apollo !rules.

Attention @everyone:

At Eli's request, please refrain from discussing the shooting that took place at Gainesville. This includes discussing anyone that was involved.

REMINDER: Identity Evropa takes fitness very seriously. If you let yourself go, you run the risk of being asked to leave our organization.

Fortunately, we have a fitness server:


Another reminder: @everyone

Identity Evropa leadership *strongly* encourages our members to get involved in local politics. We've been pushing this for a while, but haven't seen much of it happening.

Today I decided to get involved with my county's Republican party. Everyone can do this without fear of getting doxed. The GOP is essentially the White man's party at this point (it gets Whiter every election cycle), so it makes far more sense for us to subvert it than to create our own party.

If we're going to win this, it's going to take time, effort, and sacrifice. If you're unable to do activism for various reasons, I'd like to encourage you to join your local Republican party. Present as a Trump supporter/nationalist. No need to broadcast your radical views.

It's actually quite easy to run for and win local offices. Let's make this happen!

The fireside chat has begun! Hop in general voice but keep your mic muted. @everyone

A clarification regarding the fireside chat @everyone:

The policy moving forward will be descalation over retaliation and approaching everything with a disposition leaning towards non-violence. That doesn't mean we'll be inviting violence or that we're going to let our people just get intentionally hurt.

When discussing non-violence, remember that this is within the context of the type of activism we'll be doing moving forward: unannounced flash demos, banner drops, etc. So think less about going into a mob of antifa to get beat up, and more about some punks trying to instigate violence when we're doing activism.

We won't be doing public events like Charlottesville 2.0 for the foreseeable future for many reasons. This means we won't need to dress up like Fallout characters to go into a warzone. Planning events like that under a non-violence paradigm is obviously foolish, and we will not be operating that way.

(Big brain reacts only -- no potatoes.)

Attention @everyone:

As many of you already know, there will be a “White Lives Matter” rally this weekend in Tennessee.

Given that these groups are using strategies that have objectively failed in the past (and continue to fail), we are strongly advising Identity Evropa members not to attend. (Worth noting: the National Socialist Movement has been infiltrated by the FBI in the past. These organizations likely have weak vetting, and are far more attractive to law enforcement than we are.)

With that said, we aren’t enforcing a hard ban. But again, we strongly advise against you going. If you’re really set on attending, though, please message me beforehand so we can go over a few things.

Attention @everyone:

Let's refrain from engaging with the people who were upset by Nathan's tweets. Nathan was obviously correct -- objectively so -- but we don't want pointless feuding.

Let's limit the discussion in here please

Greetings, fellow White people! @everyone

/pol/ has started a brilliant flyering campaign. The message is quite simple: “It’s Okay to Be White.”

As such, we’re strongly encouraging everyone to take part. Print these out and spread them far and wide.

Please don’t include them with other material, including IE materials. That would ruin the effectiveness of this particular action.

The flyers can be found here:

Let’s get to work!

To clarify: Please do not edit the flyers. Post them as is. Do not mix them with other propaganda. @everyone

Adorable kids @Marlow

I wonder who has the most kids in IE

If we’re counting illegitimate kids, I win (6,000,000).

Nice. Tell him to apply.

Attention @everyone:

Eli and Nathan will be joining Henrik and I for a live stream at 6 PM EST tonight to discuss the legal troubles we're facing.

Please help spread this around:

As a general rule of thumb, please do not represent IE on 4chan or any other image board under any circumstances. @everyone

I'll be hosting the fireside chat tonight at 8 PM EST.

Looking forward to speaking with you all! @everyone

Fireside chat starting now. Hop in general voice chat. @everyone

REMINDER: Identity Evropa sets high standards for our members. This includes fitness. If you let yourself go, you run the risk of being asked to leave the organization. All members of IE should be constantly seeking self-improvement: mentally, physically, emotionally etc.

Thankfully, we have a fitness server populated by many autis- knowledgeable individuals.

Join here:


ATTENTION @everyone:

North Atlantic executed an impressive banner drop today! Make sure to retweet.

Nicely done.

@Evan Thomas wrote an excellent message in general, which warrants a repost here:

We need every member to give whatever they can to support our legal fund and right now.

I'm donating $100 this week.

If you can't give $100 because you've already donated or already spent your money that you've budgeted for the movement this month on traveling for activism, etc., then find people that can. Everyone has a circle of friends they can call or instant message and ask them to give.

Even though this lawsuit is frivolous, it still has to be answered, and given the controversial nature of the court case, it may go to trial.

I'll be contacting everyone that I know, using every spare moment I have to raise money for defense fund. It's that important.

I'll also be happy to work with members if you need help with knowing how to raise this subject with your contacts, what to say, how to deal with objections or if they tell you no.


You can support us at Hatreon:
(All Hatreon support will go towards the lawsuit.)

If you would like to mail us a check or money order donation, please have it made out to “Identity Europa, Inc." and sent to the following address:
Identity Evropa
PO BOX 97715
Dulles VA, 20101

It should be stressed that the outcome of this lawsuit will determine the future of our movement. @everyone

@Argument of Perigee has set up a Strava group.

If you're interested in participating, here's the link. You'll need to DM him as well.

>>> <#358403210618339338>

Let's all congratulate @Conway - OK and the other IE members in OK for pulling off a fantastic banner drop!

Make sure to retweet this:


@Erika is selling her NPI ticket—send her a message if you’re interested in buying it. @everyone

>8 hours

Our Practical Skills Server has been revamped to do away with the lesson channels and to give everyone the ability to tag @here and @everyone. This way, our users can more easily summon Subject Matter Experts and other members of our community for quick help on a given topic. Also, if you have an idea for a new topic, please DM @Deleted User . And if you haven't joined this awesome server, you should!

Here's an invite:


He's good to go.

I'm on it

Let's take this to the fitness server

Attention @everyone:

We need more interviewers!

Please message @Alerio or @Louis Loire - NY if you’re interested.


Yes. Still verboten.

This article offers some interesting thoughts regarding the relationship between activism and passivism. Worth the read.


Regarding self-indulgent extremism @everyone

Nicely done!

I'd like @everyone to seriously consider creating a Reddit account and getting active on /r/the_donald.

While this subreddit has some admittedly cringeworthy content, it's grown increasingly red-pilled in recent months. The Left’s anti-White rhetoric has forced White Trump supporters to think about their racial identities and, well, I think we all know where that leads.

On /r/the_donald, I’d recommend doing the following:

-Submitting new posts about anti-White stuff on college campuses, in media, etc. Try to phrase it as innocuously as possible. Talking about Aryan revolution or whatever probably isn’t the best idea.
-Participating in discussions. Dropping red-pills regarding immigration, demographics, identity, etc. in relevant threads.
-Messaging users who seem sympathetic to invite them to join Identity Evropa.

We can use <#359892798071373824> to coordinate our efforts. I pulled some great members from /r/Alt_Right (RIP), and while /r/the_donald is less radical, it’s incredibly larger, so the potential for conversion and recruitment is high.

(Credit goes to @_AltRight_Anew -AZ for the idea.)

It's also worth keeping in mind that White Trump supporters/civic nationalists are fertile ground for recruiting: they're our main targets. They just need a push, so it's prudent for us to remain active within their spheres.

Patreon-funded cult leader

His mythology/psychology is good but his takes social issues are generally bad

He recognizes the issues with the Left but his solutions (e.g. muh individualism) are predictably weak.

Also, I'd recommend checking out /v/identitarian ( @everyone

Attention @everyone:

There will be an impromptu fireside chat at 6 PM EST tonight.

I look forward to seeing you all there.

Members of Identity Evropa,

I am honored to announce that I, Patrick Casey (otherwise known as Reinhard Wolff), have accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer of Identity Evropa.

After being notified of Eli’s resignation, I was asked to take over leadership of our organization. I accepted without hesitation, and wish Eli success in all future endeavors.

When I joined Identity Evropa in May of 2016, the organization had less than fifty people. Since then, I have had the pleasure of watching Identity Evropa grow at a rate that is nothing short of inspiring. Notwithstanding our stringent admission standards, we now boast nearly one-thousand members, and I have confidence that we can double in size by this time next year.

But in order to do that, we’ll need to take Identity Evropa to the next level. Despite the phenomenal activism and networking you all continue to produce, I’m of the opinion that our organization’s talent pool still remains largely untapped. This isn’t the fault of our membership; on the contrary, it will up to our leadership to ensure that your energy is effectively channeled into constructive endeavors. You all represent some of the most intelligent, driven, and respectable people I’ve met, and I am honored to call many of you friends.

Moving forward, you can count on an even more active and engaged Identity Evropa. I will be working closely with our new activism coordinators, Wayne and Saint Charles, on a few excellent activism events in the near future. If you’re interested in doing activism beyond simple flyering, please contact them for approval. We will also be pushing for more frequent meetups, conferences, activism workshops, etc.


Furthermore, I am looking forward to having a far more in-depth conversation regarding not only Identity Evropa, but the movement overall. Lately, I have seen and heard many people asking a very reasonable question: “What do we do next? Where are we going?” While we all understand that networking and activism are beneficial to the growth of our organization, many are rightfully wondering what the next step is. In other words, how do we translate what we have into real power?

I have given this particular issue much thought in the last year, and I am looking forward to sharing with you all my thoughts on the subject in the upcoming weeks.

Also, as you can see, I have decided that it is time to begin using my real name. This was no easy choice, for while I have been operating in the open for quite some time now, using an alias has allowed me to exist, for intents and purposes, as a “normal” person. However, I am more than willing to sacrifice my comfortable anonymity – and far more – for the advancement of our people and civilization.

I understand that things have been relatively chaotic since Charlottesville: change in leadership, lawsuit, etc. But it should be remembered that despite these hurdles, Identity Evropa has grown in both size and complexity. We have more members than ever, and our activism continues to both impress and inspire. As such, I have the utmost confidence that Identity Evropa will continue to find success in the future.

With that said, I want to thank you all for your efforts thus far. I look forward to working with you all to help take Identity Evropa to the next level.

Onward and upwards!


Patrick Casey
Chief Executive Officer, Identity Evropa


Hey @everyone, there’s been some concern over the supposed anonymity of the board.

Most of the coordinators know who’s on there. Until now, the board hasn’t been an official, legal construct; however, with this transition Nathan will be handing over ownership of the organization to the board.

Who exactly will be on the board has not been entirely decided, but I can tell you for sure that me, @Deleted User, @Evan Thomas and @Deleted User will be on the board.

Congratulations, @Deleted User!

Good work.

Attention @everyone:

I hope you’re having a good week!

Given that it’s Wednesday, I will be hosting a fireside chat tonight at 8 PM EST. I’ll be discussing the future of Identity Evropa, the role transgression plays in dissident politics, and then will answer questions until 9 PM EST, at which point I’ll be recording an interview with Henrik.

I look forward to speaking with you all tonight.

Thanks to @everyone who showed up tonight! I had a great time talking with you all and look forward to doing it on a weekly basis in the future.

Attention, my fellow White people:

Given the nature of our organization, I feel it would best to post my 23andme results. Eli and Nathan did the same, to my knowledge, so there's no reason I shouldn't as well.

The results probably won't surprise you. @everyone

I've picked @Deleted User as our new social media coordinator.

Please tag him in <#359086234175275010> whenever you post content in there.

Thanks! @everyone

If you haven't been added to your state server yet, please get in contact with me. @everyone

As you may have heard, Kate Steinle's murdered was found not guilty.

Let's try to signal boost this:


Attention @everyone:

People are asking if we're going to do anything about the recent news regarding Kate Steinle – the answer is yes, but we'll be keeping it quiet until it happens.

Our Southern California chapter recently held a successful, private speaking event on a college campus in San Diego.

Make sure to retweet this, read the action report, and, if you're up to the challenge, plan a similar event yourself.

Props to @Alerio, @Max_Pozd - CA, @PMT - CA, @eastern.patriarch, and everyone else involved.


My interview with Henrik will be up by tomorrow evening. @everyone

Props to our Bay Area members for mobilizing so quickly!

Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling we'll be seeing more from them in the upcoming days...


Attention @everyone:

By now, many of you have seen that Richard Spencer is starting his own membership organization. Judging by the phrasing (“all of the ESSENTIAL people” etc.) it’s obvious that he doesn’t include me, our coordinators, and members as “essential” activists, and that’s totally okay.

I want to first say that I have no intention of engaging in any public drama, Twitter slap fighting, etc. We’re going to stay professional and focus on *working* rather than attempting to win people to our side by denigrating or denouncing others.

When I became CEO, I had people from virtually every corner of the movement but one – take a guess – reach out to congratulate me and wish Identity Evropa the best.

Identity Evropa has prohibited cross-membership between similar organizations for quite some time, and we won’t be changing that policy now. Unfortunately, there have been very sly, underhanded attempts to poach IE members over the past few days – attempts which have been largely unsuccessful. From what I've gathered, these attempts have picked up since Richard's announcement. This type of behavior is petty, dishonorable, and, quite honestly, reeks of desperation.

This new organization will likely exist to promote NPI. If that’s where you feel your limited time on this planet is best invested, I won’t hold your departure against you.

But judging from recent talks with many of you, I have complete confidence that our organization will continue to flourish. We’ve just published a beautiful video from last night, and we have two larger actions coming up in *less than a week*. I’m planning to hit the ground running and show everyone just what IE is capable of.

Have a great weekend!

I have to run some errands (and I get spotty service out here in good ol' WV) so if you have any questions, please direct them to @Matthias, @Evan Thomas, @Deleted User, or your state coordinator. @everyone

She pronounces the "v" in the CBS video.

In our name, that is. Pretty amusing.

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